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Here's a shoutout for my 2nd YouTube channel IvySketches, this will be a channel made specifically for people who are interested in art :)

Aside from speed paint videos of me drawing, or tutorials of teaching the basics, there will also be contests. Although it is mostly manga stuff, there's much more. landscape drawings, digital art, video art, or even sculptures. :D

Please help me support my channel, and please subscribe! Thank you. :)

And lastly, please also leave a like to my Facebook page given with the same name, it would be very grateful if you do~! ^_^

FB page:
YouTube channel:…
It's been 4 days since Easter Holiday started, now I have a week left and I still have time to finish my homework and practice drawing with different software. Before holiday I purchased a Master collection version of Adobe CS6, I'm about to use it and make drawings with hopefully better quality. :)

According to what my Visual Arts teacher said, I seem to be skilled in digital arts, she also seemed impressed that I have found a drawing style, even though she still hates Manga and realism (I'm still frustrated by that even now). :/

Once I've installed the suite onto my laptop and mastered using both Illustrator and Photoshop, I'll make speed paint videos to let you see it, it's just for having fun, I swear I'm not showing off. :P

Hopefully I will be patient enough to make a new drawing with the new software, my next character drawing will be Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter :)
It's for real and I didn't believe it, exactly 1 year in DeviantART, frick'n amazing! :D
More surprising news is that, 2 more days then it's my 17th birthday! :D

I honestly felt surprised, just 1 year and I already have 8 watchers, it's so much already and it meant a lot. I know it's busy for me ever since I went to high school, but I can still manage my own time of drawing and writing my original "story", so don't worry :)
I will keep it up, so will you. :)

For those who don't know, my next picture will be another game character, from Nintendo. Can you guess who it is? :)
Things are starting to get boring recently, I didn't get to play new games or watch new anime because of high school, hence why I keep drawing the same characters, it's boring I know, and I'm sorry about that :P

Right now I'm working on my original characters design, besides Marine So, I'm working on the others. Once I'm done with those, I'll post my concept arts and final arts of them :)

And by the way, can you give me some suggestions on who I should draw? redraws are acceptable as well, so please let me know :)