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SecretHideout - Pets - Meet Udon the Espurr!

Oh, look! It must be espurr week, because heeeeeere's another one! Well, to be fair, I've been planning to introduce Udon for a few months now and Noodles turning into one was a coincidence. ^^

Since the new pet shop owner happens to have a fondness for espurrs, he receives a little cameo in Udon's history!

No, I don't know why I write so much for every character I own, even the NPCs and pets. I JUST DO! :stare:


:bulletpurple: NAME: Udon

:bulletpink: POKEMON: #677 Espurr

:bulletpurple: GENDER: Male ♂

:bulletpink: NATURE: Quiet

:bulletpurple: CHARACTERISTIC: Likes to Relax

:bulletpink: ABILITY: Infiltrator

:bulletpurple: OWNER: Noodles the Mew
House Mate: Soba the Zorua

:bulletpink: HEIGHT: 2ft 5in (76.2cm)
:bulletpurple: WEIGHT: 21lbs (9.52kgs) {he's SUPER fat and fluffy}

:bulletpink: FAVORITE FLAVOR: Sour
Favorite Berry: Colbur Berry (if peeled) otherwise: Iapapa Berry
:bulletpurple: HATED FLAVOR: Spicy

:bulletpink: HISTORY:
Cute or Creepy?
Udon had a very humble beginning, as he started his life like any other espurr. An average-sized barn kitten and third born in a litter of nine, Udon managed quite well with his feral family. However, he did have quite the appetite and tended to eat much more than his siblings. This not only caused him to plump up, but also grow much more rapidly... not just his body, but his powers as well. This became a problem, since his powers were developing much too rapidly for the little espurr to properly control. He was becoming too dangerous, something that a family of humans who owned his barn home found out very swiftly. At first, they would try to take precautions, like putting hats, collars and bands around his head to keep him from raising his ears, but it was never enough. Udon or his siblings would remove them, or the restrains would snap or break. Over time, the little espurr was causing too much damage and there were too many close calls when he nearly killed some people with his psychic blasts. There was talk amongst the humans about things like stapling his ears, or surgery, but mama meowsitic wasn't having any of that.

In the dead of night, Udon's mom attempted to move him and his siblings to a different location, someplace far away from humans. But, when it came Udon's turn to be moved, he proved to be much too heavy for his mom to carry. She tried dragging him by his fat scruff, but it was very slow going, which inevitably attracted the attention of a wild houndoom pack. Fearing for her son, Udon's mom tried to hide him in a bush and ran towards the houndoom pack in order to distract them. They gave chase and Udon remained hidden... waiting for his mother's return.

He waited... and waited... and waited... Night turned to day and back again at least twice, but his mom never came for him. Feeling lonely and extremely hungry, Udon left his hiding place to look for his mom. His chubby body wobbled along on his tiny legs, which seemed to barely get him anywhere. He wanted to cry out for his mom, but feared it would attract more "monsters" to him. Udon wasn't even sure where he was going, not to mention how far he had walked, but his journey abruptly stopped when he was discovered a really strange looking registeel, who picked him up and carried him off to a strange new world.

The next thing he remembered was being placed in a little nest area with a bunch of other espurr kittens. He remembered the registeel giving him some delicious food and saying some kind phrases to him, like he'll find a nice home soon, but he wasn't sure what that meant. He assumed that this nest area was his new home, but maybe not.

It wasn't until about a day later when Noodles the Mew walked into the pet store and noticed a large pen with many little espurrs playing around inside. All seemed very lively and energetic... except for one. The little chubby espurr was sitting in the corner, staring at his empty bowl just polished off and looking very sad. Noodles really wanted him as a companion for his zorua and bought the espurr, whom he immediately dubbed 'Udon'. The espurr quietly contemplated his predicament in his simple mind and figured that perhaps he could relax. This strange mew might not have been mom, but... he would do in a pinch.

:bulletpurple: MOVESET:
:iconnormaltypeplz:- Scratch - A somewhat strong Physical attack that uses hard, pointed, and/or sharp claws to rake across the opponent to inflict damage!
Udon just... stands there... staring blankly at his opponent and doing nothing. Then, without warning, he flicks his claws out from behind his back, leaps at the target and attempts to scratch them in the eyes.
:iconpsychictypeplz: - PsychicTM - An incredibly powerful Special attack where multiple targets are hit with a powerful telekinetic wave. Has a 10% chance of lowering the targets' Special Defense by one stage!
Udon just... stands there... staring blankly at his opponent and doing nothing. The air around him seems to warp slightly and become distorted. Then, he raises his ears, blasting out a powerful psychic wave which annihilates everything standing before him. He cannot control this move. He cannot stop this move once it starts. Period. Someone needs to sneak behind him and fold his ears back down to make him stop. Just.... make sure he doesn't turn around to see what you're doing...
:icondarktypeplz: - Dark PulseTM - An incredibly powerful Special attack which can be hard to control at times. This horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts has a 20% chance of causing all targets to flinch!
Udon just... stands there... staring blankly at his opponent and doing nothing. Soon, his eyes begin to glow an eerie red as a dark aura begins to waft from his body. Then, he raises his ears just slightly, releasing an explosive burst of darkness! Unlike Psychic, Udon can stop this attack after he's fired one off, but he cannot control who it will hit!
:iconfairytypeplz: - Disarming Voice - A somewhat strong Special attack in which the user's cries cause emotional damage to the opponent. This attack cannot miss!
Udon's eyes fill with tears and he lets out a terrified squeal of pain. The squeal is so loud and disturbing that only a deaf or heartless pokemon would be able to ignore it.
(Out of Battle Uses) - It's rare, but sometimes Udon will use this move if he's feeling scared or lonely, or if someone is really hurting him.

:bulletpink: PERSONALITY: What's to say about Udon? He's a very lazy, chubby espurr who likes nothing more than to just stuff his face with treats and lounge about in the sun all day. He doesn't believe in using any energy that isn't needed and won't move unless absolutely necessary. Picking him up won't faze him, as he'll remain limp like a rag doll and practically ooze out of your arms if you don't have a good grip on him. He definitely has no qualms about being pet and brushed, even if he has little to no reaction to either. (Hint: If he falls asleep, you're doing it right!)
Udon is also very quiet, so most of the time, you won't even know he's there. Most take his silence as a sign that he's planning something sinister, but Noodles knows he's just a sweet espurr who doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Whatever the little guy is thinking about, it's probably something happy and pleasant. Udon does seem to be more active at night, however, but Noodles hasn't seen this himself.
Udon and Soba get along quite well. The two of them shifting between a mother/son relationship and friendly rivals.

:bulletpurple: EXTRA QUIRKS AND FACTS:
~ Udon has floppier ears and a slightly darker coloration compared to other espurrs.
~ Udon is wearing a collar, but you can't tell due to his fat rolls and huge amounts of fur.
~ Udon's name refers to a type of thick wheat flour noodle in Japanese cuisine. I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to sense a theme here...
~ One major thing: Udon does not like having the underside of his ears touched and any attempt to do so will make him squeal in fear, typically with a Disarming Voice.

SH: Pet Meme by HuskyFrusky (c) :icons0lstice-s0ng:
I drew Udon, of course and slightly altered the pet app to my liking. :heart:
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Rapha-chan's avatar
It's a regular Espurr-looza! :meow: He came out so adorable, friend! ^-^ I love how he's so fat and fluffy and just flops everywhere, waiting for food or brushings. I would brush him!
Powerwing-Amber's avatar
Thanks, Rachael! ^^ I'm glad you like him.

He's like this huge sack of fat and fur... with the added danger factor. ^^;
solgaIeos's avatar
I don't even know what Gamefreak was thinking when they made this Pokemon oh my g o s h :iconpapcryplz:

BUT WHAT A CUTIE EITHER WAAAY AAAA i love his big ol' eyes and how he's just lying there staring creepily like all fluffy roly-poly kitties do~ ; v ;
I really REALLY like how you write down a lot for even NPCs and Pets; it shows how thorough you are and how much thought you put into every character you make~ UvU
I love the eyes on the side too haha~ > v >
Powerwing-Amber's avatar
My guess is make the cutest and creepiest pokemon you've ever seen. 8> I just love the little things.

Oh, wow! Thanks a lot! >w< I'm happy you love him so much. Drawing him all roly-poly was so much fun!

I'm glad you realize that. XD I have had people ask why I'm always writing novels for everyone, but your answer is exactly why. ^-^

Thanks for noticing! ¬w¬
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"Draw me like one of your french 'mons."
Powerwing-Amber's avatar
I did not mean to draw him in a sexy pose. XD Oops!
redsveil's avatar
The funny thing is, Espurr came from a french gen.
Powerwing-Amber's avatar
Ah, that's true. I didn't think of that!
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