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Hylics - Xeno Arcadia Style

Character  Hylics CharactersCharacter  Atowas (Hylics OC)
From left to right: Wayne, Somsnosa, Dedusmuln, Pongorma, Atowas

It's time for arcade-style mini games, baby! Can YOU stand up to the challenge!? I doubt it, unless you're an alpha gamer, like Lord Gibby!

WARNING: The following sequence contains explicit arcade action and is NOT recommended for die-hard RPG players, artsy gamers, the platform-squeamish, or those with poor to non-existent motor skills!

It's Hylicstober!! YAY!! And on my Discord server, it's pretty much a free-for-all, draw whatever you want on any day you want because we're all chill like that. ;)

So, it's the Hylics team (plus Atowas) in the Xeno Arcadia minigame forms. :meow:

Hylics, Wayne, Somsnosa, Dedusmuln and Pongorma (c) Mason Lindroth
Atowas is MINE! :heart:
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OH NO! Gibby has found Wayne's weakness. Wayne is a filthy casual! XD But he has a trick up his sleeve... GOD MODE (Or if Ata is with him, he can let his little gamer danger have a crack at it!)

They all look so cute, friend! ^-^ They're ready to conquer Gibby's CBT ('Can't Beat This', you sickos!) arcade!

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How did Wayne get GOD MODE? :XD: Did he put in the Konami code?

(Atowas might be good at games, but she can't help him in the legit game. ;p)

Thank you, friend! 😊 (And nice recovery! =P)

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Yeah, most likely. XD Or he just went into the settings and changed the difficulty to that. =P

(He'll just have to git gud if he wants to kick Gibby's ass!)

You're welcome! ^_^ (LOL There are a few uses for that acronym.)