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Hylics - What a Handsome Halloween Boi!

For the last day of Hylictober and Halloween (even if I'm a teeny bit late)

Little Scribbles is looking really dapper and cute in front of all the spooky Halloween decorations while holding his tasty calamellus-coated malus pomum! What a handsome boi!

Hmm... I'm sure that Wayne skull is fake, so don't worry about it. ¬w¬;

Scribbles concept (c) :iconrapha-chan:
Hylics and Wayne Larva (c) Mason Lindroth
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Scribbles posed so nicely for his picture to be taken! :meow: He's such an adorable, dapper, little boy, but he's also making a mess with his huge malus pomum! It'll probably take him a few days to eat that whole thing, even if Ata cuts it up for him into little pieces. ^^ I love those little enemy ornaments you put in the BG! They look like they took awhile to make. =) And I won't think too much about the skull. Maybe it's umm.. a family heirloom?

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He loves dressing up cute because it makes mama happy! c: He can't wait to eat his tasty snack, though. He's trying his best not to shake it. ^^

Thank you, friend! ;w; The little figures didn't take that long to make since they were small and I was eyeballing the battle sprites, so I didn't do much variation with them. I'm glad you like them anyway. :meow:

I feel like Somsnosa might have loaned the skull out. =P

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Scribbles will do anything for mama! He loves her and she gives him delicious snacks, pets, and belly rubs, which makes him a happy boy!

Well, the figures are a very nice touch, even if they were simple to make. ^-^

Wayne's like, "Hey, you still got that old skull of mine? I need to borrow it."