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Hylics - FALL!

Character  Gibby (Hylics)
Actually, I prefer using the word 'autumn' when it comes to... ... .... Ohhhh....

Gibby Redivivus, the pie plate-faced creep from Hylics 2. He mutates Wayne's babies into warpos, then kills the babies and wears one's decapitated head as a crown!
He's irredeemable! (I tend to compare him to the Lich a lot, hence the pose.)

Although this is actually based on the 'gold star' pose, I think the FALL scene is much scarier and the speech would fit Gibby very well.

Gibby and Hylics (c) Mason Lindroth
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Woah, friend, he's so creepy, but I love it! :3 The Lich really fits our vision of him.

I was pretty horrified when I realized what Gibby was wearing on his head. When you put the pieces together, it really shows how awful he is. I feel like maybe he's lost it a bit, being revived the way he was. Also he's probably more vengeful since Wayne, you know.. killed him once already.

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Yeah, he's very scary! 8( I'm glad you like it, though. :meow:

Yeah... At least that makes Gibby an excellent villain. If I despise his guts, you've done something right.