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Looking for a Flash programmer

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 10, 2013, 4:36 PM


I go for almost half a year without writing a new journal and when I do write it it's because I need something :XD: I am terrible I am sorry.

Anyway, :iconsqueakytoybox: is looking for a Flash programer (either ActionScript 2 or 3) to work with her on future projects. I am her current programmer, but due to full time job and other personal projects, I can no longer help her with programming in a timely manner (sadly). This is a paid position and if anyone is (or knows someone who is) interested in taking over, please contact her or myself. She's great to work with and you will get to work on awesome projects such as these:

Sophia's Ice cream - Cooking game by SqueakyToybox Popo The Polar Bear Dress Up Game by SqueakyToybox Buttons Halloween Dress Up Game by SqueakyToybox


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Journal Entry: Tue Feb 26, 2013, 8:46 PM

How... how did over 6 months pass just like that =_=; like BAM! I did not intentionally not update for so long LoL. I've been drawing and doing art things, as you may know from my slightly lesser dead accounts.


I haven't been all THAT active, but am working on several projects with friends that will surface in the near-ish future.


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Random Journal

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 19, 2012, 12:07 AM

...just figured that I should change my journal to a slightly happier one XD;

I don't really have much to talk about though.

Uh... I unofficially graduated I guess? Convocation's in November but I'm done with all of my projects and such.

Time to enter the real world permanently. Oh dear I am so not ready. My mental age seems to be stuck at 13 :XD: In some ways I am looking forward to working full-time. I do love the profession that I am in. I don't know how working full-time will affect my online life, not that my online life has been all that alive lately LoL. That mostly is because I've been working hard on school stuff. However, because the profession I'm in is art-related, I will be working hard on my artistic skills. It's not really the stuff I usually put onto DA but I'm sure improving in one area of art will help with improving other areas too. I want to be better.

Excuse the horrible grammar. My brain is like a mush right now. I cannot form coherent sentences O_o; But coherent sentences are so overrated aren't they? It's as overrated as "being normal" 8D;;;

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One epic art thief

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 17, 2012, 3:27 AM

What is this madness that's been happening on DA?
Please read and help with stopping this person from stealing from... EVERYWHERE!

Read this (Especially if you're familiar with utattemita and Vocaloids):…

Please contact the bloggers on tumblr with any info. You can leave your comment here too, but I'm not in direct contact with most of the people involved in the tumblr posts and this group:… so it might be faster if you just message them. Thanks everyone!

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It's summer non-break!!

Journal Entry: Thu May 3, 2012, 11:25 AM

Wow DA update fail =_=;; I cannot believe that I haven't updated since December. I don't really have that much to say D: My internet life is in a coma =_= My Youtube is kinda dead... but I am working on things behind the scenes. Just... VERY slowly :XD: Erh go on my Twitter or FB, kuz I don't really post much here as you can see LoL

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It's Christmas Break!!!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 21, 2011, 5:34 AM

"Break"...actually. As in... no classes scheduled officially but we've a crap load of stuff due when school starts =_=; However, I do plan on working on some personal projects. Must... draw... non-school... stuff @_____@

This was a short entry.

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Randomly remembering

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 19, 2011, 10:39 PM

This is just a little story I thought I'd share.

In an attempt to get better at drawing... I've been practicing a lotta pencil sketches of portraits lately using photos from the interwebs.

So... doing these pencil portrait sketches triggered a memory from many years ago of me getting a pencil portrait done by an artist at those amusement park things. I was with my grandpa at the time and I must not have been more than 4 years old then. I remember it so vividly. I had no idea what was going on at the time. I sat there and probably got bored until the artist (I didn't know that was the artist at time) finally showed me a drawing of some person I didn't recognize.

confused, I asked "Who's this?"

My grandpa replied "This is you!"

Then I responded "This doesn't look like me at all! This is a bad drawing!"

I'm not sure why I feel quite guilty about something that happened when I was 4,  when I didn't really know anything. Now that I myself am an artist, I so wish to go back to that artist from some 20 years ago and apologize... Of course that's not gonna happen... heck I don't even know if he's still alive. However, it's just an intriguing thought that comes up every time I practice doing pencil portraits.

I remember that portrait very clearly... it really wasn't bad at all. Sure it wasn't like a pencil realism picture of me but it was a decent pic. I don't know what happened to it or if one of my family members still has it. It'd be cool if to see that portrait again.

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Journal Entry: Sun Sep 11, 2011, 12:55 AM

I totally went on a "move deviation to storage" rampage =_=;

I probably privatized half of my old works. That's the thing w/ having the same account for 8 years :O I look back and become so embarrassed about some deviations :XD: Usually I'm pretty shameless but some of the deviations really are just WAY too embarrassing :XD: Especially the ones drawn during my emo years that contained very emo descriptions which looking back now makes me go like "tsk tsk... we (my friends and I who were involved in stupid dramas) were such immature idiots back then."

While we're on the subject of old art, here's a recent video I put together of most of my old Flash artworks/animations that I never really got to finish or post:…

Anyway, school started.

I feel conflicted.
Both :D and :( at the same time LoL.

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I no longer know...

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 31, 2011, 10:41 PM

...which faves are genuine and which are done by bots =___= |||

Hey you with the auto-faving bot. Yeah, you. Stop ruining DA plzkthnx D:

First the front page pr0ns and now the bots. Oh dear, what is this site coming to O_O;

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I should probably update my journal again

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 12, 2011, 5:18 PM

...I wish more North Americans were into Odottemita (踊ってみた) :XD:

And.... this makes me so happy 8D…

...That is all.

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I should probably update my journal

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 23, 2011, 6:04 PM

Kuz April Fools (my last post) is soooooo 2 months ago.

No seriously it is =_=;

Well, here's "summer". Not really summer since I have a bunch of stuff I must do for school-related things. Which is ok but I do miss doing manga/anime once in a while.

I feel so lazy though... whenever I'm not doing homework I just wanna sit there and watch TV... and eat... and sleep XD; I feel like those old people who just wanna sit on their porches all day.

Anyhow, I really should continue my manga.... I haven't produced anything for it since last August :O It's almost been a year!

Random story... so, I went to this really cool company (with classmates & profs as a "go-see" kinda thing???) that can measure your brain state/brain waves (e.g. alpha waves, beta waves). The way they measured it is having you wear some head phones connected to a computer, connected to a screen that displayed images and a bar that ranges from "relaxed" to "focused". My classmates & profs who tried this thing were all either on the more focused end or at least could get themselves to the focused end if they tried. Then when I tried on I was 100% the relaxed end =____=;; Even when I tried the most I can do is get to the 0% relaxed end (i.e right in between relaxed and focused). My classmates were like "Whoa that's so awesome I wish I could be relaxed like that!" But in my head I'm just thinking "...... No I'm not relaxed... I'm just the polar opposite of focused.... in other words I am just tremendously unfocused OTL||| "
So, this thing with me unable to concentrate and have a short attention span isn't just something I'm making up =_=;; I actually am unfocused D:
Apparently I had higher than normal "alpha waves" (or so the person in charge of the computer said), which is associated w/ ADHD :XD: I wouldn't be surprised if I have it even tho my personality really doesn't seem like that of someone w/ ADHD O.o;;;

......Is there a point to this entry? I know not.

Well, here are some random thoughts....

I do miss making youtube videos about my manga... I've been very outta touch w/ the YT manga community :(
I'm not planning on making any flash animations for this summer... too time consuming it is.
I'm trying to start making a good pile of quick songs that I can potentially use for my future professional demo reel or my final graduate school project.........
I've been very into the odottemita (dancing) community at NicoNico Douga lately... Japan & Japanese people are awesome (at least all the ones I know)
If I was more focused and productive I would've finished so many more things T___T
Watching TV/Youtube is fun... but it's very unproductive.... I consider playing video games to be more productive than watching stuff.

Ok I think I'm done rambling =_=; let me know if you have any thoughts about my random thoughts.

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April Fools - Big Enthalpy Announcement

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 2, 2011, 3:07 AM

Edit - This was an April Fools joke </trollface> So no nothing's happening to either of our Enthalpies =P
Though the information regarding his Enthalpy is true, so go check his work out at
Our projects are totally unrelated to each other... we just both happened to have named our stories "Enthalpy" thinking that nobody else would ever use the term "Enthalpy" for a manga/comic, but ironically that was the very reason why we ended up with the same title :XD:


Some time ago, I found out that :iconnaveryw:  is also creating a comic that was titled "Enthalpy" that you can find here: . We discussed what we should do about this issue, like, how can we name our projects differently to establish our individual audiences without confusion. Then it hit us -- Why not just combine our projects? So, I'd like to officially welcome co-writer :iconnaveryw: . We're going to start a new story together that incorporates elements from both of our stories and characters. He'll be drawing my characters and I'll be drawing his. I hope you all welcome this change as much as I have, because it really is an exciting turn. Here is our debut poster:

I can already tell that the synergistic combination of our Enthalpies will create a beautiful series surpassing either of our series on its own.
Show support please - Disrespectful comments will be hidden.

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My take on Haters/Trolls 101

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 20, 2011, 2:18 AM


Anyway, onto today's main topic!
Which... you might think is a random topic to write about after 4+ months of not posting a journal =_=; But whatevs... The topic of haters/trolls is something I believe all of you can relate to. Besides, it's better than a journal about "my life" (or the lack thereof since school started) that you guys can do without.

So, I've been reading about cyber bullying and whatnot after seeing a question on formspring to a youtuber about whether he's worried about the haters anonymously posting hate comments... since a girl committed suicide because of things posted onto her formspring. I was quite shocked to hear about that and I looked it up. It was quite sad to have found so many cases of teenagers killing themselves due to cyber bullying.

I won't go into the topic of cyber bullying since I don't know enough about it and I can't really speak from personal experiences. (when I was young, the internetz sucked.) Instead, I'll talk about a somewhat similar topic that's way less extreme and probably have happened to half of you -- Comments from haters and/or trolls

(btw, make sure you know the diff between a hate comment and a criticism.)

Getting haters and trolls is something that happens much more often on sites like youtube, Newgrounds, Formspring etc. Know this: No matter how amazing your creation is, once it gets enough attention, it will always receive bashful comments! That's like a law of the interwebs! A good number of people I've talked to revealed that they were hurt by those comments... or that they refrain from putting up a lot of stuff in fear of haters/trolls. That's pretty normal, especially if you've just started receiving your first hate comments. However it's important to quickly realize that these are just stupid comments done by stupid people, and the best thing to do is just to ignore them. It's kinda unfortunate that some people do stop creating art or submitting videos because of one or two haters... and many get extremely discouraged. If any of you are feeling that way, I hope this journal will help you with getting over the phase of being emotionally affected by those comments. Learning to deal with these people properly can help you keep them away from your site/page/channel and perhaps even pwn them a little.

So I'd like to share some of my ways of dealing with haters/trolls (ok mostly trolls since I'm not popular enough to get haters :XD: ) from my experiences throughout the years.

When you receive a hate comment, think:
1. Hey I'm popular enough to get haters/get trolled!
2. I now have the opportunity to pwn someone if I wish to

The best way to respond to a troll/hater is just to ignore them. But I know... sometimes the urge to respond is just too strong, and other times you just feel like having some fun. So, if you must respond, here are some tips.

In your reply, you can:
1. Thank them for surfing your channel/page even more than your loyalest fans (kuz they do!)

2. Thank them for making you feel intellectually and socially superior
    Ex: I've been feeling a bit insecure about my intelligence lately, but after reading your comment I realized I'm actually pretty damn smart! Thanks for the confidence boost!

3. Criticize their insult... since I've yet to see a troll throwing a creative and original insult. The "This is Gay", "You suck" or *insert racist remark* comment is just so 2005.
    Ex: "You suck ass?" C'mon! You can do better than that! I suggest using "You're a black hole that selectively allows the entry of africanus asinuses into your event horizon" instead. Trust me it'll make you sound smarter.

What you shouldn't do:
1. Don't feel hurt. These losers should not be allowed to have that much of an impact on you.

2. Don't bother reasoning with them... the fact that they're posting these comments means that they're so unreasonable that they cannot be reasoned with =_=; Just quietly report them.

3. Don't throw back an insult. Seriously, you're better than that.

Also, I usually leave the haters'/trolls' comments on the page instead of deleting them (tho sometimes the mods delete them for me when I report the account). Why? This way only more people will get to see their fail. Besides, if you have the time to react to their comments then you should be using it to reply to your subscribers/viewers instead... It actually bugs me quite a bit when I see a user responding to every hate/troll comment but not replying to any of the nice comments from their real fans.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents on haters/trolls! I hope it's helped at least one of you! If not I hope it was at least entertaining =P See ya!

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School's startin'

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 28, 2010, 9:36 PM

...TOMORROW!!! Technically speaking.
This time I really have to give it my all. Every year I say "This year I actually do have to study and can't procrastinate anymore" and every year I only get better at procrastinating =_=;; But this year, at least for this term, I don't think I can afford to procrastinate at all (despite my epic procrastination skills.) Also, some huge differences between this year and the last are:
1. I'm in graduate school, not undergrad anymore
2. My commute time went from 0 seconds (as in living on campus) to 1.5 hours =_=;;
3. My future depends on this.
4. The most important one - This time, I actually genuinely CARE about the stuff that I'm learning, a LOT.

I dunno how active I'll be online =_=;; I can't go and say "I will be a LOT less active kuz I'll be so busy" because I'm not THAT active to begin with, so I might seem just as active as before :XD: There is a chance I might disappear though. I dunno how busy I'll get. Judging from people in a year above me, I will get preeeetty busy.

I have faith that should I complete this 2 year program successfully, my art skills will improve tremendously. I'm looking forward to seeing the improvements in my personal works.

Anyway, that was just a quick update about... general stuff I guess =_=;; W00t.

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Ah... Ex-bffs

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 28, 2010, 8:48 AM

Jeez why do I keep on dreaming about our university (My ex-school) these days =_=; As well as old friends from highschool O_o i.e people I haven't hung out with as a group for 4+ years.

Anyway, one of the people in my dream is a former BFF whom I no longer see as a good friend, but in my dream it was like the good old times. To my surprise, after I woke up it still made me sad. Not one of those emo rawr life sux kinda sad. More of a long term passive kinda sad. I mean I really am happy about where I am now, and my current friends, but I still do miss that old friendship. There was this deviation I saw a very very long time ago (years) about how cutting an important friendship is like cutting a piece of yourself. The image was two hands in a handcuff and in order to get rid of that handcuff (which probably represents the friendship) the person had to cut off their own hand. I'm sure you can find that deviation if you look for it. Thinking about it, it is quite true. That friendship that was broken will always have an effect on me, no matter how many new friends I make. Even though I made the right choice by letting go of that friendship, even though I am much happier without that friendship that has become a burden, it's never an easy thing to lose a former best friend. No matter how long it's been.

Like I said a year ago: "Sometimes, when a certain friendship truly means a lot to you, the best thing to do is to let it go and stop caring for the time of being, and just have faith that someday that person will come around. Once you're strong enough to make that decision, even if it hurts so much at the time, you will immediately feel a sense of serenity. The only thing I can do now is have faith."
This song:…

Erh btw the above isn't meant to be a super emo blog =_=;; I'm just kinda sad in a "as a matter of a fact" kinda way.

On a happier and randomer note! In my dream, I was working for the Toronto Zoo for the summer =_=;; And my job was to work for a fish laboratory that was experimenting on fishies O_o; So I had to work with fishes that were soaked in a special high-pH (alcoholic) water. First I had to take out the fish from the tank, then use a Q-tip and swab its scales, then cut its head off with a knife, and throw away the body while putting the Q-tip into a special jar for future testing =_= Then my trainer got mad at me kuz I was suppose to swab the fishies twice instead of once =_=;;

....yeah random dreams =_=

On an even happier note! For those that care about :iconenthalpy-manga:, I'm almost done with chapter 3! I'm done w/ the rough sketches so I'm just outlining & shading them all now. Surprisingly, ever since I've started playing Assassin's Creed II, my productivity on the manga have gone up quite a bit O_o;

That is all O_O What a long journal filled with... so many unrelated stuff :XD:

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Facebook Page! (+ random photos)

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 19, 2010, 1:55 PM

I made a facebook page not too long ago:

So feel free to "Like" :D It's much easier to reply people on FB and to make small updates if I get busy (As well I'm WAY more active on FB). Another purpose is to unite watchers from youtube and DeviantArt; Not just so it's easier for me to reply you guys but also to make it easier for you guys to connect with each other. After all, people who watch me are all interested in art and/or music :D
I made the page so that you can submit pictures and videos too so feel free to do that :D

Ok now for some random colorful pictures:

I went out to downtown Toronto to eat with some university friends. The food was nice, the atmosphere was nice. But... the serving was TINY and it was hella expensive O_o;; It's like on the movies where you see a big plate being served to you, and then you look closer and see this tiny piece of very delicate food XD; So while I'm glad I went there once for the experience, I wouldn't go there to eat again.

The samosas were SO good!

Friend's "Bodyguard" look :XD:

That's all! I'm working hard on my manga :iconenthalpy-manga: and new music is coming along too.
Feel free to join my facebook page to keep updated :D

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Follow your passions!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 12, 2010, 4:32 AM

I haven't written a heart felt journal for years =_=; I don't know why. Ok I lied, in truth know exactly why. Anyway, after reading many personal and emotional journals by others, I realized that people appreciate seeing heart felt journals.

So I thought, maybe I should learn a little bit from my old self when I actually wrote all of my thoughts onto my DA posts. (If you go back to my posts from before 2005-ish you'll see that they're um... very personal... but in a bad and emo teenager way. So please don't go reading them all unless you're actually THAT bored XD;; )

I've been preparing for school in September, and that kind of got me thinking about how I got to where I'm at:

Towards the end of highschool, I actually really wanted to go to some kind of art school. Well, I wasn't too goal oriented back then so I guess I can't say I cared THAT much about where I ended up. But nonetheless, I wanted to do art. My parents are... Let's just say I have family issues like many others. They didn't think I can make anything out of myself doing art. So ok I ended up going the science route, which still worked out pretty well for me. However, during my "suppose-to-be" last year of undergrad, I realized that I cannot not do art. I looked at all the graduate programs that are related purely to my major and simply did not want to make the effort to apply to any of them. For a period of time I tried to force myself to just forget about art because I thought that I had to do that if I was to do science for the rest of my life. Well that didn't last long. Soon I was looking at artsy-er graduate programs because I realized that it's not possible to cut myself off from my passion, at least not if I wanted to be joyful and be true to myself.

Fast forward to this day. I am on my way to do art as a profession (if all goes well of course), and the salary for this line of job is actually pretty sweet. I just had to look really hard, and ask around. Oh, and I had to stay behind for a year. But hey, I'm so much happier now and I don't have to try and be something that I am not.

Another friend of mine was in the same situation as I. She really loved literature but her parents (I find this to be very common with Asian parents) wanted her to do science. So you know, since she was dependent on them financially, she ended up entering a science undergrad. She did really well in science in gr 12, but unfortunately she did really really bad in university science. She just couldn't force herself to study it when she really didn't give a damn about it. So, some wasted tuition later, she switched to a French major.

A good number of people I know are/were in a similar situation. Maybe you can relate to this too. The pattern I've found is that people who forced themselves to ignore their passions in order to pursue something that others told them to do never ended up successful in doing that. If you have a dream, a passion, follow it! Of course, listen to others' suggestions but don't let them stop you from doing what you truly want. After all, this is your life. If you are really passionate about something, just go for it. If you have a dream job, keep pursuing it. You will find a way to realize your dreams if you don't give up. It may not be a conventional way, but there will always be a way.


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Summer update! (Pics and News)

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 23, 2010, 1:14 PM

Wow... I can't believe I haven't updated for almost 2 months O_o;; I guess it's mostly kuz I don't feel like I'm being productive when I write journals.

On a side note, I just experienced an Earthquake =_=;; in Canada. Yeah. This year is very.... interesting.

Anyway, I guess I should give an update about stuff since my last journal. Summer's started... obviously. It's almost half way over actually. I've got to finish up/start some application-related stuff for grad school and whatnot. I have to sort out housing too. After living at home for almost 2 months, I realized that I really enjoy living alone =_=;; My family don't get along all that well, and I'm afraid that I'll turn back to this emo angry horrible horrible child if I live here for too long O___O;;

Ok, here are some photos from my summer so far, followed by some links to stuff I've been doing online.

I will miss you, big gigantic statue thingy T.T
Writing this journal makes me feel nostalgic =P

Epic pipe by the lake

Awww my old room and all the food on the floor O_o

Pulled out wisdom teeth XD They're gross!!

Bye bye cafeteria T.T I'm confident that you're the best one in Canada

This is back home. Clouds were nice that day.

4 days later I went back to school to visit =_=;; and explored places I've never visited during my 5 years there.

I always wanted to take a picture of this huge catholic church very close to campus.

Amazing view of Kingston at my friend's place where I stayed.

So Asian my goodness :XD:

I went to this botany and they had kois what bite.

Special flowers? O.o

Went to friend's convocation. We're all graduating... whoa.

Then went to my convocation

One last picture of the time statue for the next long while...

And one last round of photoshoot on campus.

Random kitty pic XD

Bubble tea!!

But luckily, most of my close university friends all came back to Toronto (close to my home town) so we can continue the chillin' back here =] And as long as they're around, it doesn't really matter where we are :XD:

A lotta online stuff happened too... So for those of you who don't follow me on Youtube... or my other DA account, here's the update:

Remember this animation?
Enthalpy Trailer by powerswithin

Anyway, a lotta people wanted a full version of the song, so here it is (I included a short animation loop with it too):

Also, my goal for the summer is to do major work on my manga :iconenthalpy-manga:, so if you follow that account I'll be doing my best to add a new page everyday.

Plus! I'll be doing video updates about my manga on my youtube account:

Phew, I think that's all that I have to say! Hope your summers are going well =]

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SUPER EPIC photoshoot! (Lots of pics)

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 26, 2010, 9:26 PM

So this weekend I had the privilege to do a photoshoot for our school's hiphop club (FLOW dance club, whom I've mentioned a few times in my past journals.) Damn they can pose! They were really nicely dressed up too :D Amazing dancers + sexay outfits = Nosebleed-worthy photos :XD: I had so much fun taking pics w/ them! Even though I was in a "super-star-struck-therefore-being-a-very-shy-fangirl" mode during the entire time :XD: But I can't help it!! I get so shy around people I greatly admire :XD: Then my social skills kinda take a nose dive LoL Regardless! It was a very fun experience, and they seem to have enjoyed it very much too :D

So, here are SOME of the pics (We took over 200 in total and over 100 were retouched and are submission-worthy)

Here are the 12 talented individuals that I got to photograph

F for FLOW :D

Top half: On our fine arts building.
Bottom half: In an underground parking lot. Very MTV-ish ne?

Art building again

I've always wanted to do an overhead shot of a group of people :D

They all look so classy!!

Teehee so kyute!

That place was surprinsingly nicely lit

Sooo editorial looking *.,* Such fierce poses!!

Ah yes, the hat shots

Sexay Voguing (sp?) poses

And I did manage to get a pic with them even tho it wasn't intentional :XD: So when they become famous I can be like "I KNOW THEM!!!"

Waiting for the bus never looked fiercer

The bus is very exciting

Picking up dandelions in preparation for the next pic

Yeeeey!!! There was so much pressure capturing this one XD;; I didn't wanna mess it up and make them re-pick more dandelions =_=;;

Some of them were jumping on heels O__O (And LoL @ the right)

It's so nice photographing a group of people who can pose and are willing to do crazy stuff :D (Though this picture is quite normal)

Here ya go, the main characters of FLOW dance club! Too bad some of them couldn't make it to the shoot :(

Seriously, they're like the perfect group of people to take pics of!

Man I'm gonna miss FLOW dance club T.T
I really really wish I had joined it when it was first formed T.T
But I'm also really glad that I got to know them this year :D And who knows maybe their paths will cross with mine again someday in the future :D Kuz that's definitely happened w/ other people in the past.

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Lots of epic photos from end of year (Photo blog)

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 18, 2010, 11:24 PM

I took SOOO many photos these days O_o;; So I'll just share a small much of these here. It's near the end of year! Classes ended, exams have started. No classes = Lots of last minute social events :XD: And I am so not motivated to study kuz there are so many fun things to do these days. But I must study a bit or I'll regret it later T.T

Anyway, the pics below document the last week or so :D

Our school had our 2nd annual dance battle! I think our school's pretty active in terms of dancing. I almost didn't go to this kuz I had an assignment due the next day, but I am SO glad I went! Totally worth the all-niter :D I heard some of them (from a dance club called FLOW) are trying out for So You Think You Can Dance Canada! Whoa O_O

These peeps are GOOOOOD!!

Hi-tech looking music stuff for our final music project (Live performance.) I kinda screwed my ex-partner over by not partnering w/ her (She's the one that's always at least 30 minutes late and never does ANY work!) I'm surprised she actually did manage to produce something. But it was... meh.... u know? Like seriously our group's was so much more epic and we're not even music majors like her :XD: (I should slap myself for feeling happy about her demise =_= )

That weekend some friends and I went to this island near by to explore.

The bike rental place was closed =_=;;; So we had to walk. And u pretty much can't get anywhere walking. So we just took some pics.

My fav part was probably bumping into a white kitty!! :D

On Saturday my photography friends and I took pics together near campus :D

Someone in real life "complained" that I take so many pics of other ppl and have a lotta ppls tagged in my albums on FB but they have trouble knowing who I am kuz I don't take pics of myself much and I don't tag myself :XD: She's like "It's not faaaaiiirr" =_=;;; So here are pics of me =_=;;;;

Sushi for dinner yay =_=;

I crouched down to take a pic of one pigeon. Then a herd of them came flying at me O_o;;;

Later that night we had a nice quick light painting session :D

Even though official dance classes/performances/events have ended ( :( ), a number of our instructors were awsome enough to hold individual dance sessions for the exam break. I'm soooo glad that they held these kuz otherwise I'd be exercise deprived :XD: And of course dancin's awsome in general :D Here are videos of our 2 classes! (I'm very good at hiding from the camera so I'm visible for like 1 second :XD: )

Next week will be followed w/ more chillin' w/ ppl, spontaneous dance sessions, photoshoots, light painting, 2 exams and moaaaar! Exam period is always so fun :D

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