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Over the last few days, I’ve been working on an application and resumé to a local skate shop. Although I won’t need a massively impressive resumé to get the job there, having something that stands out really helps. I hate writing resumés, as they typify the paperwork side of jobs that I really hate. So, after doing a bit of research on graphic resumés, I decided to work one up in Photoshop. I’m extremely proud of how this turned out, and I’ve left the .psd file open so the file is available for future changes. As things progress and new work comes along, I can edit and tweak the resumé. I have two versions; one is for jobs which don’t require special skills (i.e. retail, food, etc.). The other, which is the one you are viewing, is the full “creative” version, with special skills and creative projects included. While this isn’t complete (I still have a lot to add to it), it’s an example of what I want to be giving out instead of a colorless piece of paper with nothing on it but text.

Done entirely in Photoshop. Which was stupid, because now I can't scale it way up, but whatever. I still like it :)
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