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EDIT: With this being the most popular image in my entire gallery, I urge all of you to go and check out the rest of my gallery. This is getting too much attention apart from everything else :P
>>>>>>>>>>>>SECOND EDIT: Everyone feel free to use this for non-commercial purposes. Please credit to If I find out you're making money on this I will find you and cut you. Thanks!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Decided to make a Portal wallpaper for my desktop, and it turned out much nicer than I thought :)

Thought I would share it.

Alright, final edit: I have uploaded the 1920x1200 version of this wallpaper... if you want it in a different size, you'll have to take this one and resize it... it is the largest size I made. I'm not taking wallpaper size requests anymore, just got too damn hectic trying to get every size distributed!

And baro, stop taunting us all with your wallpaper packs. :P
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Any chance I could print this off to stick on my wall at home? Won't be given to anyone else, nor will it be sold or anything ^^ I have a wall of posters of games/shows i like, and there is a noticeable lack of Portal xD

I completely understand if not, it's okay c: Keep up the amazing work, hope you have a great day.
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Go for it buddy.
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When this was posted to dA, you were one year old. 
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I realy Like portal *^*
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There is a free Steam gift card giveaway at I recommend this!
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This is awesome.
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I hope you dont mind, but may I use this for my Youtube channel?

I will be doing a walkthrough of Portal
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Don't know if I already responded to this, but just getting back to some old messages. If you haven't already, feel free.
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Thank you so much, i needed it!
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... that's.. my wallpaper and... my I.D. pic...
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My favourite game series ever.
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Its a great design - Please consider entering the official Valve Portal design contest…

Message me if you have any questions about it.
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I love it! So simple but so great ^^
Hi! I have my TEDxYouth talk tomorrow and want to ask You for permissiont to use Your work in my presentation. It will illustrate the topic of quantum teleportation :) Will it be ok?

If you'll be interested in the outcome, please PM me. I hope it will be available on youtube, but unfortunately in polish (i hope they'll add subtitles)
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I'm sorry I'm late in replying to this, but in the future feel free to use this in any presentation you like :)
Thank you! I used it without your permition... I'm sorry, but I liked it so much!

I'll send you TEDx video if you like, as soon as it's be edited :)
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Saved for use.
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This is my wallpaper .
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if i ran a store... i would hang this sign on the office door to scare people off
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I know your pain. Did one portal fan art, and its dominated my gallery XD
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gahhh this is brilliant!
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