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My evil soulcalibur character by powerofmu My evil soulcalibur character :iconpowerofmu:powerofmu 0 2 My soulcalibur 6 charater and OC. by powerofmu My soulcalibur 6 charater and OC. :iconpowerofmu:powerofmu 3 3
Noire the umbreon
gender: male
age: 8 ( is actually 408 years old )
species: umbreon
eye color:  grey
mood: depends
info: He is a prince from a unknown ruined kingdom which he's the only survivor. He is cursed by a ninetales who is his father to be psychically 8 years old forever.
abilities: using his extremely massive aura to cast spells,  master at using kunais and mastery of using a huge reaper scythe.
weapons: unlimited amount of knifes, a huge reaper scythe, unarmed combat, and his extremely massive aura which is used for casting spells.
likes: ice cream, popcorn, training, sparing, making friends and anything that is cute ( or sexy ) .
dislikes: insults, being brainwashed by males, corrupt laws.
:iconpowerofmu:powerofmu 7 11
powerofmu the sylveon
name: Powerofmu
species: sylveon
eye color: white
gender: male
age: 19
personality: depends
info: unknown
abilities: mastery of  magic, any unarmed combat, making and using potions.
weapon: magic, unarmed combat, and potions.
:iconpowerofmu:powerofmu 10 3
Anmmefc2gtesraaorietcarrsaraximsoegabri the eevee
Name: Anmmefc2gtesraaorietcarrsaraximsoegabri the eevee ( called Anmme for short )
Gender: Male.
age: 87 ( but he's look like he's 17 )
Likes: video games, cookies, and fighting pokemon who actually gave him a challenge.
Dislikes: spicy food
Personality: quick to anger , but he's actually warmhearted
Eye color:  red, sometimes turns to gold.
Bio:  He named himself Anmmefc2gtesraaorietcarrsaraximsoegabri, since he lost his memory, including his name.   
:iconpowerofmu:powerofmu 3 20


Wrong Juice by SexyDragonQueen
Mature content
Wrong Juice :iconsexydragonqueen:SexyDragonQueen 152 12
Zeraora by SexyDragonQueen
Mature content
Zeraora :iconsexydragonqueen:SexyDragonQueen 125 37
Venom by SexyDragonQueen
Mature content
Venom :iconsexydragonqueen:SexyDragonQueen 181 13
Commission - Krystal Chaos - Page 10 by Midas-Bust
Mature content
Commission - Krystal Chaos - Page 10 :iconmidas-bust:Midas-Bust 90 5
Wake up with the king by relaxin Wake up with the king :iconrelaxin:relaxin 1 1 Fluffy Cat by arcaico-utreyyd Fluffy Cat :iconarcaico-utreyyd:arcaico-utreyyd 16 2 LycanKiss by arcaico-utreyyd
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LycanKiss :iconarcaico-utreyyd:arcaico-utreyyd 9 1
Oceanic amazons by LinkerLuis Oceanic amazons :iconlinkerluis:LinkerLuis 138 8 Queen of the Hippo[griff]s by kevinsano
Mature content
Queen of the Hippo[griff]s :iconkevinsano:kevinsano 297 17
Mega Lopunny Girl by pinkdrawz Mega Lopunny Girl :iconpinkdrawz:pinkdrawz 555 19 T33mo captured by N1dalee by pinkdrawz T33mo captured by N1dalee :iconpinkdrawz:pinkdrawz 552 18 Commission: Giga Mermaid by DANMAKUMAN Commission: Giga Mermaid :icondanmakuman:DANMAKUMAN 1,081 75 Lumiria 111118 by PaulGQ
Mature content
Lumiria 111118 :iconpaulgq:PaulGQ 196 6
110918 Night Queen by PaulGQ
Mature content
110918 Night Queen :iconpaulgq:PaulGQ 244 8
Cloudcuckooland Monsters (25)
1. P'orcupine
A half pig man half porcupine monster with a sharp tongue, sharp attitude, and sharp spines.
2. Hot Dawg
A shade wearing hot dog daschund that can breathe red hot flames.
3. Cursed Bill
An unpaid, long overdue bill that was cursed by a collection agency to get their money by force.
4. Flying Money
Sometimes, money just flies away from you.
5. Knightmare
An evil nightmarish knight that is a cursed nobleman who betrayed his country long ago. While the country is long gone, his cursed spirit could not rest, and he and his name and legacy have long been forgotten, making him go mad with despair.
6. Running Statue
A statue that is alive that can run that is a friend of studious student types, yet will crush the foolish and cruel under it's weight.
7. Combat Boot
An ex-military supervillain clad in army gear and with a boot for a head that specializes in combat boot techniques.
8. Buzzing Fly
An annoying fly that likes to invade people's homes and buzz in their face.
9. Wolf in
:iconlightarcindumati:LightArcIndumati 3 10
Cloudcuckooland Monsters (25)
1. Bad Bone the Bone Lord
A giant rocking rad skeleton with a mohawk that is the lord of the bone zone who has a bone to pick with u!
2. Danger! Noodle
A snek that is around a danger sign that is quite dangerous, for it is most venomous with the venom it is filled with.
3. Biohazard Man
A villain clad in a biohazard suit that attacks with radioactive waves.
4. Strict Teacher
A mad green clad teacher who gets super worked up over wrong answers in class and will beat people to death with a ruler.
5. Mad Nun
A nun that has gone psychotic due to being brainwashed by the doctrines of devils.
6. Mandragora Dragon
A plant like root brown dragon that blasts sonic waves that cause instanteous insanity and madness.
7. Runaway Spoon
A spoon that ran away with the dish to get to the moon.
8. Splatula
A murderous spatula that is red hot that is flipped off with the world.
9. Lady Ladybug
A half ladybug, half woman creature that is fine and snotty.
10. Man Eating Caterpillar
A giant mutant caterpill
:iconlightarcindumati:LightArcIndumati 4 0


I'll not be on to roleplay on Nov 13, because I'll be playing Spyro Reignited Trilogy.
I got this idea from the Youtube channel : The Green Scorpion.

Describe a Video game for me with the worst/vaguest way possible and if I get it wrong, correct me.
  • Watching: Youtube videos
My evil soulcalibur character
His name is Zrasegeorazu the malfested  lizardman pirate who is able to use forbidden magic ( outside of battle ) and can turn people into his undead lizardman minions. 

age: unknown

birthplace and Birthdate: unknown

alignment: Evil

weapon: any but mostly uses longsword and pistol sword. Can also use bombs ( that are available during the year 1583 to 1588 ) . 

fighting style: any

Lizardman species ( soulcalibur verizon ) Soulcalibur and malfested belongs to Bandai Namco.
My soulcalibur 6 charater and OC.
His name is Scarwel. He is a lizardman with intelligence (  is able to speak ) who's soul is bound to the Astral Chaos after the Evil Seed event and he have to absorb any Astral Fissures so he can't die. He absorbed so much of them that he can create a replica of Soulcalibur  and Soul Edge that is made out of energy, and he's no longer a "normal" lizardman since he's transcended.

Age: unknown

Birthdate: unknown

Birthplace: unknown.

Alignment: Good

Weapon: bipolar pulse-enhancement device.  ( Modified version is for Roleplays only ) . He can also use any weapon ( except for guns ) is he choose to. 

Fighting style: any weapon ( unknown for Roleplays only )

The Lizardman species ( Soulcalibur version ) , Bipolar pulse-enhancement device, Soulcalibur ( the weapon ) , Soul Edge ( weapon ) Astral Chaos, Astral Fissures, Soulcalibur 6 and Evil Seed (… )  belongs to Bandai Namco.

Scarwel belongs to me.
I comment Werewolf at…
and she nicknamed me Wolf-Tushy.
  • Watching: Youtube videos
I got this idea from the Youtube channel : The Green Scorpion.

Describe a Video game for me with the worst/vaguest way possible and if I get it wrong, correct me.
  • Watching: Youtube videos


Sean Roadman
United States


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