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Hey there everyone my friend Ashura129 needs animators to help with his new youtube series hes doing it would be awesome if you guys can help :)
Heres the info about his awesome series
okay so what this show is about is that it takes place in the cartoon universe,where all fictional things go, and the world this shoe focuses on is located in the center of the cartoon universe named The OC world,where all online OC's go. The main characters are a group of 5 oc's who come from different animation styles. Their names and styles are Fil,who is a old 1940's rubber hose cartoon character, Party,who is fil's girlfriend and her style is old 1980's anime, Gunhammer,who's a android and his style is like the angular styling of dexter's lab or the powerpuff girl's, Tara,who's a steam punk white mage and has a big crush on Fil, and Blacklight,who's style is comic book. The show's plots usually involve the gang getting into trouble because of Fil's scientific escapades or trying to find this mysterious thing called "The Tablet". A artifact that can bend cartoon space and time. The main bad guys are named Dr.X and Darklord. Dr.X is a quack Dr. with plans to make the world " peaceful" in his own image. Darklord is just a bad guy who's starting out and acts like a idiot sometimes.

It would be awesome if you guys can help him out with his series :)
heres the link to his page 
I hope you guys can help my friend out :)


powerkidzforever's Profile Picture
Straw Hat Trey
United States
im a fan of anime and cosplay and writing my stories about my characters called The Power Kidz also im super nice and i hope we can be friends. I also dont like people who use foul languae so please no cursing.

my Skype name: RhythmJackDA
Also here are my request rules I always tell everyone to please follow I like to keep my requests and Art PG all the time nothing Innapropiate perverted or bad no nudity no yuri no yaoi no cursing no sexual themes no cleavage
PG Family Friendly all the time
Please follow and understand my rules please
Thank you

heres my facebook page…


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Hello there my friend, I want to say is thank you for favorite my drawing my friend, I really like your drawings too. My friend, I just want to say is if you want to see more about all my new character and my drawing will coming soon , my friend.
powerkidzforever Featured By Owner 6 days ago
No prob bud your pics are super awesome keep up the great work bud :) and thanks bud :):):) alright awesome bud:):):) 
QuanDoMinh Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thanks you my friend.
powerkidzforever Featured By Owner 6 days ago
No prob bud:):):) 
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