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Well, well... A power crystal...
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My Bio
Hi, I'm PowerCristal.
I'm from Spain and I can speak Spanish very well. However, my English isn't very good, but I can understand perfectly your comments.
I guess that if you are here, it's for my PKMN custom sprites.
Lately, I'm very busy, and I can't make custom sprites...
I use Paint and Paint.NET to make the sprites.
The sprites are in 2D, but I work also in 3D. Visit my friend's channel (burikillo) on YouTube to watch some animations made by me. I use Blender to work in 3D graphics.

The name "PowerCristal" comes from Crash Bandicoot Twinsanity, when Dr. Neo Cortex said: "Well, well, a Power Crystal". Why my name is "PowerCristal" instead of "PowerCrystal"? Because I doubt that anyone have the same name like me, and "PowerCrystal" have more probabilities that someone can "copy" the name accidentally. But I'm both "PowerCristal" and "PowerCrystal".
Some of my favourite videogames series are Crash Bandicoot, Mario, Kirby, Pikmin, Pokémon, Super Smash Bros, Kingdom Hearts, Grand Turismo, Dragon Ball, Rayman.

Pokémon White 2 - FC: 3096-4987-0430
In my team: Swellow, Azumarill, Rotom-F, Lilligant, Gardevoir and Volcarona.

3DS - My friend code is: 4468-1439-0581

Pokémon X
Name: Rafel

Mario Kart 7
Name: Wynaut
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Do you want to see how I make the custom sprites? "Tutorial" here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYERj5CrmmQ
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[ENG] If somebody need Pokémon Mystery Dungeon custom sprites of any pokémon of the fifth generation, tell me the name of the pokémon and I will make the custom sprites (if I have leisure time). Please, no more sprites of edited pokémon. I mean, I will make Unova pokémon and shiny pokémon if somebody need it, but no sprites of an original pokémon with changed color, with clothes, changed appearance, and please, no more fakemon. I think that I make all request by now, if I forget a request, remind me, please. (Sorry for my bad english Dx) [ESP] Si alguien necesita custom sprites de Pokémon Mystery Dungeon de cualquier pokémon de la quinta
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Is this account dead?

Can you make PMD Treecko Sprite plz :)

Grovyle La

I wonder if you are working with two pokémon games, one is called pokémon reloaded, the other is pokémon mystery universe, both of them use sprites like yours
Happy birthday! :D