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Scythe of Dark Ice

By Power1x

A day after Darkrai and the Nightmarercons found the seven
Scythes. At the site when Canus's dead body is.

Power: Oh no. .. I am too late.

Meanwhile in the Grand Forest of Moebius, Scourge and Fiona
are planning their next move.

Fiona: Any ideas Scourge?

Scourge: I am still thinking on it.

But then they hear someone fighting.

Fiona: What the?!

Then Scourge run off to see who was fighting who.By the time
Fiona got there she stop as she was surprise to see Scourge
and the Destructix capture by five of the Nightmarercons.

Fiona: What the?!

Then two more Nightmarercons grab her from behind.

Fiona: Hey! Let me go!

Dmel:  No.

Pmerl: Now on your knees Fox!

Just after Dmel and Pmerl force Fiona to her knees a dark
warp ring portal open and Darkrai the Darkness walk out of the

Fiona: Who are you and what do you want with us?!

Darkrai: Well Fiona. My name is Darkrai the Darkness.

Scourge:  How do you know her name?!

Darkrai: I know all of your names Scourge. And I am here for

Fiona: What?! ... What do you want with me?

Darkrai: You will find out as soon as you come with me.

Fiona: What if I say no!?

Darkrai smile. Then the Nightmarercons kill the Destructix and
Scourge inflont of Fiona. She was shock when she saw them
drop dead and blood and body parts flying everywhere.


Darkrai laugh at Fiona.

Darkrai: Yes that it. Let the hate and angry flew though you
and give you power.

Then a dark aura start to appear around Fiona as she gets up
and then the Scythe of Dark Ice appear in her hand as her eyes
turn demon.

Fiona: What just happen?!

Darkrai: Your heart is dark enough to summon and control the
Scythe of Dark Ice.

Fiona: Dark Ice? I don't understand.

Darkrai: You will onces you join my team.

Fiona: Why should I after you had your team kill my team and
my boyfriend?!

Darkrai: My team can help you get revenge on people who
adbandon or betrayed you.

Fiona: Well...

Darkrai: Think about we can help you become Queen of
Moebius again. The Subpresstion squad obey you out of fear.

As Darkrai was saying this Fiona start to think about all the
things she can do with the scythe and being Nightmarercons.

Fiona: Ok I will join your team.

Darkrai: Excellent. Now its time to return to the Prime Zone.

10 minutes after they went in the dark wrap ring portal to the
Prime Zone Bun Rabbot (Anti-Bunnie) saw the remains Scourge
and the Destructix as she was walking by.

Bun: What the hell happen here?!

To be continue.
Mobius's Grim Reaper part 2

Part 1: [link]

This base belong to YuGiOhSonicNiGHTS64. [link]
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