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My Little Chaos Part 2

By Power1x

It has been a week sence Power the X Hedgehog had enter
Equestria and disguise himself as a pony while staying in
Ponyville. He spends alot time looking though books at
Twilight Sparkle's library  looking for a perfect spot in
Equestria to hid  a Chaos Emerald. One day Power or Xlr8 as
his undercover name is have found the book that had the
perfect spot to hid a Chaos Emerald in.

Xlr8: This is the perfect spot.

Spike: What perfect spot Xlr8?

(Surprise)  Xlr8:  Oh nothing Spike. Well I got to go now.

After Xlr8 left in a hurry.

Spike: That's odd he never leave this early. Something is up.

Later in Ponyville Xlr8 was walking all set to go to that perfect
spot. You readers are maybe wondering where in Equestria
will he hided a Chaos Emerald in. Well I 'am not going to tell
you. That is something you have to find out for yourself. Anyways
he was walking but then he bumb into Twilight Sparkle and her

Apple Jack: Howdy Xlr8. Where are you going?

Xlr8: Just going for wal..

Then he notices Spike looking in his bag.

Xlr8: Snooping as usual though my bag Spike?

Twilight Sparkle: Spike! Don't look in Xlr8's bag that's rude.

Spike comes out of Xlr8's bag with a Chaos Emerald.Spike put
the Chaos Emerald to his mouth.

Xlr8: No don't eat that!

As Spike take a bite of the Chaos Emerald he gets a eletric
shock which made him drop the Chaos Emerald.

Rainbow Dash: Whoa!

Rarity:  Spike are you ok?

Spike: ..Ugh... I think so.

Fluttershy:  Awww poor thing.

When everyone turn to ask Xlr8 what was that weird  gem that
shock Spike he was gone with the Chaos Emerald.

Pinkie Pie:  Where did he go?

Rainbow Dash: And what was that gem he had?

Twilight Sparkle: I don't know but maybe Princess Celestia
might know something about that gem.

Elsewhere Apple Bloom and her friends Sweetie Belle and
Scootaloo are playing by their treehouse. Until it just got dark
for no reason as a portal open and then a big blue robot came
out. Apple Bloom and her friends quickly went in their
treehouse to hide and watch the robot.

Scootaloo:  What the heck is that?

Sweetie Belle: I don't  know but its scary looking.

Apple Bloom:  Whatever it is. It can't be good.

The big blue robot put a disc on the ground that project a
halogram of a evil looking hedgehog appear.The three young
ponys look surprise.

Mecha Sonic: My Lord and Master Darkrai I have just enter the
world call Equestria.

Darkrai: Excellent Mecha Sonic. Now find Power the X
Hedgehog and get those Chaos Emeralds.

Mecha Sonic: But what he hid them in this world master?

Darkrai: Then find them. I don't care how you do it, turn
Equestria into a burning wasteland with the blood and guts of
the ponys everywhere, just get those Chaos Emeralds.

Mecha Sonic: It will be done my master.

After the halogram disappear and Mecha Sonic pick up the
disc, Mecha Sonic fly off the three young ponys came out of
their treehouse.

Sweetie Belle:  What are these Chaos Emeralds that thing was
talking about?

Apple Bloom:  Yeah and who is this Power the X Hedgehog?

Scootaloo:  Never mind that. That thing is heading toward

Later at Princess Celestia's castle the six ponys and baby
dragon are asking the Princess about the weird gem.

Princess Celestia: I am sorry I don't know anything about that
gem you are talking about.

Apple Jack: So you are saying that gem is not of this World?

Princess Celestia: I afraid so.

Twilight Sparkle: Wait... So if that gem that Xlr8 had is not from
our world.

Rarity:  That means that ...

Pinkie Pie: .... Xlr8 is a alien.

Then they all look at Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie: What?

Rainbow Dash: I knew I saw something in the forest last week.
It was Xlr8.

Fluttershy:  That would explain about that storm just coming
and gone like that last week.

Apple Jack: So if Xlr8 is a alien. Why come to Equestria?

Before Princess Celestia could say another word a guard
comes flying in the room all cover in cuts and bleeding like

Spike: What the heck?!

Princess Celestia: What has happen you guard?

Guard: Me and 4 others was attacked by a metal monster.

Twilight Sparkle: Metal Monster?

Guard: I was lucky enough to get away with my life. The
monster keep asking where is Power the X Hedgehog.

Rarity: Power the X Hedgehog?

Guard: It is heading to ...Ponyville..

Apple Jack: Beg your Pardon?!

Everyone looked shocked at what the Guard just say
as well as the Guard went and drop dead.

Fluttershy: That is not good.

Rainbow Dash: What are we waiting for? Ponyville needs
saving from a metal Monster!

Apple Jack: Now hold on Rainbow Dash. First we need the
Elements of Harmony to stop this metal Monster. Don't we

Princess Celestia: Yes you six do need the Elements of
Harmony to save Ponyville from this threat.

Then she give the six ponys the Elements of Harmony.

Twilight Sparkle: We will not let you down Princess.

Princess Celestia: I know Twilight Sparkle.

Then all six Ponys and the baby dragon run to Ponyville. When
they got there they were shocked to see much devastation
that Mecha Sonic had done to Ponyville. Some of the houses
were either on fire or in ruins and cover in pony blood and
guts. Lots ponys was running or flying out of Ponyville as fast
as they can before Mecha Sonic blast them to bloody pieces.

Rarity: Oh My God!

Pinkie Pie: Look there the metal meanie!

Pinkie Pie points at Mecha Sonic that has the Mayor in his
right hand by the neck.

Mecha Sonic: Where is Power the X Hedgehog?

Mayor: (scared in her voice)I don't know whos Power the X Hedgehog is.

Mecha Sonic: Then die!

Then Mecha Sonic's left hand transforms into a machine gun
and starts shooting the Mayor to pieces. The Mayor was
screaming in pain until Mecha Sonic blow her brains out. Then
Mecha Sonic gets knock over by the Wonder Bolts. Then
Mecha Sonic gets back up and look at the Wonder Bolts.

Mecha Sonic: So you three want a fight? Well you three got it!

Then Mecha Sonic jumps at the Wonder Bolts and they fly at
him. But before all four of them hit each other Mecha Sonic
disappear and reappear behind the Wonder Bolts.

Rainbow Dash: They missed each ....

Then the mibble Wonder Bolt slit in halfed.

Rainbow Dash:  ...other. (shocked look on her face)

Mecha Sonic: Next.

Then the Wonder Bolt on the right went and charge at Mecha

Mecha Sonic: So sad.

Then Mecha Sonic went and slice him in half. Basically it cut
off his head and front legs off.

Mecha Sonic: You are next.

Then the last Wonder Bolt deside to fly away out of fear.

Mecha Sonic: Coward!

Then Mecha Sonic flys after the last Wonder Bolt and starts to
disappear and reappear all around him. And then Mecha Sonic
reappear on the ground and with the click of his fingers the
last Wonder Bolt explosed and his blood, guts and bones came
down to the ground like rain. All six ponys was shock to see
how fast Mecha Sonic killed the Wonder Bolts.

Apple Jack: Hold it right you metal monster!

Mecha Sonic: Hmmm? Are you six talking to me?

Pinkie Pie: Yeah we are talking to you. You Metal Meanie!

Rainbow Dash: Who are you are why you attacking us?!

Mecha Sonic: I'am Mecha Sonic and I am here to find Power the X Hedgehog.

Twilight Sparkle:  Why are you looking for him?

Mecha Sonic: He has what my master wants.

Rarity: Which is?

Mecha Sonic: The seven Chaos Emeralds.

Twilight Sparkle: Chaos Emeralds?

Then all six of them remember that gem that shock Spike.
Then Xlr8 just came out of nowhere and tackle Mecha Sonic.

Fluttershy: Xlr8!

Xlr8: Its a good thing I come back from my walk just in time.

But before any of the six ponys could say a word to Xlr8 he got
send flying by Mecha Sonic, right into a house that is on fire
and it came down on him.

Rainbow Dash: Xlr8! NO!

Mecha Sonic: (Laugh)

Twilight Sparkle:  Quick girls lets use the Elements of

Then all six ponys uses the Elements of Harmony to fire a
rainbow blast that hit Mecha Sonic with a explosion.

Apple Jack: That take care of that.

Fluttershy: I am great its all over.

But suddenly two lazer blasts just been fire from the smoke
and blasted Fluttershy's wings off. And then she fell down to
the ground screaming in pain and bleeding alot.

Rainbow Dash: Fluttershy!

Mecha Sonic: (laugh)

When the smoke clear all six ponys are shock to see Mecha
Sonic was not damage at all.

Twilight Sparkle:  That's impossible.

Rarity: But the Elements of Harmony never fails.

Mecha Sonic: Was that the best you all can do?

Apple Jack:  Why you little!

Then Apple Jack run to attack Mecha Sonic.

Mecha Sonic: What a joke.

Then Mecha Sonic hit Apple Jack with a hey maker punch and
sent her flying into a wall of a house. When she hit the wall it
broke three of legs and made her vomit lots of blood.

Fluttershy: (still in pain) Apple Jack!

Then Mecha Sonic hit Fluttershy with a round house kick and
send her flying at Pinkie Pie and it her send flying them both at
a wall. When they both hit the wall they both vomited blood
and pass out.

Rarity: Fluttershy! Pinkie Pie! Grrrr! That's it!

Then Rarity use her magic to throw big rocks at Mecha Sonic.
But he avoided them all and rip Rarity's horn off. And then he
hit her with upper cut that knock Rarity out.

Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash: Rarity!

Mecha Sonic: (laugh)

Rainbow Dash: I am going to make you pay for this!

Then Rainbow Dash fly right at Mecha Sonic. But he jump on
top of Rainbow Dash and rip off her wings. And it made her
crash on the ground and breaked her back legs.

Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow Dash! Grrr!

Then Twilight Sparkle run at Mecha Sonic while using her
magic to throwing bigger rock at him. But he even avoid or
smash them and grab Twilight Sparkle's horn.

Twilight Sparkle: Hey let go! That hurts!

Mecha Sonic: I know. (laugh)

Then he breaks off Twilight Sparkle's horn and kick her side
and send her flying. When she hit the ground she vomited lots
of blood.

Mecha Sonic: You all have been defeated! Now its time to end
your lifes.

Then his left arm transform into a lazer cannon and take aim
at Twilight Sparkle.

Mecha Sonic: Starting with you.

As Mecha Sonic's lazer cannon is charging Twilight Sparkle
was thinking to herself.

Twilight Sparkle: (thinking) I am sorry Princess Celestia. We
have fail you and all of Equestria.

But suddenly Mecha Sonic gets hit by a magical blast.

Mecha Sonic: What the heck?!

Then Princess Celestia and Princess Luna landed infront of
Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle:  Princess Celestia and Princess Luna what are you two
doing here?

Princess Luna: To help save Equestria.

Twilight Sparkle: I am sorry we let you and Princess Luna

Princess Celestia: Its all right Twilight Sparkle. You all did
your best.

Princess Luna: And now its our turn to destroy this monster.

Mecha Sonic: Oooooooh two Princess I am really scared. Not!

Princess Celestia: You should be scared.

Princess Luna:  Once we are done with you.

Mecha Sonic: Bring it on!

Then Celestia and Luna used their magic to seal him in a
diamond hard shell ball.

Princess Celestia: It is done. Equestria is saved.

Princess Luna: We did it sister.

Then suddenly the diamond hard shell ball start to crack. The
two Princess looked shock as the diamond ball is cracking more.

Princess Celestia: But thats impossible.

Princess Luna: Nothing should be able break out of that ball!

Then Mecha Sonic break out of the diamond shell ball.

Mecha Sonic: Did you you two really think a diamond shell ball
can hold me?!

Princess Luna: Lets do it again but harder!

Princess Celestia: Right!

Mecha Sonic: I don't think so!

Then both of Mecha Sonic's hands transforms into two
machine guns and blasted Luna and Celestia's horns off.

Twilight Sparkle: (still in pain) Princess Celestia and Princess

Apple Jack: (still in pain) NO!

The two Princess are screaming in pain when their horns got
blasted off. Then Mecha Sonic grabbed their necks and did a
mega choak slam on both of them that cause their wings to
get broken and made them start to bleed a lot.

Rainbow Dash: (still in pain) This can't be happening!

Mecha Sonic: Now then. Any last words?

But the two Princess can't say a word because they were in
too much pain. Then Mecha Sonic's hands transforms into
lazer cannons and take aim.

Mecha Sonic: Good well say goodbye!

But suddenly....

Xlr8: Chaos Lighting!

....Mecha Sonic gets hit by a Chaos Lighting attack and it send
him flying through the wall. When he got back up he saw Xlr8
standing right outside of the burning house that he sended
Xlr8 flying into with only a flew cuts and a broken wing.

Xlr8: That's enough Mecha Sonic!

Mecha Sonic: How does a pony like you know who I'am?

Xlr8: That's because I am not a pony.

Then Xlr8 starts to glow a bright white light and start to
change. Which took Mecha Sonic and five ponys that are
awake and in pain by surprise. After the bright white light had
faded away Mecha Sonic and the five ponys were shock to see
not a pony standing there but a hedgehog.

Power: I am Power the X Hedgehog.

Apple Jack: (Still in pain and looked shock) Xlr8 was Power
the X Hedgehog all long!

Mecha Sonic: So you have been hiding in this world in disguise
as a pony.

Power: That's right. To hided a Chaos Emerald in this world.

Twilight Sparkle: (thinking) To hided a Chaos Emerald?

Mecha Sonic: Whatever! Now hand over the Chaos Emeralds or
I will kill you and all these ponys!

Power: NEVER! Do whatever you want with me. But I am not
let you take another pony's life and I am not letting your
master get his hands on the Chaos Emeralds.

Rainbow Dash: (thinking) This guy had lie to us and now he is
risking his life to protect us.

Mecha Sonic: Then so be it.

Then Mecha Sonic fire lazers at Power.

Power: Chaos Shield!

Power blocks the blast but he is still being push back slowly.

Power: Bring me wisdom. Sword of Acorn!

Then the sword of Acorn appeared in his hand and he jump out
of the lazer blast.

Power: Lets end this.

Mecha Sonic: Fine by me.

Then a sword came out of his arm.

Mecha Sonic: Prepare for your end!

Then both of them charge at each other but suddenly.

Twilight Sparkle: (notice the Elements of Harmony starting to glow very bright) What the?!

Then the Elements of Harmony sents their energy to Power's
sword. As then they both slash each other, Power not only cut
through Mecha Sonic's sword but also cut through Mecha
Sonic's body.

Mecha Sonic: NOOO! Master Darkrai I have fail you and the

Then Mecha Sonic exploded. After that Power use what was
left of the Elements of Harmony energy that in his sword of
Acorn to not only to heal the six ponys and the two Princess
but also to restore Ponyville and bring all the ponys that
Mecha Sonic had killed back to life.

Power: It is done.

Apple Jack: Xlr ugh I mean Power. Why did you lie about who
you are?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah and we want answers.

Power: (sigh) The reason I disguise myself as a pony is
because I don't want to cause any panic while I finding a
hidding spot for a Chaos Emerald, and now that is done. It time
for move on to the next world.

Then Power use a warp ring to open a portal.

Twilight Sparkle: Where are you going?

Power: To the next world since a part of my mission is done
here. So farewell.

Rainbow Dash: Wait!

But Power had went through the portal and the portal closed
and then Pinkie Pie wakes up.

Pinkie Pie: What I miss?!

Meanwhile at the Death Egg in Mobius prime, Mecha Sonic's
online signal just went out.

Darkrai: Blast! Power had destoryed my Mecha Sonic!

Then Darkrai make a evil grin.

Darkrai: All well. There is plenty more where he came from.
Then he turn around to look at the rows and rows of Mecha
Sonic, Metal Sonic, Mecha Tails, Metal Tails, Mecha Knuckles,
Metal Knuckles and Mecha Sally.

To be continue.
This story is a continue from the last one. [link]

All Characters belong to rightfully owners.
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