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Dark Chaos Riseing Part 4

By Power1x

Back at New Mobotropolis Sonic and his friends are at
the lake of rings.

Bunnie: (looking a bit sad) I can't believe the Council of
        Acorn had disbanded us forever.

Tails: I know and we are not allow to go stop Eggman.

Antoine: Yeah and who is going to stop Eggman now that
         we can't do it anymore?

Sonic: I will.

Amy: But the Council of Acorn forbidden us.

Sonic: When has that ever stop me from doing what's
       right? Special when Naugus is king.

Tails: Thats is true.

Then Cream the Rabbit run up to them.

Amy: Hey Cream. What's the matter?

Cream: There is trouble on Angel Island!

Tails: What do you mean?!

Cream: Mr Knuckles called that there is a army of
       zombies on Angel Island, and he and his friends need

Sonic: What?!

Then a warp ring portal open up by the lake of rings.
Which took Sonic and his friends by surprise.

Cream: And Miss Julie-Su said she will open a warp ring
       portal by the lake of rings.

Sonic: Then what are we are waiting for? Lets go!

Then Sonic and his friends all run through the portal
and it closed.

Cream: Good luck.

When they came out of the portal they was shock to
see a army of the undead that Knuckles, Julie-Su and
Charmy are fighting.

Antoine: Whoa! Cream was not kidding about a army of

Bunnie: You said it.

Knuckles: (After punching a zombie's head off) What
          took you guys so long?

Sonic: We came as soon as..

Darkrai: Ahhh! Sonic the Hedgehog!

Then Sonic and his friends turn and saw Darkrai and
Dr Eggman on a cliff.

Darkrai: How unexpected of you and your friends to
         come to save these three.

Sonic: Do I know you?

Darkrai: In a way. I am Darkrai the Darkness, and
         believe me. None of you will leave this
         battle alive.

Dr Eggman: Because all of you are going to become a
           part of our army of the undead.

Tails: We will see about that eggbelly!

Dr Eggman: I am going to enjoy this battle.

Darkrai: Yeah. Now then my army of the undead  
         unleashed your full fury on Sonic and
         his friends!

Julie-Su: Full fury?

Charmy: What do you mean by that?!

A random Zombie from behind: Dark Chaos Ghost Fire!

A zombie fire huge flames of Dark Chaos energy at
them but they manage to get out of the way.

Charmy: (shock looked) Never mind.

Then Sonic and his friends start to fight the army of
the undead. Amy smashs the zombies's heads with her
hammer, Charmy and Tails kicks Zombies's heads off,
Antoine cuts their heads in halfs with his sword,
Knuckles punchs their heads off and well you get the
picture on how the other are attacking the zombies.

Bunnie: (panting) These undead guys are tuff.

Then suddenly five zombies grab Bunnie from behind
and pin her down to the ground.

Bunnie: Hey! Let me go!

Then Antoine just heard Bunnie shouting for help. He
try to get to her but there was too many zombies in the

Dr Eggman: Looks like the rabbit is  going first.

Darkrai: What do you expect? With out her robotic left
         arm and legs she is as weak as one of any of the
         people of  New Mobotropolis.

Then another zombie walk up to Bunnie with a rusty

Bunnie: (looking very scared) SOMEONE HELP!

The zombie with the sword is about to strike Bunnie
when suddenly.

Lucario: Aura sphere!

The zombie with the sword get hit and destoryed by a
aura sphere. Then everyone turn around and saw a
blue echidna thats standing on the hill was the one
who fired it. Then that blue echidna went and kill four
of the zombies that are holding Bunnie's arms and legs
down with his metal claws and he killed the zombie that
was holding Bunnie's head down with a sky upper cut.

Lucario:  Are you all right?

Help Bunnie get back up.

Bunnie: I am fine thank you. But who are you?

Lucario:  I am Lucario the Aura Echidna and I am here
          to help.

Darkrai: Ahhhh. So Power had sended one of his Chaos
         En-Forcers to help you former Freedom Fighters.

Knuckles: Former?

Bunnie: Wait your one of Power's friends? Lucario.

Lucario: Yes. He order me to help you guys untill he
         and the rest of his team gets here.

Tails: How do you know that we had been disbanded?!

Darkrai: I have my ways. But enough talk. My army end
         them now!

Then the zombies surround Sonic and his friends and
closing in.

Amy: (panting) There are too many of them.

Sonic: We can't stop now.

Then the zombies stop getting closer.

Knuckles: Huh?

Charmy: Hey what gives?!

Darkrai: I am what gives.

Then everyone turn and looked at Darkrai.

Darkrai: I will give you all just one chance to surrender
         to us or we kill all of you one at a time.

Bunnie: We will not surrender to the likes of you or to

Antoine: Well said.

Dr Eggman: Have it your way.

Darkrai: I will put your bold words on your tomb stone.
         My army kill that Rabbit first!

Bunnie looked shocked at knowing she is going to
killed first.

A random Zombie thats behind them: Dark Chaos Ghost Fire!

Antoine saw that zombie lunching its attack at Bunnie
and he push her out of the way and he got the full blast
of the attack.

Bunnie: (looked shocked) ANTOINE! NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Everyone was shocked at what was left of Antoine
after the zombie's attack. There was nothing but his
very burned bones. Then Bunnie start to cry over
Antoine's burned bones.

Darkrai: (laugh the most evil laugh you can think up)

Dr Eggman: That's one down.

Darkrai: Yeah that guy is French toast. And I like mine
         well done.

Sonic: (angry looked) You will pay for this!

Darkrai: Big talk. Too bad you will not live long enough
         to back it up. Now my....

Before he could finish what he was saying a portal
open and Power the X Hedgehog and his Chaos En-Forcers
along with Sally and Nicole dressed in ninja suit came

Darkrai: Power the X Hedgehog!

Dr Eggman: Not him again!

Knuckles:  So that is Power the X Hedgehog that I
           have heard about.

Then Sally, Nicole and Power was shocked when they
had notice Antoine's dead body. Then Power's face
turn to rage.

Darkrai: Your too late to save one them. And you can't
         stop my army from killing the others.

Power: We will see about that.

Then he turn to his Chaos En-Forcers.

Power: Chaos En-Forcers! It is time to save the
       Freedom Fighters and aveng the one that had fallen.
       By destorying the undead army. So make sure they all
       stay dead. NOW ATTACK!

Then Power and his Chaos En-Forcers along Sally and
Nicole charge at the undead army. Power's Chaos
Enforcers use their pok'emon powers to kill the
zombies. While Power use his chaos powers to blast
the zombies to bits and Sally and Nicole use their ninja
swords to slice and dices them.

Sonic: Hey! Leave some of those zombies for us to kill!

Knuckles:  Yeah! What he said!

Julie-Su: Charmy stay with Bunnie.

Charmy: Ok.

The Freedom Fighters and the Chaostixs run back to
fight the zombies. While all of this is happening
Dr Eggman at Darkrai with a angry look on his face.

Dr Eggman: Your plan is failing Darkrai!

Darkrai: Not yet its not.  Z Mecha Sally attack!

Then the zombie Mecha Sally flys from Death Egg and
it took everyone by surprise.

Sonic: Sally?!

Amy: But that's not impossible!

Tails: Bunnie destroyed her.

Sally: (thinking) Is that my old body?!

Darkrai: (laugh) Dark Chaos Emeralds work just as well
         with dead robots.

Sally see zombie Mecha Sally flying to attack Sonic.

Sally: Oh no.

Before zombie Mecha Sally could cut Sonic up with her
arm blades Sally gets in the way with her sword which
took Sonic by surprise.

Sonic: Ugh.. Thanks for the save ninja lady.

Sally: Ugh.. Your Welcome. (think) He doesn't know its
       me behind this mask.

Zombie Mecha Sally back out a bit ready to attack

Sally: Sonic help the others I will deal with this zombie

Sonic: No Way! If anyone is going give Sally the rest in
       piece she needs it me.

Power: (sigh)

Power uses his chaos energy to grab Sonic from a far.

Sonic: Hey!

Power: Do what the lady saids.

Power throws Sonic to where Tails and Amy is.

Sally: Thanks

Power:  Your welcome. Now scrap that robo zombie!

Sally: Ok

Then Sally attack zombie Mecha Sally with her ninja
sword but Zombie Mecha Sally blocks with her arm

Zombie Mecha Sally: Foolish mortal! Do you think you
                    can take me on?!

Sally: (surprised) Yo-You can talk?!

Zombie Mecha Sally: Yes you mortal fool!

Then Zombie Mecha Sally knee Sally in the belly then
she breaks Sally's sword and finally she sends Sally
flying with a upper cut.

Nicole: (shocked) Oh no!

Sonic: I knew I should have taking Mecha Sally on and
       not that ninja girl!

After Sonic kills the last zombie he ran to fight Zombie
Mecha Sally but Power gets in his way.

Sonic: Get out of my way Power!

Power: No! Now let her scrap that zombie robot.

Sonic: Why should I let your ninja to do Mecha Sally

Power: Because I believe in her. And you Should too.

Sonic: Fine.

Meanwhile with Sally still laying on the ground.

Sally: (thinking) I can't let it end like this.

S.A: (talking in Sally's head) Get up Sally.

Sally: (thinking) S.A?

S.A:  (talking in Sally's head) Yes Sally its me. Now get
      back up and destroy Zombie Mecha Sally.

Sally gets back up.

Zombie Mecha Sally: So you want some more? Well
                    I be happy to give to you.

Then she start to charge at Sally.

Sally: (thinking) Ok so how do I defeat Mecha Sally

S.A: (talking in Sally's head)  Use your sword.

Sally: (thinking) But she broke it. (still holding her
       broken sword)

S.A: (talking in Sally's head) It doesn't matter. You can
     defeat her if you believe in your sword and in yourself.

Sally: (thinking) Ok

As Zombie Mecha Sally get  closer Sally gets into a
fighting pose.

S.A: (talking in Sally's head) Now strike her down
     without fear. As you call out my name.

Sally: S.A!

Then big  flash of light come out of Sally's sword that
blinded everyone for a moment.

Dr Eggman: What the?!

Darkrai: What is that light?!

After the flash of light went out Sally notice she is now
holding a prelate vision the sword of Acorns and it took
everyone by surprise.

Darkrai: Where did she get that sword?!

Arceus:  Zombie Mecha Sally is in trouble now.

Power: More like big trouble.

Then Darkrai look at Zombie Mecha Sally.

Darkrai: Don't just stand there  Z Mecha Sally! Kill her!

Then Zombie Mecha Sally charge at Sally again. But
then Sally charge and cut  Zombie Mecha Sally in half.

Tails: (shock) Whoa..

Then Darkrai start to clap his hands.

Darkrai: Bravo Sonic and all your friends for that battle.
         But you all may wish to save your strengths for
         the coming main event.

Sonic: Now it time to you pay for killing Antoine!

Then Sonic run up the cliff to do a spin dash on
Darkrai. But Darkrai grabs Sonic's neck before his
spin dash hits.

Sally, Amy and Tails: Sonic!

Darkrai: Foolish Hedgehog. Do you really think you can
         take me on.

Dr Eggman: Do it Darkrai. Snap his neck.

Darkrai: (give off a evil grin) Not yet.

Dr Eggman: What?!

Darkrai: I want to kill him in front of everyone he
         knows and cares about when the main event

Sonic: You are not going to get away with this!

Darkrai: Oh yes I will get away with it. (laugh) Now let
         see if your friends can catch their fallen hero.

Then Darkrai drop Sonic from the cliff. Everyone was
shocked to see what happing. All except Power and

Sally: SONIC!

Sally ran to catch Sonic from falling. She catched
Sonic at the cost of him knocking her down the ground.

Dr Eggman:  Its time for us to go Darkrai.

Darkrai: As you wish Dr Eggman.

Snively: WHAT!?  But! But sir! Why not finish Sonic and
         the rest of his friends now?!

Dr Eggman: No! After 10 years I finally killed two of
           them and I am not pushing it.

When Dr Eggman start to go back to the Death Egg
Darkrai use his Dark Chaos powers to withdraw the
Dark Chaos Emerald from the ground.

Power: You will never win! Not as long as there is
       chaos energy running through my vains!

Darkrai: Funny. Because it Dark chaos energy that runs
         through mine.

Then Darkrai teleport back to the Death Egg before
Power could punch him. Then Dialga notice Mecha
Sally's remains disappeared. Then the Death Egg fly

Power: Dam it!

Then Sonic gets up but grab Sally's ninja mask by
mistake and pull it off when he got up. Sonic was very
surprise when he look at to see if she all right along
the rest of his friends except Nicole, Power the his
Chaos En-Forcers.

Knuckles:  It can't be.

Julie-Su: I don't believe it.

Amy: Its...

Sonic: Sally. Is that really you? (hug her)

Sally: (hug back) Yes Sonic its me.

Tails: But how? She was robotizes.

Amy: And She was destroyed by Bunnie and brought back
     as a zombie robot and ..... Wait a minute. If she
     was that ninja then who is the other ninja?

Then Nicole took off her ninja mask and it took them by surprise.

Tails: Nicole?!

Nicole: In the flesh.

Then Knuckles look at Power a bit mad.

Knuckles:  All right Power I want answers!

Power: What are you talking about?

Knuckles: Don't play dumb with us! We know you had
          something to do with bringing Sally back
          and Nicole being all flesh and blood and
          we want to know how. So start talking!

Power: Well....


Then everyone turn and look to see Dialga and Palkia
trying to get to Antoine's bones from Bunnie.

Palkia: Please miss we are only trying to help him.

Charmy: I think you should let them.

Bunnie: No! I am not letting him go!

Nicole: Why is your guys want Antoine's bones for

Power: Dialga is going to use his Chaos Time powers to
       bring Antoine back.

Then Sonic and his friends turn and look at Power with
a surprise looked on their faces. Then Bunnie look at
Dialga with a hopefull face.

Bunnie: Can you really do that?

Dialga: Yes but since Antoine was killed by dark chaos
        energy, I must do it now while I still can.

Bunnie: Then what are you waiting for?! Bring him back!

Dialga: Ok.

Then Dialga use his Chaos Time powers to restore
Antoine's flesh. But then Dialga get sent flying
by Dark Chaos energy before he could fully restore

Palkia: Dialga!

Dialga: I am alright. But Antoine needs medical
        attention right now.

Then Knuckles quickly open up a wrap ring.

Knuckles: Sonic take Antoine to Dr Quack now!

Sonic: Right!

Then Sonic pick up Antoine and ran through the wrap

Bunnie: (crying a bit) Save him Sonic! Please save him!

Power: He will pull through. Now its time for me and
       my team to going back to base.

Knuckles:  Oh no you don't! You are not off the hoot
           that easy. We still need you to answer our

Power: Heh. I let Sally and Nicole explain it to you all.

Nicole: Huh?

Power and his Chaos En-Forcers: CHAOS CONTROL!

Power and his team teleport off. But little to Sonic's
Friends know that they are being watched by a grey fur
cat with a robotic right eye and a scar that makes a X
on his forehead(and wearing a black jacket). He is also
has a pink hedgehog (wearing a red suit) in a cage.

pink hedgehog: Well Dr Darkall. Your master's undead
               army end game has failed.

Dr Darkall: (laugh a bit)  Silly little Sonia. That was only
            a small simple of the army of the undead that my
            master going to use, to rule the world.

Sonia: Your master's plan will fail. The Sonic of this
       zone will stop him.

Dr Darkall: (evil grin) We will see about that.

Who is this master that Dr Darkall is talking about?,
Will Sonic save Antoine in time? Find out next time in
Sonic the Hedgehog.

End of Dark Chaos Riseing chapter.
part 4 and final part of the Dark Chaos Riseing.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr Eggman and everyone that the freedom fighters and Chaotixs and the eggman empire belong to Sega and Archie comics.
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