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Dark Chaos Riseing part 3

By Power1x

After Power explains to Nicole about the
reason why he took Sally's core and wanted to
destroy Mecha Sally, Nicole was still a bit in

Nicole: So you are telling me that Sally's core
        is in this clone body of her?

Power: Yes it is.  

Nicole: How much longer untill she wakes up?

Latia: About 50 minutes.

Nicole: Huh?

Power: Ah. There you are Latia. Are those two
       machine ready yet?

Latia: Yes and I have added the improvements
       that you have requested.

Nicole: What two machines?

Power: The two machines we are talking about
       have came from two people. The Bems and Dr
       Eggmans. I had Latia and some of my other
       Chaos En-forcers recreat.

Nicole was surprise to hear that one of the
machines used to belong to Dr Eggman. Then
Power brings Nicole to the room where the two
machines are in.

By the way readers these two machines was
used in the Archie comics. Just read story one
of issue 117 and story one of issue 118 to see
the two machines in action and to know what
Power was talking about.

Nicole: So why did you want those machines

Power: To make you into flesh and blood

Nicole: What!?

Power: Thats right. With these two machines
       we can make you into a real flesh and blood
       Mobian with any powers and abilities of your

Nicole: You recreated those machines just for
        me to become a real Mobian?

Power: Yes. But its up to you if you want to
       become a real Mobian.

Nicole: Well.

Power: Think about it. Do you want do more
       than just hacking into Eggman's computers or
       creat force fields for New Mobotropolis and
       control the city's nanites?

Nicole: That is true. I do want to do more to
        help my friends. So ok lets do this.

Power: Excellent.

Then Power spot the Space and time hedgehog
brothers and call them over to him.

Dialga: You called Commander?

Power: Yes. I need you two to go to New
Mobotropolis to rescue Dark Rose for me.

Palkia: As you wish Commander.

Then Palkia and Dialga run off to the Ground
Bridge room.

Power: Right then. Lets not waste any more
       time. Lets begin Nicole.

Nicole: Ok

While they are using the two machines,
something is happening inside Sally's mind.
She is dreaming about the day after of finaly
defeated Eggman. Everything in her dream was
going great until she start to hear a voice that
she doesn't know calling out to her.

?????: Sally.

Sally: Huh?

?????: Sally can you hear me?

Sally: Yes I can hear you. But where are you
       and who are you?

Then it apeared in front for Sally. It took Sally
by surprises as is was sleek and metallic in
appearance with glowing blue eyes and
stripes. But is was shape like Sally.

S.A: I am S.A the Prelate.

Sally: What do you want with me?

S.A: I want you to wake up.

Sally looked confuse about what S.A just say.

Sally: Wake up?

S.A: This is a dream Sally.

Sally: What do you mean this is a Dream?

S.A: You have been a sleep ever since you was

Sally: What?!

Just then she remember that had happen on
the Death Egg.

Sally: Did I save everyone?

S.A: Yes you did.

Then S.A walk over to Sally.

Sally: What are you doing?

S.A: Waking you up.

Then S.A went and give Sally a pinch on the
arm. Which made her wake up with the pain in
her arm from the pinch. Then she was surprise
to have waking up in a weird looking room.

Sally: Wh..Where am I?

She gets out of bed and put her boots and
jacket that was on tha table next to the bed.
Then she start to have a look around the base.

Sally: (thinking) What the heck is this place
       and how do I get out of here?

Then she hears something coming from the
room up ahead. She take a look in the room
from the door and was surprise to see Nicole
coming out of a machine. Then Nicole spots
Sally coming in the room.

Nicole: Sally?!

Then Power and Latia turn around and was
surprise to see Sally. Then Nicole went and
give Sally a hug which took her by surprise.

Nicole: I have missed you so much Sally. (with
        tears in her eyes)

Sally: I have missed you too but Nicole

Nicole: Real? Yes I am and all thanks to Power
        and his team.

Then Sally turn look at Power and was shock
to see him.

Sally: Po-Power!

Power: Hello Sally. Long time no see.

Sally: But I through you was...

Power: dead? No I am very much alife.

Nicole: A lot of things has happen since you
        was roboticize on the Death Egg.

Sally: What do you mean by that Nicole and
       how did I get deroboticize?

Power: Follow me to my office and I will
       explain everything to you.

Meanwhile back at New Mobotropolis Dark
Rose wake up and finds herself chained to a
chair with two guards on both sides of her and
the Council of Acorn are front of her looking
down at her. The Freedom Fighters are
watching from one side of the room.

Rotor: Who are you?

Dark Rose: The name is Dark Rose.

Hamlin: Well Dark Rose. Why did you help that
        traitor Power steal Nicole?

King Naugus: Explain yourself.

Then Dark Rose laugh at the Council's

Rosemary: What's so funny?

Dark Rose: I'am laughing because Fattie here
           called my Commander a traitor which he is not.

Sir Charles: What to you mean?

Dark Rose: I mean that the people of New
           Mobotropolis and you Council members have
           betrayed yourselfs. By letting Naugus become
           king. Plus I don't have do explain myself or
           what my Commander does to you fools.

Tails: Man.. She is really talking smack to

Amy: I know.

Bunnie: What I want to know is why did Power
        take Nicole?

Sonic: Yeah and what he got plan for her?

Dialga: All in good time my Freedom Fighters

Everyone: Huh?!

Then Dialga and Palkia just appear in between
Dark Rose and the Council of Acorn.

Penelope: Who are you two?!

Dialga: I am Dialga the Time Hedgehog.

Palkia: And I am Palkia the Space Hedgehog.

Dialga and Palkia: And we are The Space and
                   Time Hedgehog Brothers.

Hamlin: I don't care who you two are. Guards!

The guards didn't move.

Hamlin: Guards!

Dialga: They can't hear you. Because I stop
        time on them.

King Naugus: Freedom Fighters!

The Freedom Fighters try to move.

Antoine: Hey! Why can't we move?

Dialga: That's because I stop time on your

King Naugus: Grr If you want something done
             right? You got to do it yourself!

Then Naugus point his Chaos Emerald wand at
Dialga and Palkia but suddenly the wand
disappear from Naugus's hand.

King Naugus: What the?! Where did my wand

Palkia: Looking for this?

The Chaos Emerald Wand appear in Palkia's

King Naugus: Give that back!

Then Palkia use the wand to Help Dark Rose to
break her chains.

Dialga: You are not worthy to have a Chaos

Dark Rose: Just like you are not worthy to be

Then Dark Rose, Dialga and Palkia disappear
and then the Freedom Fighters's bodies and
the guards can move again.

Sir Charles: Where did they go?!

Sonic: Dam it!

King Naugus: You Freedom Fighters are

Sonic: What do you mean by that?

Rosemary: Ever since your former leader Sally
          Acorn was roboticize and destroyed you five
          have not done as well as use too.

Hamlin: That upstart Power and his followers
        had you all looked just as pathetic as you all
        were when Eggman and the Battle Bird Armada
        attack the city.

Bunnie: But its not our fault!

Penelope: I am afraid there is no excuses for
          your recent failures.

King Naugus: All in favor of having the
             Freedom Fighters disbanded forever and forbid
             them from going on missions to stop Eggman.
             Just rise your hand.

Amy: You can't be serious?!

King Naugus: I am Serious. Since Your team
             leader is no more it only fitting that your team
             to be disbanded. And on top of that you all are becoming
             a bunch of failures. So now Council members rise your hands
             if you agree with this option I pick.

Then all of Council of Acorn members (except
for Rotor and Sir Charles) put their hands up.
All the Freedom Fighters were shocked about

Sonic: You can't do this to us!

Rotor: I am sorry Sonic. It has been desided.

Hamlin: The Freedom Fighters are no more.

Meanwhile at the top of a mountain at Angel
Island a Chaos En-Forcer named Lucario the
Aura Echidna watching down on Angel Island.
Lucario was also looking at Knuckles, Julie-Su
and Charmy where at a graveyard on Angel Island
and standing infront of Knuckles's Father's
Grave Marker.

Knuckles: What is this world coming too?

Julie-Su: I know what you mean. With we can't
          able to find a way use the warp rings to the
          Twilight zone to free the Brotherhood, Sally is
          dead and Nicole has been kidnap by this Power guy.

Charmy: It could be worse.

Knuckles: Like what?

Charmy: Eggman could attack Angel Island.

Then Charmy points at the Death Egg that
coming this way. Knuckles and Julie-Su look
surprise when the Death Egg stop infront of
Angel Island. While in the Death Egg, Snively
was walking to join Dr Eggman and Darkrai in
the hanger bay, when he was stop by Lien-Da.

Snively: What is it Lien-Da?

Lien-Da: I heard that Darkrai wants help you to
         take out Eggman.

Snively: Your point is?

Lien-Da: Can you actually going to trust him to
         take out Eggman?

Snively: Of course not. The moment Darkrai
         kills Eggman I will kill him.

Just then a Nightmarercon named Dmel comes
running to Snively.

Snively: What is it?

Dmel: I got some great news.

Lien-Da: What great news?

Dmel: My spy nanite has heard that the Council
     of Acorn had desided to disband the Freedom
     Fighter forever.

Snively and Lien-Da: What?!

Dmel: You heard me. Now if you excuse me. I
      got to tell Darkrai and Dr Eggman.

Later after Dmel had told Darkrai and Dr
Eggman. The both of them had a big smile.

Dr Eggman: This is good news. Sonic and his
           friends will not be able stop us.

Darkrai: His friends will longer try to stop us
         but Sonic will not give up from trying to stop us
         despite what the Council of Acorn say.

Dr Eggman: True. But it will not matter once
           you summon your army from Angel Island.

Darkrai: Then let the fun begin.

Then Dr Eggman jump in his Eggmobile and flys
out to surprise Knuckles, Julie-Su and Charmy
from behind. But Charmy saw him coming.

Knuckles: What are you doing here Eggman?!

Dr Eggman: To watch my new friend summon
           his army.

Julie-Su: What new friend?!

Then a dark cloud shot past them and landed
on a cliff on the other side of the Graveyard
and reform back into Darkrai.

Darkrai: Knuckles the Echidna. Been well? I
         see you have your girlfriend and
         sidekick bee with you.

Charmy: Hey! Who are you calling a sidekick?!

Knuckles: Who are you?! And how do you know
          my name?!

Darkrai: I am Darkrai the Darkness and I know
         all of your names.

Julie-Su: And where is this army that Eggman
          say you would summon them from?!

Darkrai: (with a big evil grin) You all are about
         to find out.

Then Darkrai throw a Dark Chaos Emerald
down from the cliff to the ground. After it hit
the ground and made a hole, it started to crack
with Dark Chaos energy glowing from it. But
the cracks didn't just spread all over the
graveyard but it had spreaded all over Angel

Charmy: (a Shocked look on his face) wha-What
        is happening?!

Knuckles: (a Shocked look on his face) I don't
          know Charmy.

Julie-Su: (a shocked look on her face) Whatever
          it is thats coming. We ready to fight

Then Darkrai's hands and eyes start to glow
with Dark Chaos energy.

Darkrai: RISE my army!

Then zombies started to coming of the ground
all over Angel Island with their eyes glowing
Dark Chaos energy and their exposed bones is
cover in Dark Chaos fire.

Julie-Su: (a scared looked in her eyes) By the
           Ancient Walkers.

After all the zombies come out of the ground Dr
Eggman, Snively and Lien-Da gets a big smile
as their see the size of the undead army that
Darkrai had summon.

Darkrai: Behold the power of the DARK CHAOS

As this was all going on, back at the Chaos En-
Forcers HQ, Power had just finish explaining to
Sally about what has happen after she was
roboticized and how she and Nicole become
flesh and blood. Sally was a bit surprise about
all she just heard.

Nicole: Sally are you ok?

Sally: I'am fine Nicole. It justs alot to take in
       right now.

Power: That is very understandable in your

Then the Space and Time Hedgehog Brothers
and Dark Rose just come to the room.

Power: Ahh well done you two and welcome
       back Dark Rose.

Dialga: Thank you Commander.

Dark Rose: We got some good news and we got
           some bad news.

Power: Ok. Lets hear the good news first.

Palkia: The good news is we took Naugus's
        Chaos Emerald Wand.

Then Palkia give Power the wand.

Power: Excellent. And the bad news?

Dark Rose: Could we tell you this in private?

Power: Sure. Sally would you and Nicole
       minded if you two step outside this
       room for a minute?

Sally: (looked confuse) Ok.

After Sally and Nicole went outside of the

Power: Now then. What is this bad news you
       want to tell me?

Dialga: Well....

Outside of the room.

Sally: I wonder what's the bad news is?

Nicole: Me too.


Then a lighting bolt went and blast the door
down and took Sally and Nicole by surprise.

Power: I can't believe they would do this!

Sally: Who Power?

Power: The Council of Acorn thats what! They
       desided to disband the Freedom Fighters

Sally and Nicole: (shocked looked) WHAT?!

Power: You heard me. And they also desided to
       forbidden your friends from going on any

Nicole: But they can't do that!

Power: They can and they have done it. I knew
       I should have killed Naugus when I went
       to save you Nicole.

Sally: But why would the Council do that?

Power: It was Naugus's idea.

Just then Lucario called Power on the video

Lucario: Lucario to HQ! Do you copy?!

Power: Whats the problem Lucario?

Lucario: Darkrai had join forces with Eggman
         and he summon a army of the undead
         on Angel Island.

Nicole: What?!

Sally: Who is Darkrai Power?

Power: Darkrai is the leader of a evil group
       called the Nightmarercons.

Nicole: Right.

Sally: Wait. Is Knuckles and the others ok?

Lucario: Knuckles, Julie-Su and Charmy are
         fine but they are starting to get
         surround and need help right now.

Sally: Oh no.

Power: Lucario help them fight off the undead
       army until me and the rest of the team
       get there.

Lucario: As you wish Commander. (end call)

Then Power press a button on a microphone.

Power: All Chaos En-Forcers go to the Ground
       bridge room to transwarp to Angel Island.
       We got a army of the undead to kill.

Then all of the Chaos En-Forcers went to the
Ground Bridge room.

Nicole: Power wait. We want to help.

Power: Well I don't know about that.

Sally: Come on Power. Our friends are in

Power: Well ok. But you two are going need
       wear theses.

Then Power use his Chaos powers to creat two
ninja suits with swords.

Sally: Why do we need wear these Power?

Power: These ninja suits will protect you two
       from being turn into zombies. Pass you
       two will need a sword to fight a army
       of the undead.

Nicole: Good point.

After Sally and Nicole put on the ninja suits
they went with Power to the Ground bridge room,
with the other Chaos En-Forcers, to go to Angel
Island were they will fight a army of the undead.

To be continue.
Part 3 of the story.

Chaos En-forcers Characters: Power the X Hedgehog's bio [link] His new look. [link]
Dialga the Time Hedgehog's bio [link]
Palkia the space Hedgehog's bio [link]
Dark Rose's Bio [link]
Lucario the Aura Echidna's Bio [link]

Nightmarercons Characters:
Darkrai the Darkness's Bio [link]
His new look [link]
Dmel's Bio [link]

All other Sonic Characters belong to Sega and Archie comics.
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I think this part was your best one yet.
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I take it the preview of 236 inspired you to do the part about the Freedom Fighters being no more, right?
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That's right. I don't how the Freedom Fighters to fall apart in 234 or how they became no more in 235.
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Personally, I find it a very stupid idea, but I like your interpretation of it.

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That either is was council that broke the Freedom Fighters up or it was Sonic's rage about he could not save Sally from Eggman.
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Student Writer
I personally think it will be either Naugus influencing the council, or something Mecha Sally did in 234 that caused a big split.
Power1x Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012
You might be right about Mecha Sally in 234.
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