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Dark Chaos Riseing! Part 2

By Power1x

At New Mobotropolis where King Naugus and the
Council of Acorn had brought all of the  people of
New Mobotropolis together, to watch them shut down
Nicole. The Freedom Fighters and Nicole are not
happie about it.

Nicole: Please? (crying as she was talking) Don't shut
        me down?

Rotor: I'am so sorry Nicole. Its out of my hands. (with
       a tear in his eye)

King Naugus: My fellow Mobians!  The time as come
     to end your fears of Nicole. By shutting down

All of the Mobians: YEAH!

Tails: I can't believe this is happening.

Sonic: I know tails.

As King Naugus was walking to the button that will
shut down Nicole, he gets hit by lighting bolt. And
then Power and three of his Chaos En-Forcers
appeared on the stage. All of the Mobians, Council of
Acorn and the Freedom Fighters was not only shock
at Power and three of his Chaos En-Forcers just
appeared from nowhere, but the three Chaos En-
Forcers looked just like Sonic, Amy and Tails only in
different colours.

Antoine: What the heck?!

Bunnie: It that Power the X Hedgehog guy again!

Tails: Only this time he didn't come alone.

Amy: Yeah. Three different colour look a likes of us.

King Naugus gets back up and walk to Power.

King Naugus: So you are the one that I been hearing
             about. You save the Freedom Fighters the trouble
             of hunting you down.

Then Power look at Naugus with rage in his eyes.

Power: I didn't come here to save the Freedom
       Fighters the trouble of finding me.

Then Power sends Naugus flying to the members of
the Council of Acorn with a hey maker punch.
Everyone apart from Power's Chaos En-Forcers was
god slap at what Power just did.

Power: I am here to save Nicole from you and your
       Council of Morons!

Nicole: What?!

Then Naugus gets back up again now looking angry.

Hamlin:  How dare you attack your king like that over
         a dangers machine!

Power: Naugus is not my king and Nicole is not a
       dangers machine you moron.

Hamlin: What did you just called me?!

Dark Rose: You heard him fattie.

Hamlin: Grrrr!

Dylan: Chill out Hamlin.

Hamlin: SONIC!

Sonic: Huh?

Hamlin: Don't you and your team just stand there! Go
        capture these four right now!

Sonic: Why should we?

Tails: Yeah.

King Naugus:  Do it or I will charge you and your team
              for treason!

Rotor and Sir Charles was shock to hear Naugus
threating Sonic and his friends with treason. Sonic
and his friends had no option but to do what Naugus
and Hamlin said.

Absol: Just like a coward to send somebody else to
       do their dirty work for them.

Glaceon: You said it Absol.

Dark Rose: What's our orders Commander Power?

Power: Keep the Freedom Fighters busy long enough
       for me to convince Nicole to come with us.

All three Chaos En-Forcers: Yes Sir!

All three Chaos En-Forcers ran to fight the Freedom
Fighters. While that is going on Power walk to Nicole
to talk to her.

Nicole: Why are you here for me?

Power: Me and my team are here to rescue you from
       the Council of Acorn and Naugus from shutting
       you down, and bring you back to my base.

Nicole: Why would you came to save me? I am just a
        dangers machine.

Power: You are not a dangers machine you have
       evolved way far beyond your old programming,
       into a soul.

Nicole: You really think that?

Power: I know so and that why I am here to save you.

Nicole: But how do I know if you are just going to
        destroy me like you try to destroy Sally?

Nicole start to cry. Then Power put his hand on
Nicole's shoulder.

Power: It true that I wanted to destroy Mecha Sally
       but I did manage to save her core.

Nicole: Her core?

Power: Its her soul and lifeforce.

Nicole: But what about my friends?

Power: (sigh) There is nothing your Freedom Fighter
       friends can do to stop the Council of Acorn and
       Naugus from shutting you down.

Nicole: That is too true.

Power: But me and my team can if you come with us.

Nicole: ....Ok... I will come with you and your team.

Power: Excellent.

Then he gets out a portable computer. Then Nicole
start to download herself  into the portable computer.
Meanwhile during the fight between of the three
Chaos En-Forcers and the Freedom Fighters.  Absol is
fighting Sonic, Glaceon is fighting Tails in the air and
Dark Rose is fighting Amy, Bunnie and Antoine.

Absol: You fight well for a Prime zoner.

Sonic: Thanks. So you are from another zone heh.

Absol: You better believe it.

Then Sonic and Absol start hit each other with spin
dashs. But then Absol start to lunch a barrages of
Razor winds while still doing a spin dash. But Sonic
uses his speed to dodged them all and saw how much
damage the Razor winds did to the nearby trees and a
wall. Meanwhile in the air Tails and Glaceon are
hitting each other move per move.

Tails: (panting) Give it up. We are evenly match.

Glaceon: (panting) I don't think so.

Then Glaceon fire a ice beam from his hands at Tails
but he dodge it.

Tails: Whoa! That's cold.

Glaceon: Hey! I the only one that gets to make the ice
         puns around here!

Tails: Chill out.

Glaceon: Grrr!
Then Glaceon starts to rapid fire ice beams at Tails.
But Tails keeps dodging the ice beams. While on the
ground Amy and Dark Rose are smashing their
hammers together.

Amy: Give it up. Your are out number.

Dark Rose: True.

Then Dark rose hit Amy with a hey maker punch.
Then she hit Antoine who was about to attack her
from behind with a round house kick and then hit
Bunnie with her Rai Rai hammer.

Dark Rose: But never out classed.

Then Dark Rose saw Bunnie get back up.

Dark Rose: Do your self a favour and stay down.

Bunnie: Never!

Dark Rose: Without your robotic limbs you are just as
           pathetic as those ungreatful Mobians over there.

One of the Mobians: HEY!

Bunnie: Even without my robotic limbs I will never
        give up.

Then Bunnie start to glow that weird aura again.

Dark Rose: Huh?

Then the weird glowing aura shot up to the sky to
creat a vortex and just like from before a world ring
came out of it, and went to Bunnie.


She grab the ring and a arm cannon appear in her

Bunnie: Eat this!

Bunnie fire her arm cannon at Dark Rose but she just
dodge it but Dark Rose still get send flying by the
explosion. Then Bunnie's arm cannon disappear.

Bunnie: (panting) Now why don't you make it easy on
        your self by come quietly.

Amy: Yeah. What she said.

But then Dark Rose start to glow the same kind of
aura as Bunnie's.

Antoine: What the heck?!

Amy: No way!

Bunnie: (looked shock) I through I was the only one
        that can do that.


Then Dark Rose grab her world ring that came from
the vortex, then her hammer transforms into a

Dark Rose: Say hello to my little friend!

Then Dark Rose fire her cannon at Bunnie, Amy and
Antoine but all three of them dodge the blast. While
everyone was watching the fights Rotor and Sir
Charles had just notice Power had just finish
downloading Nicole into his portable computer.

Sir Charles: Hey Power!

Power: Huh?

Sir Charles: Give us Nicole Back!

Then the rest of the Council of Acorn and Naugus turn
and saw Power has Nicole.

Power: And why should I return her back to you

Rosemary: Because we are the owners of that
          machine that you are trying to steal
          from us.

Power put his portable computer in his pocket.

Power: (sigh) Nicole is far more then just a machine.
       And sence you Council members except for Rotor
       and Sir Charles are just as blind as those
       ungreatful worms.

Penelope: Ungreatful?!

Power: Nicole had created this city for you all to live
       in, out of her own kindness of her heart and never
       ask for anything in return. And how do you all repay
       her after what happen with the Iron Queen?! With fear,
       anger and hatefulness to her and wanting her to be shut
       down! That's what I call being ungreatful!

Power is saying this to the Council of Acorn, Naugus
and to the people of New Mobotropolis. Just in case
of you readers get confuse of who is Power is saying
this to.

Then Power use a wrap ring to open a portal. Which
had grab the attention of the Chaos En-Forcers and
Freedom Fighters.

Power: Chaos En-Forcers! Time to go home!

All three Chaos En-Forcers went to Power.

Antoine: Where are they going?

Amy: They are getting away with Nicole!

Tails: Sonic!

Sonic: I'am on it Tails!

The Freedom Fighters run to try to stop Power and
his Chaos En-Forcers from getting away. Sonic had
manage to knocked out Dark Rose with a spin dash.
But the other two Chaos En-Forcers and Power got in
the portal and the portal closes.

Sonic: NO!

Bunnie: They have got away with Nicole.

Hamlin: Well at least you manage to capture one of
        them and that what really matters.

Rotor: But what about Nicole?

King Naugus: What about that machine? Now take
             this knocked out hedgehog to the
             holding cell.

Meanwhile on the Death Egg where Dr Eggman had
met Darkrai and his Nightmarercons.

Darkrai: So to you accept my help?

Dr Eggman: Yes. I all the help I can get to take over

Darkrai: Excellent.

Snively: So when is this army of your going to show

Darkrai: My army will come. But first I am going to
         show you two how I am going to summon my army.

Then two of the Nightmarercons brings in a hover
table that has the remains of Mecha Sally chain to it.
Eggman and Snively looked shock.

Snively: But I throught she was completely destroyed
         by that Rabbot.

Luxray: We took the remains right before the smoke
        cleared from that battle.

Dr Eggman: For what reason?

Then Darkrai gets a gem out and show it to them.

Dr Eggman: What is that thing?

Darkrai: A Dark Chaos Emerald.

Snively: What does it do?

Darkrai: Allow me to show you two.

Then Darkrai walk over to the table and put the Dark
Chaos Emerald in the hole in Mecha Sally's chest.
Then Mecha Sally's eyes open glowing the same
colour as the Dark Chaos Emerald energy. Then
Mecha Sally break chains as easy as ripping paper
and then she ran to attack the two Dark Egg
legionnaires. They to blasts Mecha Sally with their
laser rifles but she dodged them. Them Mecha Sally
jump on one the Dark Egg legionnaires and started to
rip the flesh and cybernetics from him. The
Legionnaires try to blasts Mecha Sally off of himself
but she rip off the arm that he had laser rifle in. As
the flesh, blood and metal are flying every where
there was fear all over Snively's face while on
Eggman and Darkrai's a big evil grin. After Mecha
Sally smash the Legionnaire's head in she went and
did the same thing to the other one. Mecha Sally is
now cover in blood.

Darkrai: Good zombie robot. Now on your knees for Dr

Mecha Sally did so. Then the Dark Chaos Emerald
drop out of her chest then she stands up.

Snively: If Mecha Sally can do that to those two

Dr Eggman:  Then imagine what a army of them can
            do to all of Mobius.

Darkrai: The Freedom Fighters and Sonic will not see
         them coming.

Then all three of them start laugh.

Darkrai: (thinking) Excellent. They have both fell for
         it, and soon I will rule Mobius.

Meanwhile at the Chaos En-Forcer's hidden base
Power and two of his Chaos En-Forcers had just
return from New Mobotropolis with Nicole.

Power: Welcome to Chaos En-Forcers HQ Nicole.

Nicole: Wow.

Glaceon: Commander. The Freedom Fighters has
         capture Dark Rose.

Power: I will send the Space the Time Hedgehog
       Brothers to rescue her later or on the
       way the cloning room.

Absol:  Ok Sir.

Nicole: Cloning room?

Power: There is something I want you to see.

When Power walk in the cloning room with Nicole in
his portable computer, Nicole was shock to see who
was on the bed in the cloning room.

Nicole: Sally?!

To be continue.
Chaos En-Forcers Characters:
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Nightmarercons Character:

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All Sonic Characters belong to Sega and Archie comics.
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