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Dark Chaos Riseing! Part 1

By Power1x

The Freedom Fighters along with Silver , a Hedgehog
from the future have found Dr Eggman's Death Egg.
They are fighting  against Mecha Sally to try to get
Sally back from Dr Eggman. But unforturey Mecha
Sally has the upper hand due to Sonic is still angry
about he could not save her from before, Bunnie is
100% all flesh and blood again and their friendships
are falling apart.  Right now Mecha Sally has Antoine
Knock out and Tails with a broken arm.  

Sonic: Come on Sally snap out of it I know you are
       still in there! (He said angry)

But Mecha Sally only reply is with a punch to the face
and sending him flying back.  Then Silver used his
telekinesis to throw big rocks at Mecha Sally but she
smash them up. Then Amy attack Mecha Sally from
behind but Amy miss because Mecha Sally move out
of the way and kick Amy in the gut and send her
flying and crash into Rotor and they both crash
landed into the ground. Then Amy start to vomit up
some blood.

Rotor: Amy!

Amy: I'am fine Rotor.

Silver: Its no use trying to snap her out of Eggman's
        control Sonic.

Sonic: I'am not giving up!

Bunnie: I have to agreed with Silver on this one.

Sonic: You too Bunnie?!

Bunnie:  I want Sally back as much as you too but
         Eggman's control over her is too strong.

Dr Eggman: You got that right.

Sonic ran and jump to do a spin dash on Dr Eggman
but Mecha Sally gets in the way and send Sonic back
down to the ground hard with a roundhouse kick.

Amy and Tails: Sonic!

Then Mecha Sally sends Silver to the ground hard. Dr
Eggman laugh as he watchs the Freedom Fighters
getting their ass kick by their former friend and

Dr Eggman: Give it up rodents.

Sonic: Never Eggbelly!

Dr Eggman: Face it none of you can beat Mecha Sally
           because none of you don't have the guts to destroy

Power: But I do!

Then everyone turn and look in shock as this
hedgehog came out of nowhere and kick Mecha Sally
from behind to the ground.

Bunnie: What the heck?!

Sonic: ... It .. ca-can't be.

Tails: Sonic what's wrong?

Power: What's the matter? You look like you have
       seen a ghost Sonic.

Rotor: No it can't be.

Amy: Do you two know this Hedgehog?

Rotor: Yes and so does Sally and Antoine. But we all
       through he died 10 years a go.

When Rotor said that Amy and Tails look surprise as well as
Dr Eggman when he over heard what Rotor
was saying.

Dr Eggman: Who are you and why are you here?

Power: The name is Power the X Hedgehog and I'am
       here to destroy her.

He point at Mecha Sally as she was getting back up.  
Everyone looked surprise when Power said that.

Sonic: Your going to do what?!

Power: You heard me. In the name of Mobius Mecha
       Sally must be destroyed.

Mecha Sally went and attack Power but he counter
with a punch to Mecha Sally's chest. Then Power
knee Mecha Sally in the belly before she could
recover from the punch and attack him.  Then Power
did a uppercut to Mecha Sally which send her flying.
Everyone was shock to see Mecha Sally getting
beating up. Power saw Mecha Sally was still online
while laying down after that uppercut.

Power: Enough playing around. Time to end this.  

Power start to run at Mecha Sally to finish her off but
Sonic went stop him by pining Power down to the ground.

Power: Let go of me Sonic!

Sonic: No I will not let you destroy Sally!

While this was going on Mecha Sally get back up and
deside to attack Antoine while he is knocked out.
Then Bunnie saw Mecha Sally charging up the lazers
from her hands to fire at Antoine.

Bunnie: OH -NO! Sugetwan!

As Bunnie was running to get Antoine out of the way
Mecha Sally firer her lazers. Everyone turn and saw
her firing her lazers. They saw Bunnie stand in front
of Antoine to take the hit from the lazer.  The lazer hit
Bunnie with a bang.

Tails, Amy and Rotor: BUNNIE!

Silver and Sonic: Bunnie no!

Power:  Sonic you fool! You let Mecha Sally kill her!

Power push Sonic off.

Dr Eggman: OHohohohohohoh!  That's one less rodent
           I have to deal ....

Before he could finish what he was saying the sky
turn dark as there a glow coming from the smoke.

Dr Eggman: Huh?

When the smoke cleared everyone was shock to see
that Bunnie is still alive and she is giving off a weird
glowing aura around her.

Amy: What's happing to her?

Power: That's impossble.

Silver: You know what happing to Bunnie don't you?

Power: Yes I do know.

The weird glowing aura then shot up to the sky to
creat a vortex.

Amy: What the?!

Tails: Look something is coming out of that vortex.

Rotor: It looks like a power ring.

Power: Its a world ring.

The ring decend to Bunnie. Then Bunnie grabs the
ring. The disappear as Bunnie gets a arm cannon.


Rotor: What the!?

Amy and Tails: Wow.

Dr Eggman: ...  Don't just stand there Mecha Sally!  
           Destroy her!

Mecha Sally did as she was told and run to destroy
Bunnie. But Bunnie aim her arm cannon at Mecha

Bunnie: Sorry Sally.

Bunnie fire her arm cannon at Mecha Sally which
made a big explosion.


Dr Eggman: Grrrr! I hate that Rabbot!

As Dr Eggman left  in his Death Egg Sonic fell to his
knees with tears in his eyes.

Bunnie: I'am so very sorry sonic. (a tear in her eye)

Power: Why are you sorry about Bunnie?  Mobius is
       safe from Mecha Sally.

Rotor: How can you say that Power? I through you
       care about Sally.

Power: Yes I do care about Sally but I don't care
       about Mecha Sally.

Silver: Well I guess the future is safe now.

Power: Yes it is. The traitor is destroyed. Your job in
       this time is done.

Silver: Oh ... Ok.

After Silver went back to the future Power gets out a
warp ring.

Power: Well sense Bunnie has done what I came here
to do I will be off.

Amy: Hold it right there!

Power: Huh?

Tails: You got some explaining to do.

Rotor: Yeah. Where have you been for 10 years?

Power: I don't have time for this. So see you lot later.

Power jump in the warp ring before anyone could stop
him. After that the Freedom Fighters return to New  
Mobotropolis to explain to Nicole and the Council of
Acorn what happen Mecha Sally.

Nicole: No. (drop to her knees crying) I can't believe
        Sally is gone for good.

Sir Charles: I know Nicole. I can't believe it too.

Hamlin: But now we must move on to more importent
        matters. Like finding this Power the X Hedgehog guy.

Dylan: Yes I have to agree with you on that one.

Penelope: Yeah.  Wasn't this guy so post to have died
          10 years ago in that Robotnik's factory event?

Rosemary:  But he wasn't. So what has he been doing
           for 10 years? And did he come out of the blue to want
           to destroy Mecha Sally?

Ixis/King Naugus:  Well whatever the case is. All in
                   favour of having the Freedom Fighters hunt down
                   Power the X Hedgehog and bring him here to us for

All the Council's member said Yea.

Antoine:  Ok.

Amy: Its not going to be easy to catch him.

Hamlin: Now that is settle. It time to vote on having
        Nicole put offline.

Sir Charles, Rotor, Antoine, Bunnie, Amy, Tails, Sonic and Nicole:  WHAT?!

Nicole: You can't be serious?!

Rosemary: The people of New Mobotropolis are
          wanting you do be put offline because you are a

Rotor: But it not right to take her offline.

Penelope: She just a machine Rotor. Nothing more.

Rotor: But she is not just a machine!

Ixis/King Naugus:  That's enough Rotor!  Now then.
                   Put your hand up if you don't want Nicole to be put

Only Sir Charles and Rotor put their hands up. Nicole
start to looked scared.

Ixis/King Naugus:  Put your hand up if you Nicole to
                   be put offline.

The rest of the Council's member and himself put
their hands up. Nicole and the Freedom Fighters now
looked shock.

Sonic: You can't do this to Nicole!

Hamlin: The Council has desided Sonic. Nicole is to
        be shut down in one hour.

After Nicole heard that she ran off crying.

Tails: Nicole wait!

Rotor: I am sorry Tails. There is nothing any of us can
       do for her now.

Meanwhile at a hidden base a member of a team
known as the Chaos En-Forcers was watching what
was going on at the Council of Acorn.

Glaceon: Yes there is nothing you Freedom Fighters
         can do for Nicole, but there is plenty for us Chaos En-
         Forcers can do to help Nicole.

Dark Rose: Hey Glaceon!

Glaceon: Huh?

Dark Rose: The Commander has returned.

Glaceon: Where about is he now?

Dark Rose: He was going to the cloning room.

Glaceon: Ok Thanks.

Glaceon fly's off to the cloning room quicky. Dark
Rose deside to follow to see what going on. While at
the cloning room the Commander had just enter in
the room.

Latia: Welcome back Commander Power. Has was
       your mission?

Power: It went perfecty. Even though I only done half
       of my mission while a Freedom Fighter did the other
       half for me.

Latia: Really?

Power: Yes.

Latia: Which one of the Freedom Fighters did the
       deed of destroy Mecha Sally? Commander.

Power: It was Bunnie. Anyway. How is your progress
       in cloning Sally's new and inprove body?

Latia: Funny you should ask.

Latia show Power Sally's clone body on a bed.

Latia:  I finish uploading a copy of Sally's brain into
        her clone body just before you came in to the room.
        All she needs now is ...

Power: ....Her core.

Power shows Latia Sally's Core. (Sally's soul and life

Latia: Oh.. right. You may put her core her body now

Power: Ok. Here goes.

Power use his chaos powers to put Sally's core into
her clone body.

Latia: Now we have to wait for 2 hours for Sally to
       wake up.

Power: Good. Hopefully nothing bad happens to any
       of the Freedom Fighters.

Just after he said that Glaceon and Dark Rose come
running in the room.

Glaceon: Commander Power! There a problem!

Power: What is it Glaceon and Dark Rose?

Dark Rose: The Council of Acorn are going to shut
           down Nicole.

Power and Latia: WHAT!?

Latia: That's bad and not right.

Power: How long are they going to shut down Nicole?

Glaceon: In 40 minutes.

Power: Absol the Razor Wind Hedgehog come here!

Absol comes in the room.

Absol: You called Commander Power?

Power: Yes. You, Glaceon and Dark rose are coming
       with me to rescue Nicole.

Absol, Glaceon and Dark Rose: Yes sir!

Power: Latia fire up the ground bridge to New

Latia: Yes Commander right away.

Meanwhile at the Death Egg at Snively's room.

Snively: I can't take it anymore! When is this guy's
         team get here? I must take command of the Eggman
         Empire now.

Luxray: Then your wait is over.

Snively was suprise to see 6 robots and 3 Mobians
appeared in his room.

Snively: You lot must be ...

Night Rose: Nightmarercons. Yes we are.

Luxray: Do you have what our master needs?

Snively: Yes I have.

Snively gives Luxray the Chaos Emerald. Then Luxray
open a small portal and put the Chaos Emerald in it.

Luxray: Excellent. Metal Arceus active the Zone

Metal Arceus: As you wish.

Metal Arceus active the Zone Bridge which is on the
      moon. After the Zone Bridge portal opens a Evil
      looking Hedgehog comes out of it.

Darkrai: PRIME ZONE MOBIUS! ....... I have return.

To be continue.
Part 1 of a story that I think might epic.
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