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Chaos En-Forcer's Members  Bio by Power1x Chaos En-Forcer's Members  Bio by Power1x
This is a bio for all of Chaos En-Forcer's members along with some of them being rename and redesigned.

1. Power the X Hedgehog ( Chaos En-Forcer Leader )
Weapon: Zanpaktou: Konton shikkō (Chaos En-Forcer) Bankai form: Kaotikusu shikkō (Chaotixs En-Forcer)
Power was one of Sonic's oldest friends from back in the days in Old Mobotropolis, before Dr Robotnik took over. Back then Power didn't know he had Chaos powers he thought only had super speed but not as fast as Sonic of course. 2 years later after Dr Robotnik took over, when the Original Freedom Fighters are still around, Sonic and Power had decided to go destroy one of Dr Robotnik's factory's. Anything was going well, with trashing machines and swatbots, until apart of roof, that's got caught on fire, fell on Power. Sonic was about to dig him out when he had notice a computer screen with a self deduct countdown on it. Despite Sonic not able to see Power, that's under the rubble, but Power can see Sonic. When Power saw running away instead of going him out, his heart was fill up with deep rage and hate against Sonic until the factory he was in went boom. When Power woke up he found himself floating in a golden space AKA the Chaos Force with almost all of his rage and hate gone from heart. He also notice some of his bones showing. But what surprise him is that his bones look like they are made from a glowing emerald. Then from out of nowhere three beings known as the Ancient Walkers appeared in front of him. They have explained that he was born with Master Emerald made bones and that he can its power. They also explained that he must form a team and use his powers to save Mobius from the greatest evil at any cost in ten years from now. Then Power black out again and when he woke up again he found himself back in Mobius and all heal up. He was surprise to see a big air ship, that's called the Flying En-Forcer, in front of him. There was also a note from Ancient Walkers saying this ship will be his base and they have created a Mobian Medic to be his first team mate. So the for past 10 years he had trained himself to use Martial Arts and his Chaos powers. While recruit or create member of his team called the Chaos En-Forcer's. Power and his team are ready to go kill Dr Eggman at any cost. And he will not let anyone get in his or his team mates way. Like Dr Eggman and Tails are smart with machines Power is smart with genetics.

2. Arc the Alpha Hedgehog ( Chaos En-Forcer Second In Command ) Renamed from Arceus the god Hedgehog. Old Bio…
Arc may be the second to join the Chaos En-Forcer's but he was the first to be created by Power the X Hedgehog. By using the DNA of Sonic the Hedgehog and the pokemon Arceus. Now despite having pokemon powers he prefers to use his Martial Art skills and saves his powers as a last resort in a fight. He treats his Commander and his team mates with respect. He only takes orders from two people and that's himself and Power.

3. Latia the Hedgehog ( Chaos En-Forcer Medic ) Old Bio…
Latia was created by the Ancient Walkers to be Power's first team mate and Medic. She help Power out with creating some of the members of Chaos En-Forcer's along with helping people that Power brings to the base. She is very kind to everyone in the Chaos En-Forcer's. She does'n fight much but when she does you can be sure that she will bring her A game.

4. Umbre the Night Cat (Chaos En-Forcer Scout) old bio…

5. Dark Rose (Chaos En-Forcer Fighter) old bio…
Bio on other members coming soon.
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