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Hey guys! Now I know what you're thinking...

Heeeeeyyyyyyyyy I thought you said that you quit?????

Ah yes you're right but you see, I've since changed. Now I wanted to start over, new and fresh-A vOcAdOOOO

So like I promised, I'm using a new name


Also, all my social media accounts have the word "Zephyr" and a t r i g g e r e d Toon Link

  • Watching: Hetalia, Markiplier
EDIT 4-4-2018: APPARENTLY I POSTED THIS ON A VERY UNFORTUNATE DATE!! Some of you guys would think this is an april fools joke but it's actually not. I'm quitting/leaving for reals. Also, I forgot to mention that I am active on Instagram and Discord, feel free to chat with me! Discord user: Mafia-kun#1564

I'm so sorry that I've disappeared without a warning (눈‸눈)
Heck, some of you already forgot who I am but hey, It's fine : ) actually... it kinda hurts

I'm not as active as I used to be nowadays
I also lost my mood in posting stuff

I have been suffering these few months from school, my parents and myself
I have no idea why I started all the trouble in the first place, it's still my fault anyways
I totally deserved every horrible punishment 

Again, I am very sorry for keeping you guys waiting
And I want to thank you all, my dear watchers:
:iconfluffi0::iconprickiypear::iconkurushx::iconciitykiid::iconiawbot::icondoggodogg0::iconpotionbottle::iconmashylol::iconsxicie::iconkoffikk: tagged you doods just in case
For being there for me

This is the last time I would be active (???)
I may or may not return but I promise that I won't forget the wonderful people I've met, I just feel like I owe you guys a huge thanks or simply a virtual hug?? (´・ω・`)
If I return, I'll be in a new account

  • Listening to: Three Days Grace, Twenty One Pilots
  • Reading: The Iron Man by Ted Hughes
  • Watching: Hetalia, Markiplier
  • Playing: Duck Life (???)
  • Eating: Egg sandwhich
  • Drinking: Water