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TARDIS sweethearts

What can I say? I'm a huge Doctor Who fan, so sooner or later I just HAD to commission a painting featuring my favourite series of all time! :dance:

Artist: :iconsullen-skrewt: ~sullen-skrewt.
Size: A2 (59.4cm by 42cm)
Format: Paints on acrylic paper.

Doctor Who is easily my favourite TV series EVER. And these two lovely ladies are my two most favourite companions from the series - Zoe Heriot (left, played by Wendy Padbury), and the Lady Nyssa of Traken (right, played by the gorgeous Sarah Sutton).

As any Who fan worth their salt knows, Zoe was a companion to the 2nd Doctor, and Nyssa to the 5th Doctor (and arguably the 4th...depends on when you count her as "joining the crew" from). Zoe's outfit is my favourite from story "The Dominators", and Nyssa's is from her final story "Terminus".

I've had the very good fortune to meet both ladies at least two or three times before each, at Doctor Who conventions, so hopefully I'll meet them again and be able to ask them to autograph the Certificate of Authenticity for this awesome painting. Because the painting itself will be hanging framed on my wall in a short while. :D

CaptShade, I know you'll see this! ;)

"Doctor Who" and all characters are © to the BBC.

The beautiful brushstrokes were all made by :iconsullen-skrewt: ~sullen-skrewt. If you fave here, please fave it in her gallery too, show the artist some love! :hug: [link]
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Ooooooooooh! Thank you for sharing this. I'm really glad to have it in my club's gallery <3!
Power-and-Chaos's avatar
No probs - I have the original fullsize (A2) painting and a (hopefully soon-to-be) signed 12*8 print of this too. (signed by both lovely ladies). :boogie:
Coconut-CocaCola's avatar
O.o!!! Lucky!!!! Do repost the painting with the signatures please <3!
Power-and-Chaos's avatar
I plan on doing so - the convention they're gonna be signed at is this weekend, so my sister's friend who is kindly helping me out (I can't afford to go, she is going, so I asked her to get their autographs for me) should be sending them back shortly. :D
Coconut-CocaCola's avatar
Nice <3!!! Please, do send it to my group once it is done! :iconpussinbootsplz:
Power-and-Chaos's avatar
Consider it done! :salute:
cavatappimonster's avatar
You could achieve both of these rolled in to one with Ian Chesterton... just sayin' :P
Power-and-Chaos's avatar
I say "nertz to you". :P

Zoe and Nyssa are my two joint-favourite companions of ever. :D
cavatappimonster's avatar

Ian, Jamie and the Brigadier is where it's at!
Power-and-Chaos's avatar
Sorry, I must respectfully disagree with you.

And of course, the best companion EVER is now officially...little Amelia! :iconikissitplz:
cavatappimonster's avatar
Granted, little Amelia is adorable. But

The male companions are so much more independent and attractive that the female ones.
Power-and-Chaos's avatar
Eh, to each their own.

The male companions are cool - mostly (Adric, I'm looking at you... :P); but I wouldn't say they're attractive, just 'cos I don't swing that way. :shrug:
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The "Beauty of Basingstoke" for the win. When it comes to beauty, brains and an inner strength, none can match these two.

Two or three times? Sigh. You're so lucky. I'll never get to meet her.
Power-and-Chaos's avatar
I think you definitely need to come over and attend a Who convention sometime, CaptShade. If I ever win the national lotto, I'll spring for tickets. ;)

On a sidenote, I'm about to get another Who painting in the works - but this one will be Nu Who. :D
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