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I've been threatening to write this story since before Doctor Who returned to the air in 2005 and finally, it's here... :evillaugh:

This is an idea that has genuinely been kicking around in my head for about the past fifteen years or so, a classic era Who romance story between Zoe and the TARDIS - although you'll notice in the story that Zoe names her Astrella and thereafter the term "The TARDIS" is completely dropped. The Doctor and Jamie have to go on a long journey to resupply materials for repairs, leaving a sick Zoe behind to wait months for them to get back. Luckily, she has an excellent nurse...

Once the idea finally became clear in my mind, it actually took just four days to write (being in isolation can do wonders for focusing on your writing). xD

I was going to hold on to this for a while until I could get some "cover art" commissioned to go with it, but that may take a while. Instead I'll simply update it with cover art when it's ready. 

This may not be exactly everybody's cup of tea, but I hope you'll enjoy it. 

"Doctor Who" and its characters belong to the Beeb; I was just playing around with them here. ^^ 
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