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Garland and Temple in 'First Class Fun'

This beautiful work of art was commissioned from and painted by the talented :icontychytamara: TychyTamara :heart:

At last, it's finally here! The most-anticipated movie of 1941, starring two of Hollywood's leading actresses! Garland and Temple together in musical comedy "First Class Fun", set at a girl's school. Coming to a movie theater near you...soon™

...well...they never really got to appear together in any big theatrical features, though for a brief spell in 1941 there was talk about a motion picture starring Judy (Garland) and Shirley (Temple) along with Metro Goldwyn-Mayer's other big young actor of the day, Mickey Rooney. Alas, Shirley was dropped due to MGM feeling that she had already passed her peak of popularity at the tender age of 13. 

For the really deeply-interested, Judy's appearance is based on her look and outfit in 1938 movie "Listen, Darling" (when she was 16), while Shirley is based on her look and dress from the 1941 movie "Kathleen" (when she was 13). The colours of everything, from their cardigans to their dresses and sandals, is a best guess from black and white promotional photos. 

You can also see a "clean" version of just the painting (i.e. without the text obscuring it) by clicking Garland and Temple (clean version)
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Rather interesting. I read that one of Judy Garland’s most famous roles was originally going to go to Shirley, but an agreement falling through axed it (apparently Miss Temple was supposed to play Dorothy)

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I have heard about that too, but there are sources that disagree and believe that it's a myth started by Shirley's agents and Fox Studios.

I think it would be interesting to see how The Wizard of Oz may have turned out had Shirley played the part of Dorothy instead...and these days, with some computer-wizardry, I'm sure someone willing to put in the time and effort could make a reasonable facsimile of such an alternative version! :)