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Amelia - The Girl Who Waited

O. My. Goodness. This picture is just so AWESOMECUTE, I wanna squee! In fact, I think I shall. :squee:

There, that's better. :D

Doctor Who ROCKS! :headbang:

This is little Amelia Pond, aka The Girl Who Waited. She prayed to Santa (d'aww) to send somebody to fix the scary crack in her wall, and the Doctor came (maybe Santa DID send him? Who knows? :P), but then he didn't come back straight away.

Poor Amelia.

5 minutes indeed. Doctor, I am dissappoint.

Amelia is just so adorable, as is Caitlin Blackwood who plays her onscreen. :heart: This is also my current desktop wallpaper. :dance:

Artist: :iconalicexz: ^alicexz.
Size: 1440*1112px
Format: Digital painting.

"Doctor Who" and all characters are © to the BBC.

This digital painting is based on a screencap from episode "The Eleventh Hour", when the Doctor has just promised Amelia he'll be back in five minutes. Aww....

^alicexz is an awesome artist. If you haven't seen her art already, where were you? :P

...same goes for if you've never seen Doctor Who. Seriously, what planet are you living on? ;P
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Well, it has been a long time since this picture was submitted, but I've just created an account, so it sounds to me like a moral obligation to write a comment here. ;-) That's really awesome. Honestly, your friend has such a beautiful style, that I can spend hours browsing and watching the pictures.
Thank you :-) 
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Indeed, :iconalicexz: alicexz produces absolutely wonderful pieces all the time - and so many Doctor Who arts - I just had to fave her and commission this piece when I had the chance. :D

Thanks for commenting here, even though this piece is now quite old I'm glad to know that it still gets all the love it deserves from new members joining the site even today. ;) I've actually had this as my desktop wallpaper for the last several months (I rotate through several of my commissions on an occasional basis) ^^
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This is very good, keep up the good work !!!
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:D Thanks!

But I didn't make it - I commissioned :iconalicexz: to paint this for me. :)