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:iconpowdrsoft:powdrsoft posted a status
i was actually going to create a new original meme (which everyone would be allowed to do actually) but honestly 
comments like this
Screenshot 20161205-132407 by powdrsoft
seriously make me want to just 
forbid every single animation i post to ever become a meme
i'm sorry but unless people wont start to actually understand that i do have a valid right to say "no" 
there wont be any more "cool, original" memes coming from me anymore
i mean if people really feel the NEED to be as unoriginal as humanly fucking possible, i will actually create a giant ass caption at every single beginning of my animations which explains that i explicitly do N O T want my animations to become memes
i might do some to bring other peoples memes into the spotlight though
but my own animations will. stay. animations only.  (amv's in other words)
no more original memes, ever

jesus fucking christ even the word meme already makes me feel like throwing up 
i really need to come up with a new word for that internet culture 

Devious Comments

fluttershyluvsfoxy Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Definition of asshole
BLUEEeeveePAW Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Das beweist das die Menschheit kein Leben mehr hat !
Vermillion-Nuanced Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I am disappointed in humanity
I'm just
why do people do this
WhatTheFlup Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Quantity over quality. People don't like original animations and amvs and things that are dear to you. They want ANIMATION MAYMAYS
Dude, do what YOU want to do. 
Actually, some of the best things to do is make original content that is so difficult and complex that nobody even wants to attempt to make a meme out of it..
po-kii Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
How about doing memes that already exist to bring attention to other animators? In addition to doing amvs and other original content of course, but it sounds like a good idea until the shitstorm dies down!
mayoreaper Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ugh, does that person must put his/her comment in a mean way!? Words can hurt others and they have action. And the action, is making people lose their motivation of their animation, making their own meme. Ugh. This is not cool. The commenter should've asked why it wasn't a meme instead of being a bully. Im sorry zotiel. Dont let that comment get to you dear!
Peach-ies Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
jfc, people. I'm sorry people don't appreciate your work ;v; , you truly deserve more of it though.
PixieArtz Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Student Digital Artist
The internet is full of unoriginal pricks who feel entitled to do whatever they please, as long as it's on the internet and there's no one of authority to say otherwise.
I could suggest that you do an animated series or more speedpaints, but I guess somehow your popularity would still cause people to just completely duplicate your work regardless on if its even "meme-able".
The only true way to escape their bullshit would be to make new account's and start fresh, but of course that's not ideal.

So really, this situation is total crap and i'm really sorry you have to deal with assholes like these when you just want to do something you love. It appears to be an endless loop, every decision has it's flaws, and the best thing to do is be professional about it, and simply ignore the hate/copying that happens... Because once you've crossed a certain line of fame, people seem to slip in the cracks of unoriginality.
sonicfangirl8221 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Student General Artist
Damn people get so bent up over nothing and forget that everything has a reason..point is I support whatever you do and I hope you won't have to deal with bullshit like that.
CrystalDragon81 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that really sucks.. and i completely agree with you. this whole situation seems stupid. blah.

and i don't mean to sound rude in any way, i completely respect you and the stuff you do, but i don't think you should let those types of comments get to you, some people are just ignorant and immature, and the best thing you can do is ignore them.
AFTERMATHIC Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Ok so tbh it does kinda suck that its not a meme but its you video, tbh i believe everyone in this world has their own opinion on things and if they didn't like that ur video wasn't a meme then they could at least said it nicely or could have asked why and its you think it shouldn't be a meme witch is totally fine because its ur video and ur opinion on the subject and ur right to make it a meme or not ether way the person should have not said that and said something like "Well why cant people make it a meme" or even "I don't like the fact that its not a meme so please tell me why its not" but instead they had to be a complete dick about it and whine about it like a little baby its like grow up man its 2016
Zotosu Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Student General Artist
My 4 year old niece acts more mature and more respectful than those people, and those people are usually in their tweets or teens
I'm wondering if those peoples parents or teachers ever taught them respect
I have an idea, but I don't know what you'd think about it but maybe you should make a second channel to post things like the dance video onto where it specifically states on there that they can't make that video onto a meme and on your main channel you post things people can make into memes and maps 
Sorry if the idea sounds stupid, but I was thinking it would possibly help
Colossal-Fuckup Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
I personally can see where the people are coming from ((with wanting to make it into a meme)). Even so, its your content, you spent the time and effort coming up with an idea and transferring it to a video for your subscribers to enjoy, not for the whole idea of 'original' to be torn up and smashed to the ground. Honestly, if people are so motivated to do something, instead of spending the time getting whiny over the fact someone doesn't want you to recreate their original video, try making your OWN original video. That might also knock some common sense into them as they will most likely feel the same way about it all and prefer it if their video was just enjoyed and not recreated.

Honestly this community needs to get over themselves because you have every right to request your original videos to not be made into memes

Please don't let the comments get to you dear~
justGreythen Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
This is not ok! You mad this animation for entertainment purposes only! You had the right to keep your animation to you and not it being re-made. I don't understand why people don't get that YOUR animation can't be remade when you don't want it to. It's basically copyright. You made an animation to audio and you don't want YOUR animation to be remade. How hard is that? Your an amazing artist who deserves your own privacy. And it's really sickening to see you have to go through all of this just to make people not remake it..? That's sick! People need to grow up and realize that not every animation/shitpost is a meme! It's your choice if you wanted it remade or not. And I don't see how your being a drama queen if all your trying to do is keep your animation to yourself... Honestly, this isn't your fault. You shouldn't have to go through this shit because you uploaded that. You should be able to do this, say you don't want it remade and there, that's done. That's it. Story's over. You should be able to put your foot down and say that without a bunch of backlashing and people who are stubborn and bitches who remake it just to piss you off. Well, I hope you feel better! Because you really didn't deserve this.
TakoKat Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i really hope amv s become a thing again and less memes things
citydrlve Featured By Owner Edited Dec 5, 2016
I personally like your original works because i like seeing development of characters ;3c 

But one thing, when has it ever been ok to copy works? its never been ok yet all of the sudden "oh how dare you your scum for not letting me steal your idea instead of making my own :("

Its honestly saddening to see so many people complaining that they cant make their own when its actually easier to just move on and do something else, really theres no need for them to cause all this needless drama and stress 

(Also iceartz mini essay was gr8 and everybody should legit give it a read)
SaltyGriffin Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
im afraid that you might have to make a video about how irritated you are at these brats ;/ its probably the only way they'll get it through their heads..
Inkiiu Featured By Owner Edited Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
If you don't want anyone to recreate your art and ideas and they use it it is art theft which is illegal. So this guy needs to chill.

you should probably reply by linking this status update to them
JuiceMarket Featured By Owner Edited Dec 5, 2016
It sucks that you can't animate anything anymore without hundreds of people ripping it and making an identical animation.

I think there should be a mass ban of anyone 13 years old off the hecking internet.
most 13 year olds are like, soo entitled. They think "haha i'm a teenager now! I can do whatever I want"

I think they are worse than 12 year olds, personally.
Fancykittenz Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
anyone 13 years old?

well crap,yes alot of shit like this comes from 9-14 year olds /yes i've seen 14 year olds do this shit too\ ( hh i'm 11 and i usually prefer to just hide my age on other websites because people immediatly point and laugh at me once i reveal it ) but to be honest i've seen kids on the internet that were weirdly so mature i thought they would be 15-16 and turned out they were 12 lmfao
so yea,i guess there's a side that causes a lot of shit and a side that is decent

that literally applies to anything and everything in the universe
and people in general
JuiceMarket Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016
Yes, but no matter how "mature" you or anyone else is, you shouldn't be on this website when you are under the age limit. Eh?
Fancykittenz Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
parental consent lmao
JuiceMarket Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016
Fancykittenz Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
JuiceMarket Featured By Owner Edited Dec 6, 2016
It's still a rule on the website. I have a paranoia about rules
powdrsoft Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Student Digital Artist
psst please don't be scared about your age

i've seen you around quite a lot of times and i honestly thought you too were about 15-16
i mean it's right that some 9-14 year olds behave like asolute brats most of the time 

but i honestly do know certain people in that age who are very mature and have some pretty strong common sense

i just wish there was an option for those people to stay,, and for like the rest to get banned until they kind of grow some common sense? i dont know
but that's pretty much impossible ljdhg
jxdemotion Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I'm 14 and I literally adore your art xD
Yeah some people are just complete idiots but just ignore them
In fact you can use the stress from them and fuel it into your next art/video to make it even better
ilysm <3
Fancykittenz Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
hngh at first i was like "yea i'm not embarassed of my age" but go on basically every internet flamewar ever. there's always someone who calls out the others like "xD r u like 12"
and i just see it continuosly up until it slowly affects me. it's like being young at age is an insult now and "are you like 11 lmfao" is thrown as if it means "are you retarded"
i've seen enough shit to know that some people on the internet will immediatly ignore anything you stated or any points you made once they know you're young. they're just "oh ur like 10 wat do u know u probs asked ur mama to join this site xD" and put on their little shield.
same goes with having a mental disorder/illness.
if someone ever says "lol are you autistic" i'll basically try to forget they even exist
mental illnesses/disorders are not funny ecks dee and shouldn't be used as insults.

but it still surprises me?? like there are the kids that are brats who go around telling people to kill themselves and the kids i mistake for teens
and it's such a big diference holy fuck??

but also,parenting. some parents should really be careful with what their 9 year old kids do on the internet??? because i've seen plenty of kids slightly younger and my age sending death threats for really shitty reasons.
hell i'm not telling them to closely watch them at every move but d amn
takkytoster Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
i feel your pain because i'm 12 and my mom technically has to own my account even though i'm the one who uses it... everything you're saying is my exact thoughts on kids using the internet. you're art is amazing, especially for your age, fancy! i'mma watch you. :>
Fancykittenz Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you lol (3
GGUniverse10 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016
What bad people. If you said it's NOT a meme they cannot say anything. Spam this guy. He needs an Spam.
Sosoyeuse Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist
He's rude, but.. Hmmh if my english be better one day i'm gonna say my opinion xD
powdrsoft Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Student Digital Artist
i just saw you're from franCE

maybe you could like ,, express your opinion to me in a really basic language? i partly understand a bit of french ; v ;
Sosoyeuse Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist
mehmehmeh i cAN MAYBE TRY

Let's go

Même si le commentaire que tu a reçu est super grossier et rentre-dedans, tu devrais peut etre faire un titre moins provocateur.
Et puis, les gens peuvent s'inspirer de toi ? Je veut dire, tant qu'il ne te vole pas et qu'ils te créditent, je trouve ça plutôt bien. C'est le mieux pour avancer.

Je sais pas trop quoi dire d'autre, je suis pas super préparée la, mais en espérant que tu comprenne ce que je veux dire. ;v;
Fancykittenz Featured By Owner Edited Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
"people can do whatever the fuck they want"

and i can also ask people not to regurgitate every single one of my ideas because creativity.exe has stopped working
JuiceMarket Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016
Lol if they really want to go somewhere where anyone's allowed to do anything, they should go to a town/city of anarchy.
Fancykittenz Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
they'dd probably come back and immediatly regret what they wrote
chinjireta Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay "Cody Simpson" @ cody simmon

honestly memes at this point is just people regurgitating the same movement and song and people taking your original ideas (WHEN YOU AREN'T OKAY WITH IT) is so fucked up

and what really bothers me is that they're so ignorant that you have to put (NOT A MEME!!!!) in the title like seriously can you not read descriptions yall

that's kinda why i don't do unoriginal memes now bc i have my own ideas
people are allowed to do it if they want but i'd kinda prefer if they didn't make it a mass meme so my feelings that were put into art can stay a mostly original thing
KeaveMind Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not every quality post is a damn meme whats so hard to get about that????
DevilTrisa Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
These people that know nothing who enter the drama just to throw a few words in. They make me fucking sick. Can't people understand one thing? If the original creator does NOT want their original content to be copied by people, then you being the ignorant shit you are going to copy it anyways THATS CALLED STEALING. Make up your own ideas holy fuck?
MorningWhisp Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Look at the post
Eyes go towards the comment

Salty much bro
Fancykittenz Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
wanting basic rights and a small amount of respect is apparently being a drama queen now
Scarlet-t Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016
Once upon a time I did cat animations.

But then memes got popular and I was like 'fuck it, I ain't doing this shit anymore'.
treasyire Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016
Disturbing... .

I know that... This has nothing to do ...But What do you think of the people who use/Take ispiration from your style?
Digiko-Kagami Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Student Digital Artist
o ok so by that logic should they make something personal to them or something original its free game to memeify on the internet even when they say not to

like goddamn do these people even understand what basic respect is or
panwufu Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
this is why the animation community scares me so much , im afraid to do memes because i feel like if i do , all my other content will be made into them.
its mostly just kids doing that since they have not yet learned how to respect others... 
im excited though because personally i prefer your amv's over memes !
shikkakyuu Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"people have the right to do whatever they want"
ya ok so uh apparently stealing a concept from a video without the original poster's consent is ok.
yknow because its the internet
lmao people are so stupid these days.
im so sorry that you have to go through that!! why dont those people learn to read and understand what you're saying tho?? i mean like,, I know its a shitpost vid but just because its a but repetitive and was made by someone who makes lots of memes doesnt mean that everything you do should be a meme.

oh god its like that kittydog issue all over again
Azurlz Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Student Digital Artist
People just dont understand
"No means no"

Why is it so hard to get?? Jeez..
Mockeri Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016   General Artist
if people like the song in your animation tho they should be 100% allowed to make a meme centered around that song. (unless you made that song too)
But use your animation as a references for a meme?? no that's shitty, especially if you've expressed you don't want that to happen..
Puddlewhiskers Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just because you do memes often doesn't mean you can't have original animations, like jesus fucking christ
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