when one of ur irl friends ''love u so much''
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but hten replace u because ur boring
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By powdrsoft   |   Watch
Published: June 9, 2015
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i love one of my friends but she doesn't know that i love her.
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AlariChickadee|Student General Artist
The struggle is real my friend OnO
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yeah i got sick of one of my BFF she was so rude she keeps hitting me just for fun then she left me because she was hanging out with the girl that cause us alot of problems and started to say lies about me and my new BFF and started to say mean words about us me and my new BFF so at the end she end up being all alone and im not forgiven her for all those mean thing she done to me that hurt my feelings 
 oh and the girl that cause us problems was my cousin  RAGE 
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faerienovelli|Hobbyist Digital Artist
god that is rude as he ck 
i would never replace you hnhghb;;;;;
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Panizni|Hobbyist Digital Artist
My life. Probably why I'm assholish sometimes. It's hard to be friends and forsee being tossed aside, yanno?
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when people first me meet: awh you're so nice or something
//after getting to kow me and i havent changed//
those people: ohhhh youuuuuuuuuuu.. i forgot about.. youuuuu
//acts like i dont exsist by going off with my friends
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L-H-M|Student General Artist
This happened to me and god I was so peeved 


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beabu|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
dang that sucks 

i'll always be your friend <33
gah honestly, if they treat you like this then thats their loss
someday i will move to Germany
and plant a house right next to yours
and live there
and visit you everyday

i honestly only have only true proper friend irl

but gah i'm just unfortunate  i guess ff

but i have you
so im alright
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pixeliqhts|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Heaila|Hobbyist General Artist
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MidsummerSolstice|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I relate to this so much
My "friends" like this use me for things generally, such as drawing pictures for them
It sucks when you actually need someone to talk to though
Even worse for me is that I can't split with them because I have very few friends and my better friends like hanging out with them too
*sigh* real friends are sure to bless us all someday
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......what? Tell me this is a joke.
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SpitfiresOnIceEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
"You're my best friend, but I will only drive my bike next to yours when there's no one else to talk to, and I will only sit next to you if you're the only one left"
Basically how my "best friend" treated me in high school ffff
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powdrsoft|Student Digital Artist
this omg omg

she's literally like one of those
but pffi con't really care since she wasn't really that much of a friend
she aleays needed me when she was alone so
but rn she doesn't even say hello
neither to me nor to my irl best friend
all me and my best friend do is laugh at the situation actually
because that ''friend''
did like 
sort of a mistake 
(her new friends always shout at her abt how stupid she is) 
thats wh we laugh aaaa
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SpitfiresOnIce|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh, I see :XD:

Good that you don't care as much, you're better off that way! People like that are just opportunists :P
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powdrsoft|Student Digital Artist
hhhh i just couldn't stop laughing when they shouted at her
,,i really needed to stay as cool as i could so she won't recognize it but it was impossible ''DD

and yeah <33
that's right ughh
but that proves that she wasn't worth it to be called a friend u n u
gahh i still have a little problem because she's invited to my birthday partey and idk i just can't uninvite her dfshkgdslgk
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powdrsoft|Student Digital Artist
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like wtf
not if i cared i actually find this funny as hell but

whats the point of calling u friend then srsly
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its why i don't have many friend.

i only have trusty one.
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