is it easy to make you happy/ scare you/ make you cry/ etc?
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Published: November 28, 2016
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FunkyFurry|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am an emotional, but depend what is the case.
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DoostieDrawz|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy - Yaassss
Scare - Yes
Sad- noooppeee
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im hyper empathetic so whatevr u feel I Feel  
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Depends on me :P
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Lamalill|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tbh, I barely feel emotions, but I'm good at pretending I'm happy over smaller gifts, makes everybody else lose thier shit.
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KindaDweebish|Student Digital Artist
depends :U
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CookieBandit58|Hobbyist General Artist

I am very sensitive ;A;
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catheartstripe|Student General Artist
happy yes cry yes
scare me no i'm a fucking brick
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SlushieTehWolf|Hobbyist General Artist
to make me happy, yes
but to scare me or make me cry, no
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atlawas|Hobbyist General Artist
tbh it depends
on the inside im eXTREMELY emotional
i try to keep a cool head on the outside but honestly im just a constantly screaming child on the inside
like if anyone raises their voice even just slightly i freak out
and gifts literally just make me break down in happiness its just ???
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EffortlessA|Student General Artist
I am a very sensitive and emotional sack of flesh
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RaeRayOlay|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm a very emotional girl lmao XD so i picked yes
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I'm pretty emotional i get happy and sad/scared over small things very easily
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Civvex|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I get spooped v easy
And I'm a baby bitch that cries if someone yells at her
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I have to admit, it is pretty easily to make me scared, cause my big sis will do it sometimes ;3; but other times, with crying and being happy, i guess it would bit a little harder or so, though most times i usally dont have anything to cry or be happy about, though i am still happy in general. 
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Autumns-Dusk|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm a sensitive soul
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Emijuh|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm very, VERY easily amused

But I don't get scared or sad that easily unless you know my weaknesses AND are able to use them against me correctly
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rikyako|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i have a rigid personality but i have some weaknesses that turn me into an emotional train wreck.
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shout at me and that's enough

but not many things make me scared or that happy tbh
but the thing,, person that makes me the happiest is always there so i'm not exactly sad all the tim e
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Fancykittenz|Hobbyist General Artist
ill loose my shit over tiny nice gestures especially when its from someone i admire
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MonitorHeadVe|Student Traditional Artist
its very easy to make me feel really sad and depressed tbh

i have really bad depression and sometimes i just cant help it, it sucks.
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Wxrlus|Hobbyist General Artist
happy mostly
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XxCreamyPastelxX|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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ABritishWolf|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy, angry and scared really. But It's mainly just me umping at loud noises. ^^;
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