bee honest - is your room usually..
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tidy uvu
untidy ;v;"
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MistbornCrazeh|Hobbyist General Artist
Mine is usually tidy with a few things scattered about. 
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FlawedXOXO|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dreckig obwohl ich immer wieder alles aufräum ;v;
Nach 3 Tagen oder so sieht das aber wieder ganz schlimm aus ^^'
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AquatheOhioKitty|Hobbyist Digital Artist
In between, I'm a bit of a hoarder but it's still nice looking.
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SunsRadiance|Hobbyist General Artist
Aufgeräumt, ich kann unordnung nicht ausstehen, das triggert meinen Ordnungs-OCD.

Erwähnenswert ist allerdings das mein verständnis von ordnung nicht unbedingt dem generellen verständnis von ordnung entspricht ^^
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Something in between I guess? Some parts are full of shit and some are nice
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elfdog|Student Digital Artist
mine is crap
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jeIIyf0x|Hobbyist General Artist
Untidy. TOO LAZY
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CHR0M0PH0BIC|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i almost broke a bone making my way through all my crap no joke
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Choco-Floof|Student Filmographer
Mine is untidy ^^; but it looks messy since my room is so tiny ;A; so I have to tidy it like everyday aNdndndek
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DOG-BOWL|Student General Artist
dirty ;w;
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lambfluffers|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i surprisingly like cleaning my room, especially when im sad or need to burn off some steam. right now it seems to be semi tidy.
MY DESK however is a different story.
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saturnvolta|Professional Digital Artist
my room is usually a trash can lol
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powdrsoft|Student Digital Artist
mine is..

aah nevermind
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