are you easily affected (in a negative way) by other peoples actions like them for example changing names a lot/ deactivating a lot/ changing their character design a lot etc?
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yeah it bothers me (could you possibly explain why?)
not really, as long as it makes them happy (+1)
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Published: December 21, 2016
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Bonetailed|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Changing character designs is fine by me, same with character names, but when it comes to usernames i get bugged by it. Why? Because if i liked that person, i 98% of the time won't be able to find them again.
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RhykeDragon|Student General Artist
I don't care what people do with their characters or accounts or name
displays of oneself changes all the time with many people
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When someone deactivates a lot, I feel like they are asking for attention? It's only a personal opinion. If something is bothering you, I feel like talking to a friend is a better solution than making everyone around you worried.
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I do not find it annoying, but if it is used for drama and other examples in the other comments then yes it does annoy me. Only deactivation though, because if I do like their art, then I might have a problem. But you're your own person and I will accept that.
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Hecks-a-gone|Student General Artist
personally the second one makes me worry about the person, because clearly something bad is happening for them
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Peach-ies|Hobbyist Digital Artist
what ever makes you happy. you're your own person
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fantastic-strawberry|Hobbyist Digital Artist
it's annoying when people just deactivate randomly. 
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HMS-ArtHound|Hobbyist General Artist
I only mind if it's drama-ridden. Like those people that have to change their name and move accounts five thousand times because "EVERY1 IZ MEAN!! BWAAAAH" or whatever and then they just restart the whole thing again on the new account. Or they keep changing the character because drama. 

I mean if someone just wakes up one day and goes "I'm gonna change my name and character" that's whatever. Go. Do it. But if it's because of some massive amount of drama and the process repeats constantly, I'm annoyed by it and will probably unfollow.
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DeathWithI|Hobbyist Digital Artist
just leave if you dont like it here or have a break.
it just causes drama and its unessasery 
(sorry potato english)
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only if they deactivate for a long time  and if i really like there art
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If they want to I'm fine with it, but what keeps bugging me is the thought that something wrong might have happened to them... ._.
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Ice-ArtzEdited |Student Filmographer
I'm not bothered by character design changes but when someone changes their name a lot or deactivates a lot it bothers me a TINY bit but not a whole lot just because I begin losing track of who they are and where they are x'D I've managed to completely lose connection altogether with people from them switching accounts or changing names so often that I lose track of them.

So in other words, I'm not bothered by change. I'm just bothered by the fact that it's hard for me to keep connection when changes are so frequent.
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traltor|Hobbyist Digital Artist
nah not really. if folks arent happy with their name or their character they can change it all they want. i mean. deactivating alot makes me a little sad bc i cant look at their art when theyre deactivated but thats no real biggie.
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Miss-Oli|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't mind it. It's their account and they can choose what they want to do with it. :)
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spottygeeky57|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i dislike it when the same person is constantly deactivating, sometimes i just wan to look at their art but cant because they deactivated, of course they can do what they want,, it just sort of bugs me (but im not saying it bugs me when they deactivate a few times, im saying when they are constantly deactivating and coming back on)
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aaaaaaaapai|Hobbyist Digital Artist
the only thing that would bother me is if someone deactivates alott
i mean, i personaly dont imagine how i could possibly deactivate my account tbh
i love my account ;-;
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leafadeeEdited |Student Filmographer
To be honest
I don't let it affect me since it's their life and stuff and I have no idea of what they could be going through if it's severe

The only thing I get bothered by is if I personally know the person who deactivates constantly and does problematic things to other people
And kinda deactivated to like avoid confessing about what they did; be mature about it lol

all in all it's their life don't let it affect you but it's human to be concerned too if something REALLY is wrong

As for the design changing a lot I do that constantly so like nah everyone changes everyday And year let the design change with them lol
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Mockingjay-Moony|Hobbyist Digital Artist
it only bothers me when ppl deactivate a lot or move accounts a lot because i have to remember to unwatch their old account and watch their new one or remember what there new name is so i dont unwatch them.
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im not bothered by design changes or name changes, that shit is hard to get right and it's completely okay to change up once and awhile. i guess deactivating isnt really how i'd solve my problems??? but im not gonna say someone is dumb for doing it. just uh, not going on would be the same thing if you plan on only taking a break. also you scare people deactivating so i wouldnt wanna scare my followers u~u
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Dragon-aire|Hobbyist Digital Artist
tbh the thing that bothers me is deactivating 

the rest kinda bug me a little bit, but its more me being petty than them 
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PokeMeW2|Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I don't care about people changing their sona and I wouldn't say I'm "affected", more over it's rather annoying to me. Not in small doses of course (I generally don't get bothered by deactivating if it's... 1-2 times a year or has a good reason for it (harassment for example)). But it does bother me when people continue to change their user name twice a month or they jump to a new account every month. It seems rather pointless to me and then (although it makes me sound very lazy) I need to remember "okay *old name* is now *new name*." or "okay *name* moved to this account. better follow them there and remove their old one from my watch list" .

Of course, as with most everything, It's fine in small doses but don't over do it.
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SpitfiresOnIce|Hobbyist Digital Artist
The character thing... No, not really. I mean, it does bother me when people switch sonas more than once a month, and with every one of them claim this one will be forever, mostly because it's like... how can you still believe that after all those changes :XD: But I personally don't agree with the people who find it a waste or think the art was drawn for nothing. I keep all art of my characters, even with outdated designs, and the sentiment behind the art is still there. My best friends both changed their main fursonas in the time I've known them, and I still like to look at all the art of us three together, because I don't think "that design isn't used anymore, this drawing is such a waste now", I think "I love this drawing and was so happy when I saw it, it really represents us as best buddies" or "I was really happy when I drew this, because I love this person and they deserve all art they can get". Not saying it's wrong if you think otherwise, but it's how I personally feel! Plus, people change, their characters will change with them. Development is good! Even if you personally dislike the design evolution, it's good they find themselves.
If they constantly change to really random usernames, I get confused a lot :P But after all, it's their choice. I just won't be as interested in their work if I forget who they are all the time.
As for deactivating, I do get worried, but ah well :noes:
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KindaDweebish|Student Digital Artist
I dont really mind at all, but the only problem wity changing names alot is that I wont remember that they changed their name, then i get really confused and I check their profile then I reconize who they are ;0
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skailak|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i don't mind about name changes / redesigns because fanart is not about the drawing "vaidity ", but about the personal message , love and dedication you invert, same goes when people fail something about your oc's design, i dont mind at all because what i appreciate is the time and effort the y put thinking about me, not the drawing in particular, that's the most important thing, so for me drawings are forever valid ,,

the only thing that affects me would be the deactivating thing because i get all worried when i see a friend's deactivated, im suddenly obsessed to find out if they're okay and i can get a little annoying ,,,
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