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stolen from Miineh 


You have to cross one if you’ve done it at some point. Doesn’t matter when, if it has happened then you X it. Even if it the statement is written in past or present.

[x] = You did it (1 point)

[/] = In the middle/Unsure (0.5 points)

[] = You didn’t (0 points)


1. Your profile

[x] You've had some kind of "I hate people" | "I swear alot get fucking over it" stamp on your page

[x] You've had a black & white gif on your page

[x] "name | pronouns | sexuality | taken <3" (or something similar) has been on your page at some point

[x] Your page has been extremely short or just empty

[x] White, black or hipster background

[x] Your "best friends" has been in your custom box

[x] Being a beta-tester because the white circle around the star is edgier

[] Your location has been Antartica, Christmas Island or some other random place 0.000000000001% of the worlds population lives

[] Your tagline is a quote or an inside joke

[] Your "Real name" is something weird and/or random

[/] You don't have your age displayed

[] Your icon is a super expensive one that is really difficult to get

[] Your icon is a drawing you made and isn't pixelart/animated

[] "Please reply to this comment if you want to talk to me!"

[x] You've had a linked icon with someone

[x] Your activity and statistics are disabled


2. Your art

[x] Black and white drawing

[x] Using song lyrics as titles

[] Drawing blood and putting on "Mature Tag"

[] You've drawn FNAF, Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall and/or Mystery Skulls "Ghost" art

[] You've stored alot of your old art

[x] Drawing crying animals

[x] You draw animals or humans facing slightly to the left (or right)

[] At least one of your characters is either pansexual and/or trans

[x] Your fursona is feline or canine

[] You have at least one character that isn’t canine or feline

[x] You use SAI

[] You hate your art

[x] You’ve made adopts

[/] Your art is kind of built up like this:
Buildart by dalmins

 (A neck, the chins being spiky-ish fluffs and then the ears and hair. Also nose, mouth and eyes in the middle.)


3. Your journals

[x] You've been doing memes like these and posting them

[x] You've posted vauge journals directed at one person, without tagging that person

[] "Join this raffle!" journal

[x] Having a journal skin with your fursona next to the box


4. Your username

[] You've replaced a capital i with a lowercase L to make it look like an i (or something similar)

[] Your username consist of two words put together

[] Bonus point if those words are seperated with a dash (-)

[] Your username is a word in another language than english


5. Your behaviour

[] You have a secondary favourites folder where you favourite everything

[/] You have a "For me!!" favourites folder or something similar

[] You comment with small letters like these or any other format than the default one

[x] You write in all caps when something is funny to you

[] You write very "professionally" even though you're like 13-15

[x] You’re set to «Invisible» and not «Online»


6. Other stuff

[] Your significant other is someone from another country/other side of the country that you've never met. And you met them on dA!

[] You hate deviantART but lack the courage to leave it

[x] You have a DS/3DS with Pokemon

[] You watch over 300+ people

[] You like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Imagine Dragons or My Chemical Romance

[/] You used dAhub at least once

[x] You’ve moved accounts at least once




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beabu Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This meme omg
CynicalAshhole Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015
29/51 edge for me and I didn't even try
2 edge 4 u

disclaimer im joking about being rude and all that
powdrsoft Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Winky wonky
sunkissin Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god what an amazing meme
Kinkmaeda Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so edge
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October 1, 2015


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