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I need say no more, just click the link! 
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Pledge away! Secure yourself a copy of this kick-ass book! 
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I'd like to talk to you guys about a Ninja Turtles project I'm involved in, Origin!…

If you're not in the know, there have already been a series of unofficial-yet-official continuations of the original TMNT comics, under the care of writer Andrew Modeen & artist Jim Lawson. Vol. 3 saw it's completion almost 20 years later, through two Modeen-penned issues, with the help of its original creative team Frank Fosco & Gary Carlson, & newcomer Arseniy Dubakov. Andrew & Jim also put together a sendoff to the Mirage universe itself via Odyssey, a multiverse-spanning event in graphic novel format, & now the pair take on... Origin!

The gist of Origin, is that it is a Donatello/Leatherhead/Fugitoid/Utrom story, where the crew explore space in their old age to unravel the mysteries of our universe, with the aim of finding out where it all began. It's written by Andrew & drawn by none other than comic veteran Jim Lawson. It will, as with past works, be printed in a physical format that you can purchase by helping to fund its creation. As of now, we're a little over halfway there! 

Previous books have included pin-ups, back-ups, & additional material, drawn by turtle greats such as AC Farley, Dan Berger, & others. The new stuff's no different. Berger is on board to do a 5 page story, Professor Obligado's tale makes its return, a 20 page Predator crossover almost 10 years in the making finally sees the light of day, & who knows what else might be in there?! I myself am illustrating a 6 page prequel to Odyssey alongside TMNT-Entity's writer Mark Pellegrini. 

This is gonna be one big bad-ass full color book, jam-packed with killer content for Mirage fans, by Mirage fans & staff alike. You don't wanna miss out! 

So please pledge your support! :) 

UPDATE: Tales Of The TMNT artist Andres Ponce has just come on board as cover artist! 
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Comments on Deviantart. 

You spend countless hours on a piece of art, be it something funny, personal, spooky, whatever, because you take pride in your work. You want to bring life to your ideas, put your imagination "on paper", capture a moment, & invoke feelings in those who see it. You put in extra effort to make sure the lighting looks good, the anatomy is realistic, the perspective isn't flawed, paying great attention to every detail, as best you can. If you're a fan-artist, like myself, the thoughts of other fans are important. You love a series so much that you want to become a part of it, you take influence from it, try to recreate aspects of it, & even create your own. You post a picture of certain character/scenario, having just devoted half of your day or even several weeks on it, just itching to see what kind of feedback those who follow you will have to say...

"I love that show"

"That was my favorite episode"

"He's my favorite character"

"(Other series) was better than this one"

"I don't like what the creators did to this property"

"They make me laugh"

It goes on & on.

There are hundreds of thousands of venues for you to discuss these things. Facebook groups & pages, forums, Tumblr, Reddit, 4chan, etc. Deviantart isn't really one of them. Can you make friends & chat about whatever? Sure! & that's great, networking & socializing make the site fun. But it's incredibly thoughtless & dismissive to hop on a submission someone you respect posted, & COMPLETELY IGNORE THE ART ALTOGETHER! We, as fan-artists, are well aware that you like the subject of the content we provide. It's a fair assumption to make, that when you follow an artist who 9 out of 10 times is posting art based on one particular series, it's because you are an avid fan of said series. You're excited about the property, that's awesome, we share that passion, & I don't want to be a big downer, but is it so much to ask for, to receive comments that reflect your thoughts on the art I post? I draw for me, first & foremost. Creative expression is my number one joy in life. With or without a fan-base, I'll be doing it for as long as I can, because it makes ME happy. However, my posting it on this website, that's a different story. I do it to gain exposure, yes, & I try to use it as a tool to get business as well, but I am consistent on that front because I have a following who has invested time in me, & wants to view my output regularly. What good is having an audience that doesn't clap? Now that's not to say I want an outpouring of praise, or that I only want positive feedback or anything of the sort, & I also don't want to come off like an attention whore because that has never been my nature. You don't have to pick apart the piece & address your favorite aspects of it, you don't have to offer critique (in fact, please don't, unless you know what you're talking about), just say something about the art. I just ask that if you're not going to take notice of the ART & comment on that, then don't comment at all. Please. I am not against getting acquainted with some of you, but if you absolutely can't help but tell me your anecdotal nonsense, do it in a note, & maybe then we could at least spark up a conversation, rather than my wondering why I bother here. Obviously not all of you are guilty of this, but a big chunk is. 

I don't want you guys to think I resent you, that I am ungrateful to have 300 some-odd people click that "watch" button. With every new watcher, I am humbled. The notion that so many you want to be sure you see all of my new work as it arrives makes me incredibly happy. That some of you have commissioned me is even more of an honor. I've got mad love for you guys, & I'll be happy to express that more often so long as I know there is a mutual respect. I'd like to offer the occasional free drawing, maybe even hold a contest or something to give away prints. If there's something you want to see more of, or less of, voice that concern. I listen. While what I do is my own choice, it's just as much fun to cater to a group of like-minded turtle fans. 

On another note, today is my birthday. Looking forward to playing Smash Bros on Wii-U.
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As many of you know, May marks the 30th anniversary of the TMNT's debut. Their first issue hit in May of 1984 and it's been glory ever since. We've currently got a great show & comic, a film on the way, all kinds of toys & collectibles, the brand is really strong right now. Hell, the series just premiered in Japan, things are really poppin' over there. They're about to give us all kinds of exclusive merch, looking forward to that. Also super psyched for IDW's 30th anniversary collection which will feature brand new stories set in different continuities with their original creative teams. Fresh content in the Image, Mirage, Archie & IDW universes respectively, oh man, too exciting. In addition to that, there's some cool underground stuff coming out that I have taken part in! I just finished coloring a collaborative print of the main Mirage cast drawn by... the main Mirage cast! Not sure if I can post that yet, but it's coming. Talking to a certain fella at IDW about sharing duties on a picture, hopefully that will come to fruition. I'm also making a pin-up page for a TMNT magazine, & putting together my own collection of mini-comics (My IDW Leonardo short, a Raph/Casey story I did with Tales Of The TMNT writer Will Tupper + more!) & assorted TMNT art, but those two probably won't be ready for quite some time yet. Anyway, one of the other works I'm featured in, is Odyssey, which serves to be the final story told in the Mirage universe, & is a crossover in part, similar to Turtles Forever. It was written by Andrew Modeen & features official Mirage staffers Jim Lawson, Dan Berger, AC Farley, & other surprise guests. So while this is technically fan-made/independent, as Mirage Studios sort of ceases to be at present, it features the real talents behind the original comics + some new blood, so to speak. I only contributed 2 pages, but it's a huge honor to be a part of it, working/published alongside some of my artistic idols. In addition to that, Andrew is an amazingly talented guy whose writing really taps into the true spirit of these turtles. I was very happy to work with him again as well as to have such a wonderful opportunity through his kindness. Preview the book below!…

EDIT: Looks like I can add another cool ass print coloring gig to this...! :D You'll see soon enough. 
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Took a lot of work, and I think I'm now a hunchback with carpel tunnel, but it's done! I'm very happy with the results and I hope everyone will enjoy it. I've uploaded all the pages here, as you may have noticed, but you can easily read it in its entirety right here-

If you check out the individual pages here on DA, please do leave comments on the respective uploads! If a panel grabs your eye, or you pick up on a subtlety, let it be known! :) 
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