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The Matriarch and the Administrator

At the link here: [link]
A series of character designs set in 'Delta', a world I was working on last year. The seeds of a project, maybe.
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I love the matriarch's(I presume), lipstick, like she took the time to make herself pretty/more similar to a human before coming to this important meeting.

translating looks like it would be a bitch....

isnt she a pentapod? cause i'm counting 6 limbs

dirt stains on the bottom of her clothes is a nice detail
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Cool creature! 
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A centauroid-type alien species, right?
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"*various disgusting alien curse words*"
"Y' callin' me a WHAT!?"
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I love this idea about humans living toggeder with other raddicaly different intelligent species, not in perfect armony, not in war; just living a normal life, with it's pleasant and unpleasant moments and it's conflicts.
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I wouldn't be comfortable looking that person in the eye....
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LOL. I'm not sure I'd want to have an argument with something with a face like that.
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Brilliant design work, both here and in that link!
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Thanks, man - coming from you that's a big compliment!
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The alien's outfit reminds me of Lisa Simpson... Weird association, I know.
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No, no - I see it now...
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Great creation. To me it has the feel of a good 70's/80's far future SF tale - the kind of setting I most enjoy.
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Thanks - me too.
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I am fascinated by the interaction between alien and human characters, makes the alien elements of the story feel so mundane and believable, like in the Delta's market illustration on your website.
Love the amount of work put in making the alien clothing and tools, it is so easy to anthropomorphize and forget that aliens should work within their own cultural boundaries and morphological needs so I love your commitment to developing your aliens to their full potential.
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I agree - spending time trying to make non-human clothing and gear look like they belong on the creature wearing it is one of my favourite parts of creature design.

And culture clash - whether between humans and humans, humans and aliens, or aliens and machine-minds - is still one of the most universal story-types that can be told. And still super-effective.
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Awesome awesome awesome! I love the idea of cultural conflict extended across species boundaries. What keeps these competing, non-interbreeding populations from killing each other?
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Well, they're both isolated from their parent culture in a large, resource-poor region - and the crashlanders, as refugees, arrived with nothing, so they need resources from the well-equipped humans to survive.

I don't know if that will prevent them form killing each other in the long run, though...
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Perhaps they can trade? So like what do the crashlanders offer the humans for the resources the humans give them?

Or maybe the different species can tolerate different habitats that are difficult for the others. That might buy some time, but in the long run, I think the niche-partitioning will have to be economic. Whichever species emerges as dominant, the others will have to prove their value or be destroyed.
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Well, I'm imagining the human-crashlander relationship as a employer-worker one. The crashlanders act as beasts of burden to the humans, albeit ones that can negotiate better contracts then a horse could. The major story-tension of this world, once I can actually spend the time to flesh it out, would be between the crashlanders who are simply happy to have survived their civil war (and to 'work honestly' for their living) and those who want to push out the humans and take over the colony. Think of it like 'guest workers' in foreign countries, and all the subsequent socio-economic problems that can come from that.
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I like it. The situation is unstable, but that's the point. I'm seeing a lot of interesting parallels. Slavery, serfdom, indentured servitude, guest-worker contracting in Europe, guest-worker contracting in _the UAE_ (imagine a small population of humans, paying a huge population of aliens to do everything from farm the fields to design the skyscrapers). You could of course do all of these things simultaneously.

Two questions, though:
Does this take place on Earth?
How is it different from District 9?
(Damn, I have to watch District 9 again)
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Well, first off, this takes place on an alien world, where both crashlander and human are new arrivals on the lands of another, more aloof hunter-gatherer species (the amphorans).

Secondly, the relationship in District nine is more straight-up refugees, a separate, unwanted and alien society showing up on human soil. This scenario has a lot more interplay between the two species - the crashlanders are an integral part of the human colony's economic operations, and are perceived a lot more positively by the humans then the 'prawns' were. Racism and discrimination would be thematically important, but not really a core element of the story in the same way. Similarly, District 9's heavy emphasis on human greed and exploitation would not really play the same part - with Delta as a non-profit scientific settlement, it would be more akin to the golden age of exploration, with the angst and unrest among the crashlanders being played against a backdrop of naive and short-sighted academic rivalries among the human scientists. So it'll still be partially about racism and discrimination, just referencing different real-world instances of it.
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