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The Big Man 2 - WIP

The inks for a painting I'm planning to do pretty soon with Nemo...
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Is that a hammer it holds, or maybe it is just a bag with goods attached to the stick?

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The big man... HASS the ROCK
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I love the cloak, is designed in such fashion to anything said for the wearer is in commanding tense!!! Better than a king´s crown.......
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It's funny - until you said that, I had completely forgotten about throat-feathers and the whole dino status/communication elements... I guess having a helmet that is permanently expressing dominance and command in speech does work pretty great for a big-time chieftain, eh?
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That's some formidable headgear! You wouldn't want to play any metal music around him; the headbanging would be brutal.:D
Very glad to see more raptoid stuff from you. As I always say, the cultural accoutrements are what make these concepts. That Oviraptorid skull is a great design element.
Excellent drawing.
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Thanks, dude.
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OOh, I love the mask .. is it incorporated with a feather cloak?
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Wow that is amazing, and I can't wait to see what you and nemo have in-store !
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Can't wait to see the result.
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A Leptoceratops skull and feather extentions?
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Oh, and the skull is of a juvenile bone-crushing oviraptor.
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A trophy, I presume?
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Trophy and totem...
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Nope - a wooden helmet/headdress with stone blades and a feather "cloak".
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