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Shaolin Cowboy and the Hellephant's Curse

By povorot
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I had the extreme honor of drawing a pinup for Geof Darrow's latest issue of "Shaolin Cowboy" - and here's the result! The latest Shaolin Cowboy hits stands today, so go take a look! It looks like this, only much better....
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LaPerleo's avatar
This is so cool! The giant beast and the people's masks remind me of some lovecraftian deity and the cult that worships it.
povorot's avatar
exactly the vibe i was goin for!
TheInvertedTower's avatar
I'm not entierly sure what's going on here, but it look's awesome.
In the meantime, how about some sweet tunes? Double Dragon Neon: Entire Soundtrack ~ by FreezeCrackerRant
povorot's avatar
Thanks man much appreciated!
SirGryphon's avatar
Your blood has so much action and velocity to it. Good stuff
povorot's avatar
thanks - i was trying to see the kind of simple visual storytelling i could do with just bodies and blood, and i think i at least communicated a 'path' of destruction here
SirGryphon's avatar
"Path of Destruction" great way to say it! I may have said this on another piece you did, but I love your work on prophet. The story arc you work on is one of my favorites to look at. Do you do the coloring and inks? What program do you use to color? and finally is that master Roshi getting cut in half in the bottom right corner?:D (Big Grin) 
povorot's avatar
Heh i dont know if that's Roshi - i just know him as a "devotee of the hellephant". Who knows who he is when he's not wearing the Hellephant's mask. 
On prophet, i generally do pencils and inks myself, but Joseph Bergin III is the colorist for the two main artist every month on prophet (myself and Giannis milonogiannis). He uses photoshop, though, as I do, for the colors. For myself, my main photoshop tricks are super simple: Gradient maps and layer masks. Learning how to use those correctly have been key for me, but i have a particularly awkward way of working!
kmathel94's avatar
That's badass bro!
binkibonsai's avatar
This is so cheesey... and so awesome! :D
povorot's avatar
Heh thanks thats what i was going for!
Demialc-neeb-sah-em's avatar
If it looks like this but much better, than the original comic must be the freaking Mona Lisa, because this is amazing in every way.
povorot's avatar
Trust me you won't be disappointed - Darrow's detail and action is amaaaaaazzzzing
bensen-daniel's avatar
And in small view, it's clear the cowboy just slid down one of those tentacles, severing anyone who got in his way. Lovely.
povorot's avatar
dude its so reassuring to read this - i was worried that the path of gore might be a bit too subtle of a visual cue. But man this was so fun - figuring out how to cram a whole epic story about demon-worshipping kung-fu cultists summoning a superdemon and then getting annihilated by a single middle-aged murder-monk onto a single piece of paper...
bensen-daniel's avatar
Yes, I really got that whole story. 
bensen-daniel's avatar
Now this is storytelling! From the towering body-horror of the transforming guy at the top to the solution to the problem in the spinning decapitated head in the lower right. Kyudoss to you, old bean.
povorot's avatar
Danke daniel!
y0j1m80's avatar
soooooooooooooooooo awesome!
MARR-PHEOS's avatar
just picked up the book, it was beautiful. you're a lucky dog man i love geof darrow's stuff, much praise man, congratulations. 
povorot's avatar
Thanks -  I was so happy to get the call from him! Its not often an art hero of yours asks for a drawing...
MARR-PHEOS's avatar
very cool news man, congrats again.
Zippo4k's avatar
I love how you always find someway to include your alien creatures in your commissions! This is great!
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