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I finally finished the Neolithic one of these. I don't quite like it as much (because I ended up using a larger nib, and thusly it's a little less detailed then the last) as my previous effort, but I'm still pleased with it.
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Nice to see such an interesting concepts made as early as in 2009.

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This is literally the best thing ever.
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U now, I imagined a wolrd were these, humans, vampires, dragons, elves, and similar things lived.
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This is from a long time ago, but I'm curious. Can these dinosaurs tie knots on their backs, using such short forelimbs and their beaks? Is that actually possible?
They could have a very strong tongue that can grip objects, like parrots. Though they have more corvid-like beaks.
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Maybe they can twist their necks pretty far, but not as far as owls can.

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Awww, it has a little juvenile!
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You're great inspiration
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This is the most awesometasticularest bird I've seen.

But how do they make the tools? Their arms are comparable to those of a T-Rex imo.
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hmmm... seeing as you mentioned a nib, I would like to ask you about digital drawing... I am currentkley well versed in pencil sketching, but I have come to knotice the limitatios it has, so... how difficult is it to transition from traditional to digital mediums? (I plan on buying a drawing tablet)
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Well, I prefer to use a nib and pencil, etc - attempting to start working in digital has been very hard. I don't think I'm the man to ask about that, actually...
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hmmm... allright then, at least I know the ajustment won't be easy...
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What are your thoughts on the psychology of these creatures? What sort of social structure do they have?
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Awesome. I can't wait to see the Classical age... If that is even going to look good without looking stupid, lol.
It won't so long as it doesn't look Human at all.
I Loves It! :D <3 :)
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Is this creature a bird, a reptile or both?
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It's a dinosaur.
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So what kind of dinosaur did it evolve from?
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Some type of small mesozoic Dromaeosaur - with a lot of evolution between then and now.
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Are Dromaeosaurs very intelligent compared to Troodontids?
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Yeah, I forgot to read that is was a dinosauriod ^^;
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I like the detail of the juvenile and adult together, I wonder what kind of family and/or social structure they have?
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Awesome, is the slave just from a captured tribe or did it just have a wonky bill?
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I dunno - war trophy, maybe?
Dang, I love these works. Always neat in detail and shades.

Now it makes me wonder--after seeing the first drawn juvenile of their species--if their reproduction is like ours (mostly one child at a time) or more like corvids' (which lay up to seven eggs).

Hmm ...
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