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Morning at the Covered Market

By povorot
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A piece from one of my final projects - a world-building project for a landscape and environment class.
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I wonder if they have these backyard fights between chickens and that small tripedal thing.
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I really like this one because I love the idea of humans and drastically non humans exsist if together in a society 
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wonderful artwork! they're so beautiful and attractive ;)
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I find it very cool and sorta funny that these two different species are totally cool with each other.  It's so great and Star Trek-esque 
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heh thanks so much - that's the overall idea
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Please tell us more, this image looks very interesting...
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it's so cool to find people who understand and like the idea that if humans were to meet aliens then odds are they wouldn't be humanoid and could still be highly intelligent beings, so many people seem to think that intelligent alien designs need to be humanoid in shape, things are just so much more fun and interesting (a lot of the time) when the aliens actually look alien
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It immediately caught my eye!
I love the crowded and busy atmosphere. Colors are kinda faded and they suit perfectly in the scene. Make it look like it's a normal day in this not-so-normal world. It makes this Market really alive and gives the pic it's own personlity. Great work!
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I read your Prophet comics (1 through 4 anyway) was wondering; are these guys all in the same universe?
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yeah i'd get my soup from there. #lunchbreak 
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It's from D&D :D Ithink that (Avolakia)
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psshhhhh my radial symmetry kicks the shit out of their radial symmetry bro
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Where did you go to school?
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At the ALberta College of Art and Design, in calgary
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This is really really great!
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I love your stuff, how can we talk about a project?
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simonamroy at gmail dot com would work!
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You know your creatures are original enough when I don't realize the person with the orange skin/shell isn't meat hanging from the pole... But I like the way it looks.
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Thanks man! I love me some weirdo aliens...
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made me think of Rembrandts slaughtered ox.nice.your stuff is dope.
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Thanks man I dig your style too!
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