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Mesolithic Eastern Asia

The last illustration I had planned for this set.
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This dinosauroid/sapien gallery is the coolest thing ever.
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Thanks so much! It was a real labor of love
brandon-bowling's avatar
Wow, your gallery is just chock full of amazing images! So many great details in this one picture alone . . . I don't even know how to begin complimenting you! Let me just say, fantastic work!
platypus12's avatar
Are there any significant distinctions between asian cultures and european cultures in these dinosuaroids of this time?
povorot's avatar
oh, probably - different biomes, different cultural needs, that sort of thing? but i imagine this early that the level of sophistication in tools would be fairly uniform, even if local conditions meant different construction materials
SuperCJ's avatar
I like the text u use for a header, it really gives it an old science textbook feel
Ebervalius's avatar
I realy like that shaman's pose. Very good, Simon!
Caessaes's avatar
Very well done. I a great fan of the dinosaurs and the birds, and this work are very beliable and awesome. Thi draw really inspire me to imagine this world populated for dinosauroids.
zombiepages's avatar
how come do dont have any more new pics of the dinosauroids. also where dose the beak come from
whalewithlegs's avatar
I actually like the solid black surface ... makes it seem cavelike. nice work with the fire, of course!
bensen-daniel's avatar
Oh, how about some stars to help distinguish the shaman from the sky behind him?
bensen-daniel's avatar
Dowsing with wishbones! Excellent
Facist101's avatar
I tend to love how you really personify these animals of yours, it reminds me mildly of the redwall series in giving animals human technology, love it.
M0AI's avatar
Ooh, yes, this is a good one. As usual, the cultural accoutrements are what really make the image.
Rayn-Hammer's avatar
Wait, there are large mamamals living at the same time as these guys?
Piatnitskysaurus's avatar
Yes, but only in areas too cold for traditional dinosaurs.
Rayn-Hammer's avatar
alright, but why does it look like some sort of elephant, im sure that with dinosaurs surviving, the specific events that led to the evolution of elephants and their relatives would not have occured. Unless the animal is just an example of convergent evolution?
Piatnitskysaurus's avatar
It is, it's convergent evolution. It's actually abit more boarlike, It's in his gallery somewhere.
Rayn-Hammer's avatar
WOW! Thank You for this now I have a better idea!
Lig28's avatar
Wow! Truly Awesome. I must say the detail in this is just wonderful and the scene itself is truly neat. Looks like he's doing some sort of ceremonial dance. Perhaps to bring good fortune to the hunting parties.
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