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A little blurb on dinosauroid cultural-technological development.

     With saurian technology, the route to modern stone-blade technology was just as alternate to our own as was their route to intelligence. While our ancestors developed the hand-axe and honed their stone-throwing skills to scavenge kills, the saurian’s ancestors were developing more and more advanced pointy sticks. Beginning with twig and leaf tools for grub-fishing, these developed into larger proto-spears, for stabbing into burrows and dens of small mammals and birds. These developed into hardier stabbing spears, which became the main tool of cooperative killing of small and medium-sized game. This was their technological plateau - because of their butcher claws, a band could quickly divide up and devour a smaller kill, but they were restricted to smaller prey because their claws weren’t effective on larger carcasses. These skills would serve them well as the Pliocene progressed, the slowly worsening climatic conditions prompting more social complexity and superior hunting techniques.

    Stone hammers only appeared with frequency early in the Pleistocene, as they were increasingly needed to smash open bones and hard nuts as the ice age made food scarcer and harder to find. These stone hammers rapidly gave rise to new technology as the Pleistocene progressed, moving from beak and manus-held stone blades to spear-tips and specialized tools over the course of some fifty-thousand odd years. By the Eemian interglacial, saurian technological and cultural complexity rivaled that of our own Cro-Magnon ancestors. The Eemian, like the Holocene for us, would be the great interglacial that would allow the flowering of dinosaurian civilization.
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Swords would probably not occur here, at least the large diversity of such weapons in our own time. The spear would rule. Up close and personal, a form of fencing might have developed, the dinosauroids striking at eachother with beak-held blades designed for thrusting above all else. I can see one on one combat being very much like modern cockfights, yet added with the brainpower of the dinosauroids and their weapons, their every step would be very carefully planned out, perfectly balanced, focused on striking for vulnerabilities and using their quick reflexes to weave, bob and dodge. Grabbing in combat would probably be a last-ditch effort, as their hands, while effective for grasping, would find it awkward to thrust or slash. On the other hand, maybe they'd have enough dexterity to plunge a knife through the neck of an adversary right up close-On further thought, it's not that hard. Again though, most likely a last-ditch effort or finishing strike.
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Cool. Very cool.
I like the idea of complex tools evolving from grub-fishing sticks.
Can I add an idea, though?
From what I remember, dromaeosaur arms are stronger when they pull toward the body than when they extend away from it. To get much force out of a blow from a stone axe, I think they would hold it in their feet. The feet already have the muscles and associated instincts to strike downward, and the two long toes might hold a properly shaped stone axe pretty well.
what do you think?

wouldn't that make them somewhat decent archers?

edit: though their stance would have to be different then ours

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I think the strongest muscles in the arm will be the ones attaching to the sternum (what birds use to power the downstroke of the wings). The mechanically simplest bow would therefor fire an arrow into the air above the animal. Perhaps if the archer clings to a ladder with its feet and lets a comrade swivel the ladder around to aim it...?

maybe a mini platform tower with wheels?

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The only problem I have with foot-held weapons is just that - a foot adapted for walking makes a poor manipulator. It does solve the problem of the weak striking power of hand-held weapons, though.
I dunno. I have been thinking about claw-based weapons lately, though . I'll work on it.

And if you have any other ideas, send 'em my way. (I want this project to be as flexible as possible.)
attacking a blade over the buthcer's claw and a ( light) sword of spear off the beak could be a great idea, ps some stories and more information in this setting would be amazing!
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Perhaps something similar to the metal claws used in cockfighting matches. It would certainly be appropriate to their birdlike nature.
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Not a bad idea...
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I think technology can fix the grip problem. Make a sort of foot-glove out of leather and give it a heavy stone sole. Then two helpers can hold up the artisan while they use their two feet to kick at the object being shaped.
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Nicely thought out :)
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Ah very interesting. Nice lil snibbit on their development thus far. Although I'm not sure this qualifies as cultural info. More along the lines of historical technology info. Still fairly neat though. I hope to see more of these. ^^

you forget that the culture of a place has a heavy influence on the shape and form of a peoples weapons

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