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Clothing of the Dinosauroids 2

Some sketches I've been doing lately. The top is a new, kind of general idea for a carrying harness, and the bottom is an updated version of the wooden armor, with the neckpiece redesigned for better flexibility and a hand-knife w/ sheath slung underneath.
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How do they hold and manipulate things without thumbs? Do a combo of beaks and claws?
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muito interessante !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Are you still going to continue this project? Or has it been shelved?
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its been shelved for a while, but i just went to istanbul to hang out with my main collaborator on it - so we might build something out of it yet!
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Awesome! Wish you luck in life :)
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Hey, Povorot!

Your work is awesome! Your dinosaurouds are easily the most plausible on deviantart, possibly in history!

So, I'm creating my own dinosauroids, hopefully paying as much attention to detail as you do. My creatures come from a world that wasn't nearly as badly affected as yours by the traps and evolved from arboreal velociraptoriines that could brachiate. I was wondering: do you ave any tips for my culture, to make it more realistic?
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I've had a question on all of these. I love the designs, btw, everything is so well thought-out! I know you said in another post that the clothes have stiff necks to help the dinosauroids take them on and off with their beaks, but how do they MAKE them? Particularly the more elaborate outfits. It seems like there would either be an issue with their fingers not being dextrous enough to embroider/tie knots/sew/whatever, or that they would have an issue with their hands being so far from their eyes that they can't see what they're doing. Or do they use a combo of beak and hands to accomplish the task?

Maybe it's just because I'm so bad at crafting things myself, that I have trouble imagining how something would do it without being able to lift their hands up to their face to see what they're doing. ;)
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they use their beaks and feet?
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they all dress each other?
Wouldn't the sticks be oriented in an vertical manner? Part of the reason wood and bone armor is oriented horizontally on humans is that a lot of physical blows have an up/down motion, because of how we move our arms and which way is easiest for the most force. Not much up/down motion with a hunched over gait like that, but I can see lots of lateral slashing.
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I'm curious. Will you be continuing this at all?
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Me and Nemo are planning on doing more with this world soon, actually. So hopefully it'll be continued soon!
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Awesome! Looking forward to it. :D
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How is this set? Is it on prehistoric earth, modern-day continents, or what?
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I'd say... By about now, it'd be the early Paleogene.
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I wish they made a series like the Walking with Dinosaurs series and Monsters, Sea Montsers, Beast etc. only with Dinosauroids, illustrating the environment and the social setting that they would live in and how they interact with eachother :D
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Fuck, you and me both, man. One day I'm sure some media bigwig will buy this idea. but until then...
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And I bet when someone finally puts it into motion, they will ruin it. You know?
Hey, are these critters sexually dimorphic? I'm assuming not much, since there's no obvious dimorphism in the pictures.
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Yeah, I figure they're about as sexually dimorphic as corvids - so not really much at all.
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I love seeing these designs.
One question - how do the arms bend? Would that be a practical place to put the sword on the armored fella, or would it be better to put it upside down, so he would reach back to grab it? I'm just thinking that to reach up and over his back like that, he'd be exposing his arm to an enemy, and he's not wearing any kind of greaves or other protection.
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I don't know if I'm following... the knife is on his chest, which works well for dromaeosaur grasping, and his spear is up on the back for him to grab with his beak. If I did have the sword on the back, I think the upside-down configuration would work very well.

The knife is secondary to the spear, though, and the armor is designed with that in mind (thus the lack of arm protection).
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