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A Mammoth Summer

A development of one of those smaller studies I posted earlier - Columbian mammoths on one of those hot, dry days in the high plains.

I ended up overworking it, losing some of the really nice colors of the study, but after some photoshop tweaking, it's a little closer to where I want it to be.
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I like the composition here.

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Love your prehistoric elephants. Amazing work here!Clap 
A great piece, full of atmosphere!
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I love the sky and the dust
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Excellent work! The environment and the atmosphere suits well for the Columbian mammoths, of course not all mammoths lived in the Arctic conditions, the "mammoth steppe" during summer-time wasn't that different from today's.
I first thought them to be Imperial mammoths Mammuthus imperator or Steppe mammoths Mammuthus armeniacus (used to be M. trogontherii) as i tend to think Columbian mammoths with tall, more slender legs and with overall "starving-like" appearance. The shape of the head there looks very Columbian mammothish... :thumbsup:

Sorry to hear about your previous url and the whole imitation viagra thing... Wish it would have been atleast the real viagra company.
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Thanks - I'm always surprised at how under-represented the less-hairy mammoths are in pop culture. You'd think that they'd be both more relatable and more impressive then the wooly fellas...

And thanks for the kind words about the viagra site - I still feel like an idiot for letting all that happen.
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I don't know why because it's not even a Dinosauroid piece, but my first thought seeing this was a Dinosauroid version of John Carpenter's "The Thing". This is a great piece even if I'm insane though!
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Haha - thanks, man! (And yeah, that is a pretty insane response - but it'd make a cool piece as well)
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haha glad you agree
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What an atmosphere. Amazing.
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