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Simon Roy
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My Bio
I'm a comic book artist, Dinosaur enthusiast, and slavic-culture nerd. What more could you need?

Operating System: Mac

Favourite Visual Artist
Moebius, Greg Paul, Gipi, Sergio Toppi
Favourite Writers
William Gibson
Tools of the Trade
Ink, pencil, oil, watercolour
Other Interests
Comic books, Paleontology, Russian language and culture
I haven't been using deviantart much this year, but I decided that it's time for my summer round-up of events and cool things! FIRST: Jess Pollard and I will be in Boise this upcoming weekend for the Boise Comics Art Festival! If you're in the region, come on out! (above - I also got to do the poster this year!) If you're interested in a commission before the show, give me a holler at Simonamroy at gmail dot com - you can get something like this for $100 USD! SECOND: I'm a part of a rather ambitious and fascinating kickstarter for a Bronze-age Fantasy RPG that's being masterminded by Joshua AC Newman! The kickstarter is winding down, so pl
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 I did an interview with the awesome Aaron Williams for his "Comics Manifest" Podcast - which is a podcast i honestly wish had been around when i was getting my start in the comics game. He really pushes for positive and constructive thinking, and do...
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I haven't been updating on here for too long, but once that new year hits, expect a lot more sci-fi shit right here
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Your talent is so inspiring.

You expertly blend the detail and grandeur of Moebius with such amazing economy of line work in a way that is both gestural and incredibly refined.

And your color work is phenomenally atmospheric.

An art thief that has been plaguing DA for two months has your artwork:


I‘ve also been pondering a question for some time and would like to ask - have you ever read A DIFFERENT FLESH or the ATLANTIS novels of Mr Harry Turtledove?

These books represent two alternate histories, each of which produced a curious natural history (In the case of A DIFFERENT FLESH, modern humans don’t reach the Americas until the Age of Discovery, where they find a non-human species of hominids in residence, amongst other things: in the ATLANTIS trilogy* a subcontinent split off from North America and drifted away into the Atlantic Ocean, creating an ecological ark more or less the size of Appalachia - basically becoming a sort of mid-Atlantic New Zealand on a continental scale).

As you might imagine, while reading through these novels the thought “povorot would absolutely NAIL this setting” frequently occurred to me - if you ever read one or more of these books (I’d suggest starting with A DIFFERENT FLESH, which is a done-in-one with a strong Pulp element) one hopes you would agree.

*I usually refer to it as THE UNITED STATES OF ATLANTIS, the title of the second novel in the series, to help distinguish it from all those other Atlantean fictions.

Dear povorot, I wanted to pop in and say how happy it makes me to see you posting on deviantArt.com once more - very, Very Happy indeed!

Happy birthday.