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NOTE: This shop has been moved to ranebopets: ranebopets.com/shops
sign up for ranebopets and go there to use the shops!

:star: We now have a dark variant golden luckolotl!

Please note that EC, being an event currency, is Account Bound and not transferrable like TC.

🍀 Welcome to the Pouflons EC shop for Cloventine's!
During the event, items can be purchased with EC or $ and Event-classed traits will become unavailable again when the shop closes. Any items purchased will go into your inventory and will stay there until you use them, even after the event ends.

Shop Closedown: Around the end of March (exact date/time TBA)
After the shop closes any remaining EC you have in your balance will be converted to TC.
Note: some items listed below will have a different EC to $ amt.



Deck out your character in these cloventine's traits! [See images & descriptions]

Traits with the Event class (previously called Exclusive) are only available during special releases.

🍀Clover Pupils - 10EC / $10

🍀Glowing Cheeks - 15EC / $15
Event- Enchanted

🍀Clover Tailtip - 20EC / $20
Event - Legendary

🍀Clover Shed -  20EC / $20

🍀Rainbow Aura - 35EC / $35
Event - Enchanted

🍀Fairy Wings - 40EC / $40
Event - Legendary

🍀Golden Runic - 40EC / $40
Event - Legendary

🍀Clover Coat - 30EC / $30
Event - Legendary

🍀Forecast - 60EC / $60
Add atmospheric elements such as clouds that can change with your pouflon's mood- white clouds can change to stormclouds to hail, etc. (regular atmospheric element trait is locked to one thing)


Please note the level of customisation for pippets is different this time- check the description! More pippets/variants will be added throughout Cloventine's.
[See images & descriptions]

🍀Luckolotl - 15EC / $10
Event Pippet
Luckolotl by pouflopedia

🍀Golden Luckolotl - $25
Get this special color variant luckolotl for supporting the group's expenses!
Choose light or dark.
Event Pippet
Golden Luckolotl by pouflopedia Golden Luckolotl Dark by pouflopedia

🍀Chexen - 10EC
Seasonal Pippet
Chexen by pouflopedia

🍀Bundelion - 10EC
Seasonal Pippet
Bundelion by pouflopedia

Coding by SimplySilent
© 2020 - 2022 Pouflons
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Hey everyone! All group functions are now being hosted on the new Ranebopets Website!
For more information on signing up to the site GO HERE!

To find the new shops, Go here!
sunflowyr's avatar
Could I get a chexen in EC pwease...?
SeaCrest-Star's avatar
chexen gwanted!!
sunflowyr's avatar
tank u!!!!!!!!!
Cassy484's avatar
tessary may I grab a gold runic trait for usd? 
Total: 40
delightfuliza's avatar
I'd like to buy 1 Fairy Wings for USD please <3 (I assume you can't buy a Chexen for USD? If possible I'd like to buy one, but I understand if not)

If possible I'd love if you could add this purchase amount to my MYO one here www.deviantart.com/comments/1/…
SeaCrest-Star's avatar
tessary Cloventines USD purchase for you!
delightfuliza's avatar
I have paid for this a few days ago, I am just waiting for a confirmation from Tessary and to see the items on my site account ;uu;
SeaCrest-Star's avatar
OK, no problem! I tagged tess because I wasn't sure if she'd seen it~ 
SeaCrest-Star's avatar
buying fairy wings for ec
SeaCrest-Star's avatar
40 EC removed & a Fairy Wings trait added!
BearWithGlasses's avatar
Hello! I'd love the Clover Coat for 30EC please! I'm still waiting for my EC to be counted (there's one piece that hasn't been added to trello yet), but once it is I should have enough!
SeaCrest-Star's avatar
clover coat added and 30 EC deducted!
BearWithGlasses's avatar

aa yay! thank you so much again for your help!! ;v;

SeaCrest-Star's avatar
Hello! You don't appear to have enough EC in your bank to purchase Clover Coat (30 EC) at this time. All your Pouflon EC claims have been processed, so if you're waiting on a Tessarium EC claim please repost when that is counted ♥ Thank you!
BearWithGlasses's avatar

aa thank you! I’m actually waiting for this one to process, should I make a new comment when tessary gets back to it? thanks for your help and sorry for any confusion!! https://www.deviantart.com/comments/1/832583315/4826348223

SeaCrest-Star's avatar
Ah, I see! I'll get that cleared up for you, no need to make a new purchase comment!
SeaCrest-Star's avatar
I'd like to purchase Golden Runic for EC!
SeaCrest-Star's avatar
lynstrommr's avatar
I'll be receiving at least 10ec from a claim just now, so whenever it's possible I'd like to buy a chexen!
SeaCrest-Star's avatar
Added! 10 EC has been deducted.
pigeonary's avatar
could i please claim a chexen and bundelion with ec
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