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:star: We've moved the EC claim - check the featured comment below for info!!

Here is where you can claim your EC from the Cloventine's Prompts!
- Please note that EC, being an event currency, is Account Bound and not transferrable like TC!

Submitting to the Cloventine's Folder is encouraged but optional. Claim close is around the end of the month and the exact date/time is TBA.

When commenting ...

✦ Link your piece & say which prompt it was for
✦ State how much EC & any bonuses you're claiming

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Pouflon Friend Exchange by EemsArt

Friend Exchange +8 EC Fullbody
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(If you did not see on the friend exchange journal, please go here to claim your EC. The deadline is the 14th at 11:59pm est) 
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Hey everyone! All group functions are now being hosted on the new Ranebopets Website!
For more information on signing up to the site GO HERE!

Please check out these guides if you're confused on how to submit Prompts or general art claims!
How to Submit prompts
How to submit Claims (general art)
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Claiming 38ec for springs eve prompt!
[p] springs eve by pixdoodles  
SeaCrest-Star's avatar

38 ec granted you fiend!!
pixdoodles's avatar
Rolls in ec like Scrooge mcduck
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Pouflon Cloventines - Clover crush - Nimbus by Pandapalz
Back again to claim 15 coins for clover crush!
SeaCrest-Star's avatar
I would die for Oliver

15 EC granted!
Pandapalz's avatar
Isn’t he adorable!
thank you
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Clover Crush - Oleander and Kumo by KeyDemon claiming 8 ec for clover crush!
SeaCrest-Star's avatar
look at those widdle faces!! 8 ec granted!
Pandapalz's avatar
Pouflon cloventines - Dress for the occasion by Pandapalz
And here again to claim 10 coins for this piece 
SeaCrest-Star's avatar
what a peaceful scene! Please make sure to include the prompt name and/or number in your comment to make it a little easier for us!

10 EC granted!
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Oh sorry! I was half asleep when I threw it in here so I must have forgotten xD I’ll remember next time!
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Pandapalz's avatar
Pouflon cloventines - Luck be a lotl - Samuel by Pandapalz  Claiming another lotl!
SeaCrest-Star's avatar
so cute!! lotl granted!
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Luck Be A Lotl by smallducky

I'd like to claim a lotl :>
OwenStardust's avatar
Great work!
You've found a Luckolotl!
This familiar has been added to your acct!
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ahh I'd like to claim 10EC for Cloventine's #6 prompt!

8EC + 2EC (2 extra pippets) = 10EC

[pouflon] time to nap
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Great work!
You've earned 10 EC!
+10 EC has been added to your acct!
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