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This is a Megaman Universe fan fiction story! Megaman, Rock, Roll, Rush, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Protoman and all other canon characters of the genre are owned by Capcom. They are used here as support characters only. I am not challenging the copyrights of stated characters in any way, shape, nor form. All rights are reserved.

[MD-MM-01] Mega Dog
Episode One: Accidents Happen
by Darrel James Vanwinkle (Ratseye/Pouchlaw)
February 18th, 2013

Felix Smythe, Mega Dog
Paulie "Spike" Burnston, Mascot
Angeline Wick, Magica
Robert Porter, Ace Man

Dr. Jewel
Istanbul, a black cat (familiar to Angeline who is a witch)
Rave, a canine robot companion (like Rush)
Officer Dave
Aunt Malva Wick
Aunt Hagatha Wick

Guest Starring:
Dr. Light

Guest Villains:
Dr. Wily

Chapter Two: Cover For Me, Rush.

Felix and Rush spent the next hour cleaning all the dust out of the armor and giving it a highly necessary polishing and imbued recoloring job. It was now primarily dark green over the black mesh with gold trim. The dog's head was the same color as Rush's muzzle, although the helmet was dark green with gold trim. All in all, they had done a fantastic job on making the suit look brand new.

Felix then boxed up the suit and carried the box with Rush's help outside of the labs to curb where a delivery van was waiting. Felix paid to have the box shipped to his home address in Brookton. After the delivery truck departed, he and Rush returned to the lab where Dr. Light was emerging from Megaman's chambers.

"There you boys are," he said. "I really thought I had a spare suit of Megaman's armor in storage but I couldn't find it. I'll have to ask Roll when she returns if she knows where it went. She is all the time messing with her brother's stuff. I apologize that I didn't get you a costume, Felix."

Felix smiled. "Are you kidding? I had a blast with Rush! But to make it up to me... could Rush come to the dance with me in Brookton tomorrow night? We are supposed to bring partners and I don't have anyone to go with."

Dr. Light nodded his head with a smile. "I think I can allow that. I'll make sure Rush is nice and polished for his outing. I just hope Megaman doesn't end up needing him for a fight against Dr. Wily and Protoman."

Then Felix's parents arrived and Felix waved goodbye to Dr. Light and Rush (after giving the robot dog a big hug) and then he got in the family car and they pulled away to return to their home in Brookton.

The next afternoon in Brookton, Felix had just gotten home from school when he saw the delivery truck in front of the house. "Hey! Don't leave! Did you bring a box for me? I'm Felix Smythe!"

The delivery woman said, "Good thing you showed up, Felix. No one seemed to be home and I was running late anyway. Don't know what you have ordered, but it's slightly heavy. Sign here, if you will."

He took the clipboard and signed his name on the electronic field. "Thanks. I had to special order a costume for the masquerade ball tonight. And Dr. Light is sending Rush over to be my escort for tonight. This is going to be so exciting. Thanks again." He handed the clipboard back, picked up the box, and headed into his house. Going straight to his room, he opened the box and began unpacking the polished cybernetic dog suit, except... something seemed a bit off about it.

"Strange," he said as he looked it over. "I don't recall there being an open mini hatch on the wrists." Looking inside the openings, he saw space for what looked like pen batteries. "Hey! I have batteries that will fit this! I think it would be cool if the suit lit up at the dance!" And he opened a desk drawer and found the batteries he was looking for and placed them into the slots. He then closed the hatches and began to put on the armored suit. Well, he tried to...

"That's weird... I can't get it on with my pants and shirt on. I'm going to have to strip down and put on a skin tight wet suit before putting this on." He went and got the kid sized wet suit out of his dad's swimming gear. He then stripped down until he was naked, then he put on the wet suit. "Now let's see if the armor fits." He returned to his room and tried to put on the armor once again. This time he managed to get it on, but only barely. It was a snug and tight fit, although slightly constricting somewhat around his wrists, neck, waist, and ankles. Then he picked up the head and looked into the hole. "Hey, this is coated in rubber. Smells like tar though... oh well, at least it should fit." And he began to pull the helmet down over his head although it was resisting against his hair and ears. But then it fully went on with an audible 'Pop' sound. He now put on the armored gloves not noticing the click, followed by the boots with the same click, and finally, he attached the robotic dog tail with an audible click.

Felix now looked at himself in the mirror, turning around in a circle, before facing forward once again. And when he spoke, the jaws and muzzle of the dog head moved. "Not a bad fit. Hey! The mouth moves when I talk! This is totally awesome! Wait until Rush and I hit the dance!"

One hour later, Rush did indeed show up and Felix gave him a fond hug. "You look great, Rush! Ready to go show off to the high school kids?"

Rush nodded his head. "Ruh-Ruh-Ruff!" And then he slurped the dog head before stopping and making an odd look at Felix. "Ruff?"

"Its the rubber in the head, Rush," replied Felix. "Extra padding like a football helmet. Anyway, let's get going. We'll be back later, mom!" And he went out the door with Rush as his escort.

When they arrived at the dance auditorium, Felix presented himself and Rush to Superintendent Macintosh (yes, like the computer; oh the jokes he got usually.) "Hi Mr. Macintosh. Its me, Felix. And you surely know my escort for the night. Rush, best friend of Megaman."

"Ruh-Ruh-Ruff!" said Rush with a smile and a tail wag.

The superintendent smiled. "Glad you could find a costume, Felix. You may both go right on inside. Although... Megaman and Roll are already here. They are helping the live band for the dance itself." He then saw the look of surprise on Rush. "You didn't know that, did you? Don't ask me why they came; all I know is that they are here."

Felix and Rush glanced to look at each other before heading on into the dance together.

End of Chapter Two.
Episode One Chapter Two of Ten of Mega Dog The Series. Disclaimer included with story.

This is a Megaman universe fan fiction story.
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January 29, 2016
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