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This is a Megaman Universe fan fiction story! Megaman, Rock, Roll, Rush, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Protoman and all other canon characters of the genre are owned by Capcom. They are used here as support characters only. I am not challenging the copyrights of stated characters in any way, shape, nor form. All rights are reserved.

[MD-MM-01] Mega Dog
Episode One: Accidents Happen
by Darrel James Vanwinkle (Ratseye/Pouchlaw)
February 2nd, 2013

Felix Smythe, Mega Dog
Paulie "Spike" Burnston, Mascot
Angeline Wick, Magica
Robert Porter, Ace Man

Dr. Jewel
Istanbul, a black cat (familiar to Angeline who is a witch)
Rave, a canine robot companion (like Rush)
Officer Dave
Aunt Malva Wick
Aunt Hagatha Wick

Guest Starring:
Dr. Light

Guest Villains:
Dr. Wily

Chapter One: Sold Out.

"Sorry, kid," said the store clerk. "We're all sold out. We don't have a single costume left to sell of any sort. The high schoolers from eight local schools wiped us out yesterday. You could try G. H. Billings over on Madison but I wouldn't keep your hopes up. Like I said, the teenagers went crazy the moment the masquerade ball was announced. I wish I did have a costume to sell you."

The young teenager of below average height with spiky brown hair, green eyes and fair skin, wearing a Red and Forest Green striped tee shirt, blue jeans and sneakers slowly exited the store not really paying much attention to where he was going. His parents were still inside the store so he had time, he figured, to kill doing... what? There wasn't a single costume to be bought in the whole city. He couldn't go to the dance without one.

At that moment, he felt himself collide with someone bigger than himself. When he lifted his head to look at the person, a glimmer of recognition crossed his face.

"Sorry... um... aren't you Dr. Light?"

The good doctor smiled and said, "Why yes I am, young lad. You look a little sad. Want to tell me what the problem is?"

So the young man told the famous doctor what was happening. "...and my parents brought me to the city so I could get a costume, except all of the stores are totally sold out. You can't even get into the dance without a costume and everyone will know if I don't show up in time for the unmasking."

"How would you like to see my labs, young man?" asked Dr. Light. "I might have something there that I could let you have to wear to the costume ball. Megaman has a few spare sets of armor he doesn't use all the time. You could go to the dance as Megaman. How does that sound?"

"Really?" said the young teenager. "Won't he miss his armor? I wouldn't want him to catch a cold."

"Megaman and Roll are both off somewhere, but you could meet Rush. By the way, young man... what is your name? I got so busy talking with you that I forgot to ask."

"Felix Smythe from Brookton, sir," he said. "Rush is the coolest robot dog ever. If he came to the dance with me, then everyone there would think I was Megaman for sure. Um, as long as he doesn't have to answer any emergency alerts with the real Megaman. Right?" He made a sheepish grin.

Dr. Light hummed. "My old colleague Dr. Jewel lives in Brookton. I haven't seen her in a very long time. I wonder if she is still building security devices? Anyway, let us get your parents' permission and then we'll head over to the labs where you can meet and shake paws with Rush, the coolest robot dog ever, you said."

Felix was all perked up now. He was going to get to meet Rush. Fortunately, his parents knew who Dr. Light was and they trusted him, and soon, the two were arriving at the laboratories of Dr. Light; the home of Megaman and Rush, specifically. They had barely gotten inside the door when Rush darted in and licked the good doctor's face.

"Ruff! Ruff!"

Chuckling, Dr. Light said, "I'm glad to see you, too, Rush. But listen to me... this is Felix Smythe. I want you to smell him and memorize his scent." Then in a whisper to the robot dog he added, "He thinks you are the coolest robot dog ever, his own words."

Rush was now immediately all over Felix, who just giggled and petted the robot dog in return.

"Hi Rush! You're totally awesome! Even greater looking in person!"

"Ruff! Ruff!" followed by a thorough sniffing of the young man. "Ra-ruff!"

Dr. Light then said, "Felix, why don't you and Rush explore the lab while I go find you some of Megaman's older armor for you to wear. And with a good polishing job, it will look as good as new."

Some time later in the far back of the labs, Rush and Felix were walking along a stack of barrels which were against one wall when something caught the boy's eye through the crevice between the barrels.

"Say Rush? There's a door behind these barrels. Do you know what's in there?"

Rush shook his head and then helped to move two barrel stacks aside to reveal the unmarked door. Once they had access to the door, Felix opened it up and laid out on a table in the dim lighting of the room beyond was what appeared to be an old prototype for a cybernetic suit of armor. It was too small for an adult to wear, but... it could fit Felix as he walked in to look at the suit close up. The only thing that seemed out of place for the suit was the dog shaped head and robotic tail, like Rush's tail. Aside from that, it looked a lot like an earlier unused version of Megaman.

"This is amazing, Rush," he said in a near whisper. "What do you think? Do you think this suit of armor would fit me?"

Rush came into the room and sniffed over the strange robot like canine suit and head. "Ruh-rah-ruh-ruff." He then measured Felix with a tape measure he pulled out of a place that was anyone's guess then he said, "Ruff!" and shook his head 'Yes'.

End of Chapter One.
Episode One Chapter One of Ten of Mega Dog The Series. Disclaimer included with story.

This is a Megaman universe fan fiction story.
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January 29, 2016
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