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Lingering Light Wip by pottergek Lingering Light Wip :iconpottergek:pottergek 2 0 The Comming Dusk by pottergek The Comming Dusk :iconpottergek:pottergek 0 0 Azzavhar Army keyblade by pottergek Azzavhar Army keyblade :iconpottergek:pottergek 1 0 OC zebra by pottergek OC zebra :iconpottergek:pottergek 0 2
The ash glows bright in the city tonight,
Not a footprint to be seen.
A kingdom of isolation,
And it looks like I’m a queen.
The wind is howling, like this burning flame inside.
Couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I tried.
Don’t let them in don’t let them see,
Be the good girl you always have to be.
Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know… well now they know!
Let it go, let it go!
Can’t hold it back anymore.
Let it go, let it go!
Turn away and slam the door.
I don’t care what they’re going to say.
Let the flames rage on.
The heat never bothered me anyway.
It’s funny how some distance,
makes everything seem small.
And the fear that one’s controlled me,
can’t get to me at all.
It’s time to see what I can do, to test the limits and break through.
No right, no wrong, no rules for me, I’m free.
Let it go, let it go.
I’m one with a burning sky.
Let it go, let it go.
You never see me cry.
Here I sta
:iconpottergek:pottergek 1 0
Sherlock before John C2
"The problem."
At the gate Sherlock saw several people stand with plates where names of groups or persons on them. When most of them where gone he saw a teenage girl in a suit stand a bit on the back looking at a picture and searching with her eyes the crowd that went past. She too held a plate, with the name Sherlock Holmes on it.
Sherlock looked again it was his name but did they really gave him a teenage girl to keep him out of trouble?
Sherlock looked at her when she finally saw him and came up to him, when she reached him she introduces herself in perfect English.
"Hello, my name is Jacoba Groeneweg. You must be Sherlock Holmes. I'm here as your guide, interpreter and babysitter."
"But your barley a teenager?" The question was out before he could stop it.
"Yes, but thanks to a fast learning program here in The Netherlands I already finished my secondary school." She answered as if it was no problem him asking her.
Sherlock looked surprised and confused at the same time; Jacoba gav
:iconpottergek:pottergek 1 0
Sherlock before John
Sherlock's time before John.
He met her when he was twenty-six and she was thirteen.
Sherlock had a boring live with his nursing brother and good for nothing father the only fun in his live was when he was with his grandmother who taught him the basics of his now so famous skill.
There had been strange "accidents" in the live of Sherlock Holmes, but they where not the reason that he had closed his feelings deep inside his hart and refused to listen to them. (Perhaps a part but not completely) That credit comes to only one, the young girl I mentioned earlier.
After Sherlock finished his secondary school he used the summer to delete the useless stuff what did not interest him and replace it with detail stuff for crime solving.
At the beginning it was hard to be a consulting detective for he was constantly arrested by the police for interfering in the cases. But his older brother already had a good position in the politics so he was able to get Sherlock free in exchange for that he wanted
:iconpottergek:pottergek 0 0
Vampire woman by pottergek Vampire woman :iconpottergek:pottergek 1 0


Co-op WIP by inklou Co-op WIP :iconinklou:inklou 1,425 73 Sherlock Laboratories by inklou Sherlock Laboratories :iconinklou:inklou 2,732 172 TNT by Eumenidi TNT :iconeumenidi:Eumenidi 2,486 129 Obi-Wan the Dragonborn - One They Fear #11 by SereglothIV
Mature content
Obi-Wan the Dragonborn - One They Fear #11 :iconsereglothiv:SereglothIV 14 30
Chronicles of Valen - ch3 p67 by GothaWolf Chronicles of Valen - ch3 p67 :icongothawolf:GothaWolf 27 40 Misadventure134-Clueless by RinnKruskov Misadventure134-Clueless :iconrinnkruskov:RinnKruskov 22 37
"You know he's not human right?" Sally Donovan had sneered behind crossed arms at the first crime scene John had ever accompanied Sherlock to.  
They had investigated the corpse, Sherlock firing off and shooting out of the building and leaving John merely limping behind. All the man wanted to know was were the nearest main road was to hail a cab but instead he was bombarded with the piss poor attitude of the women before him.
"And I'm the Queen of England," John bit out in irritation, turning away to limp away with a bit of his dignity.  
"Freak's a dragon. Dragons don't do friends. They do possessions. They hoard."  
"And why should it be any concern of mine?" John quipped over his shoulder.
"No one knows what he hoards. Could be the bodies of short blond doctors."
The man simply huffed out a breath at how stupid that sounded before turning back along his path, eventually finding the desired cab and heading home.  
The more John thought about it, the more sense i
:iconimusicalminji:iMusicalMinji 9 7
Sherlock Holmes+John Watson // #ShSpesh by rebeccaholmes Sherlock Holmes+John Watson // #ShSpesh :iconrebeccaholmes:rebeccaholmes 53 3
SH: 6 Feet Above Ground
“SHERLOCK”!!! John saw Sherlock plummeting to his death and falling heavily in a heap to the ground, he rushed to him praying to god that he was somehow still alive. Dazed and confused, he reached down to the detectives hand, his lifeless grey eyes staring into nothing, blood covering that brilliant yet smug face that he so often wanted to hit.
John shot up, sweat dripping from his face and covering his entire body and tears streaming from his eyes, with the images of Sherlock’s death still flashing fresh through his mind. It had been two years now and he was having the same recurring dream every night, the day he lost his best friend and his reason to live. John wiped his hand down his face with a groan, and slid out of bed and walked to the kitchen of his lonely flat to get a glass of water, he had long since moved out of 221b Baker street. He couldn’t live in that place anymore, the place where all of those fond memories were, the echoes of Sherlock
:iconweavers-of-tales:Weavers-of-Tales 4 4
For Good Ch. 3
The next day, the orchestra took their places in the pit, and the real work for John started. After mic-checks, James wanted to run the biggest numbers first for the day. So, the company took their places for the opening number, No One Mourns the Wicked, and the sound team got ready to move levels in case the pit orchestra’s volume interfered. When the first note struck, however, and an onstage mic screamed, it was clear that John was going to have his work cut out for him.
Quickly, he shot across the board and turned a few knobs, trying to even out the proper level of the mic and once he had evened the screaming one out, the others seemed more under control and John was able to step away from the board once more. Jessica, who had taken up her post backstage, spoke into the headset, “Get it together back there, John.” She laughed a little, then said, “I am glad that happened now and not during a performance, though.”
John flicked his headset on. “And
:iconpoetanddidntknowit34:poetanddidntknowit34 2 8
A Whole New Level of Freak
Sherlock’s phone beeped with a text from Lestrade, “Don’t go in without back up!”
The consulting detective shoved the phone back into his pocket and crept towards an old moon lit mill. There was a rumor that Jacquelyn Hart, an infamous murder who’s signature was to keep the limbs of her victims, was living in the abandoned building with her guard dog. The dog itself was a rumor, but where ever she went locals claimed to hear monstrous howls.
Sherlock smirked to himself when he reached the door, Lestrade seemed to think he needed a baby sitter. Absently wondering about the best way to get his stash back from the DI he picked the rusty lock. As the door swung open Sherlock pulled a flashlight from his pocket and stepped over the threshold.
It was clear that a woman had been in the first room hours before, and Sherlock continued further into the mill. The area containing machinery was surrounded by a perimeter of floor to ceiling silver bars, an expensive mat
:icondragonhaven42:DragonHaven42 35 41
Sherlock: The Haunted Hotel (part 2 version Eng)
Twinkling lights moved quickly outside the windows.
"Mrs. Hudson wanted to give for us some food on the road." John broke the silence around them.
"Hmmm..." murmured Holmes, staring out the window.
"Oh, damn jam." A taxi driver muttered to himself. Passengers absorbed in their own thoughts, did not pay attention to it.
"Did you take your laptop?" he asked, not taking his eyes from changing shapes the window.
"Eee ... yes," said John, snatched from thinking about the content of his suitcase, packed hastily.
"Good," he threw briefly, checking the time in the cell phone. "Please, hurry," he added to the driver.
"I do what I can, but today we have terrible traffic jams," said man, looking in the mirror, on the back seat.
"We'll late." He squinted, rhythmically tapping a some melody on his knee.
Do not wait any longer opened door and got out of the car, pulling a suitcase.
"Hey! That's not allowed!" exclaimed the terrified driver.
"Sherlock! What ...?" John even not ending question, gave th
:iconmushiakki:MushiAkki 3 11
Chapter one:  A New Beginning
WARNING! This fan fiction involves a lot of gore, and blood. Maybe not yet, but this is mild. These characters don't belong to me! Thank you for reading!
Summary of before- Bad!John's latest girlfriend dumped him, and he snapped. He went on a crime spree. He Robbed a bank, and such, and decided to kidnap someone. Meanwhile, Teen!Sherlock was kicked out of the house after another incident with His brother. Ending in his older brother winning, and Sherlock and him getting into a fight.
      Sherlock stood within the crowd. He was in the mall, and looking around. He was 19 years old, and observing people. He didn't have friends, in fact, he had too much social anxiety to even talk to people on his own. He'd been that way for years, but that never stopped him from deducing people. He would look at someone and know what they did, where they'd been, what they'd eaten, and what they were doing. He was considered a genius, but most of the scho
:iconbeyondlovesl:BeyondlovesL 4 8
Trapped In This Body by SteadyLittleSoldier Trapped In This Body :iconsteadylittlesoldier:SteadyLittleSoldier 7 3 The Game is On by Yuki-Almasy The Game is On :iconyuki-almasy:Yuki-Almasy 202 66 Black Magic - Chapter 1 Pg 1 (Sherlock Doujinshi) by Dragonsong3 Black Magic - Chapter 1 Pg 1 (Sherlock Doujinshi) :icondragonsong3:Dragonsong3 14 3




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