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United States
I'm a potoo.

I might stream tomorrow in the afternoon, to get some animation commissions done, might also get some tunes done.

But I’ve also been thinking about making a Patreon, and the content I’d put there. Probably nothing more than $1 pledges. Now first and foremost, I don’t wanna put any sort of paywall whatsoever, but I think a lot about what I would put in there.

I would like to put more focus on music and animation; A thought was I’d put in WIP songs, the raw .flps, animation storyboards and concept art, and tutorials on both.

But also on the other hand, if I had to put in exclusive content, it would be more things you’ve seen before, like old flipnotes reanimated and colored in Flash or things of a similar caliber.

But I’d like to hear what suggestions you guys have, totally open to them. I wanna put out good quality worth-a-buck stuff.

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Shalinety Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant
You sure gave Blaziken some killer hips.
FlipCloud Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
pee is stored in the
Toonill Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2018  New Deviant
My friend, not sure if you remember him, posted some art of yours about 5 years ago. You may not accept his apology, but know he was a young kid at the time. He's much older now, and honestly does wish to make amends. He's been sorry for a long time. Why hang onto the past, when you could just laugh it off and unblock the fellow. Are you afraid of him? Of what he can do? Do you honestly think he can't be forgiven? You may not see this message, but do give it some thought. He was only 13 at the time. Much older now, and he wants to mend the rift with you.  If you won't unblock him, at least explain why you blocked him.  I can see why, based on what he's said, but going to that extreme...because he posted your art?  Dude it was 5 years ago.  Chill and laugh it off.  We all do stuff as kids.  Your choice whether to do it or not though...
CH4R4DREEMURR Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2018  Student General Artist
hey! i just wanted to drop by and say you have been one of my biggest inspiriations and still am for who i am today i used to watch all your flipnotes so many years ago
i absolutely adored all of your animations and work i loved how cartoony, flexible, and fun your style was 
when hatena shut down i didnt know how else to find you 
when undertale got out i got into it and soon you made your growth spurt au and i realized that i had found you again !
it was such a great surprise to know you had made that and you know its one of my favorite aus you dont demonize chara, the dialogue, the story, and the part when asgore and toriel were talking about when they lost chara and asriel and oh my god everything about it was just so great just like everything ive seen you make
everything youve made has put a smile on my face or make me laugh your content has brought joy to alot of people !
keep being great thank you for all those years of joy and inspiration to me and many others i hope you have a fantastic day !
CaptianRedfox Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2018  Student Digital Artist
How could I say this to you without being ignored and being honest, oh yea

Dude I'm sorry, you have every right to hate me for my actions, I shouldn't have done them five years ago, but I just want things to be okay, you know?

Since the time I became one of your fans, And stole your art because I was immature, but now I didn't hate you, I don't hate you, what I did years ago makes me hurt and feel like crying, because I did something bad, and something that I regret doing, I shouldn't be angry at you, you should be angry at me, I understand if you don't respond, but deep down in your heart,read this, and accept my apologies

Please, forgive me please, beg you, like what a fan would do to gain forgiveness please
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