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20 Years

By PotooBrigham
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How time flies when your parent company abandons you.
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Well uh I'm in a pickle

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Amazing, I hope you still draw!

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you guys have come so far from your Flipnote Hatena days :3
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Now Banjo and Kazooie are coming to the Switch to be in Smash Bros Ultimate.
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Aaah, that brings my childhood back. So many memories!
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When are you going to upload a new image?
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Hes a really a Yosemite Bear!

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is that flanker I see in the bottom right?
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Simply lovely, I wish for the day a new banjo kazooie game come out.
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Am I going to be pelted by angry comments for saying that I could never get into Banjo-Kazooie 1 & 2 and enjoyed Nuts & Bolts?
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I love this drawing, and i love the comment. |' D :heart:
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mmmMMMMMMMM y e s
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Those damn snowmen.
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No game deserves a Nuts n' Bolts

Never forget
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An excellent trilogy of games... Yes, I said Trilogy. Nuts n’ Bolts gets a lot of unnecessary hate.
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You can tell Tooty ain't havin' any of this shit!
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Ugghh, I don't know if this game should follow the recent remaster trend of games as of current. I don't know if it's even possible with the current owners of the games.

I'd love remasters in 4k and all, but even to today I can still play banjo kazooie and tooie and have just as much fun despite the aged graphics.
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I agree, I almost feel like I'd enjoy a remaster LESS, like the character designs look so good with all those polygons, its just a part of them now lmao
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20 years of Jiggie-Collecting Goodness :heart: 
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