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Its been quite a while since my last journal entry. Actually, in the meantime, not much has changed. Im still a big Snape fan (Snaperitis seems to be quite a serious disease, don't you think, fellow Snape fans :-)?) and now Ive done the next step and Im into cosplaying the Potions Master which is great fun. I prefer book Snape, but I love the movie costume, its so old-fashioned yet very elegant and suits the character perfectly.

I also enjoy drawing my "Snape and the Marauders" cartoons. Ive always loved drawing cartoons, so this is great fun, too. By the way, if you have any idea for a cartoon featuring Snape, James, Remus, Sirius and Peter, feel free to drop me a line, maybe I could make use of it and turn it into a drawing.

I must admit that Im not particularly a fan of the Marauders (although I love the character of Remus Lupin, as you can see in my gallery), therefore I prefer Snape not always being the poor victim but being victorious from time to time and trying some new nasty tricks and spells on the Marauders :D.

Thanks for all the comments and favs so far, Im glad that you like my artwork and cosplay :hug:.
Havent updated my journal in quite a while :).

Its been a year now since I finally became a Harry Potter fan. Yeah, I was late, I know :)! For years I never took any interest in the HP books. Ive read them all and watched all the movies, but I never became a fan.

And then, in November 2011, suddenly there he was. Out of nowhere. Severus Snape. I didnt even know where he came from :O. But I was fascinated by this character at once and therefore finally found my door to the world of Harry Potter. And now Im a fan :D.

Drawing is one of my favourite hobbies, and now I love to draw anything Snape related :).

Maybe Ill come up with some more ideas for the best potions master Hogwarts ever had :D.
Hello to you all! A new member is here :-)!

Hi, I´m a little Teddy Bear who´s interested in magic and such stuff...

... just kidding ;-).

I´ll try to write some more about me later.