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Grease and Lightning by Mothboss
Harry Potter- SU Roughs by MadJesters1
ARRY POTTAH by MowenDesigns
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone-FanArt-14 by VladislavPantic
Sick or Hurt
Fields of sleepwalk by john-n-mary
Nobody lets you leave by S-U-U-N
Tuesday in St.Mungo by BelindaBaits
A Bday present for Emily Waters by sassynails
Young Harry
FirstFlight by Sempraseverus
Poor James by kasumivy
Snape with Harry ( Lily's death ) 2 by MarinaMichkina
Harry Potter by Ma-kosh
*snarry* by AnastasiaMantihora
'Mister Potter our new celebrity' by MarinaMichkina
Snape by GoldenPhoenix75
Potions with Snape by TeemuJuhani
Snape is always watching by glasslas

Mature Content

Spanking Snarry by Mavitomo
Of all the worst things .:SKETCH:. by Glacierchannel01
Grimmauld Fight Scene
Harry,Sirius,and Snape by grammabeth
Give me the reason by Hellanim
sparks by kinkei
Harry Severus by MarinaMichkina
prince tale by Nyajinsky
Leave him ALONE by gerre
Remedial Potions, Potter? by MadTwinsArt
SECTUMSEMPRA by Brokenfangs
Sectumsempra by AgiVega
SectumSempra II by Sempraseverus
HBP24 Sectumsempra by Vizen
Flight of the Prince
Don't Call Me a Coward by Vizen
The Lightning-Struck Tower by bluestraggler
How Dare You... by Tenshi-Inverse
Blocked again and again... by Belegilgalad
The Silver Doe
Harry Potter 7 by csswolfe
Never say goodbye by Arboriss
The Doe by i-am-mighty
HP7: Snape and his patronus by Kleolanda
Look at me...
The Prince's Tale - Animation by RandomMumble
After DH... by tribute27
Misc book Scenes
A Tale. by RosaZaira
Alternate universe
Snape, Potter - vampire version by SenselessJabberwocky
Shh, Harry, I've got you by tripperfunster
HarryPotter: PrisonerOfAzkaban by daekazu
Harry Potter: Tangled by daekazu
The Hallows
Harry Tom Sev by Kriegswaffle
Captured: Birthday-Snape by JuanaSunfall


Topographical cretinism by VWikaARTT
McGonagall, Snape and Harry  by VWikaARTT
Where you belong  by VWikaARTT
Snape's death  by VWikaARTT
Snape and Harry in Gallery
The Ugly Truth by Y0NDI
And Who Cares For Him? (sketch) by JuanaSunfall
Some Harry Potter Characters by Britt315
Some HP characters by albus119
Severus Snape
you brave, brave man by hopehound
Easter Eggs by Sigune
57653768 by yniliilenivetc
Compulsion by Natalliel
Harry Potter
The golden trio by lapaowan
Deathly Hallows_Avada Kedavra by mary-dreams
Serpensortia by Keshyx

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Dedicated to the Gen relationship between Harry Potter and Severus Snape. All images should contain both Harry and Snape some way in a non-sexual relationship. No Snarry romance! Just Gen.

Please feel free to join or watch!

(Gen = nonslash or nonsexual)

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Write as many stories as you'd like using the prompts on a bingo card of your choosing (see choices in comments). Every prompt used can be crossed out. You may try to fit all prompts into one story, or choose to write separate stories per prompt. As always, all stories must feature Snape and Harry with some sort of Gen interaction.
Stories may be submitted up until June 1st. There is no word or chapter limit, but all must be newly published. You may cross post your own work to other sites.
Every prompt crossed out is 5 points. A Bingo of five in a row is worth an additional 20 points. Filling a whole Bingo card is worth 50 points.
Ten points will be given for each story completed. Additional points will be given based on community voting.
Pick from as many or as few story prompts as you'd like. You may write as many stories as you'd like. You may also use as many Bingo cards as you would like.
The Six Bingo Cards plus a blank are in the following comments here: (sorry they are so big but I wanted to make sure everyone could read them!)
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Does anyone have any recs?
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We're still growing.
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Is this group not active anymore? Or is everyone just busy :') ((i totally understand btw I was just wondering...))
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Er, excuse me, may I ask why the drawing I submitted didnt get the permission? It doesnt break any rules, right?
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There's a new Fic Fest going on at potions and for spring 2016.
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There was a story entitled The Prince's Heir at fanfiction-dot-net. It's no longer listed. Does anyone know why that is?
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Janaque Featured By Owner Edited Apr 14, 2015

Hello everyone! With the need for Potions and to be crowd funded now, I created a GoFund me account for the site. The first $191 funds will pay for the current domain and server. Additional money will be used to upgrade the site and pay for additional years of use. If we reach our goal we'll be able to upgrade the site so that it loads faster and doesn't have so many time out errors.

If we raise more than our goal, the excess may be used to further develop the site, maybe buy some prizes for story winners.

If you'd like to donate, here is the site:

Thank you! Let's keep Potions and Snitches alive! 

potionsandsnitches Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015
Potions and Snitches is back up at Go ahead and post and read and do whatever you want!

Also, animealam managed to contact me last night! Hooray! We will update you when we decide what to do with the old domain and if any future changes will be made. For now the old archive is set in maintenance mode and the homepage links to the new url.

chocolate frogs,

Janaque Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015
It looks like our host is having problems and as such the P&S website is down. We'll update you when we know more.
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Thank you for adding my edit! I'm glad that you like it!
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Thank you for adding my photo here! Snape's Lab was one of my favourite "room scenes" from the tour.
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I have decided that we should have areas in the galleries for the sides of Snape and the sides of Harry, on their own or in their on sphere. It would be good for story prompts, or character exploration of the two characters.

What do you think?
RebelAtoli Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012   Writer
Wasn't this a website also?
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