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Space Unicorn

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A Space Unicorn poster I made for Wondercon 2013, in Anaheim, CA.
It'll be at booth #1026 if you want to pick one up!

Edit September 13, 2013:
Whoa! Daily Deviation!! Thank you! If anyone wants, a poster of this is available in my zazzle store!

And here's the video for Parry Gripp's Space Unicorn, I animated it :D…
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Classic, thank you, Star Butterfly & Marco Diaz.
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I really loved watching the video, Space Unicorn forever! 🌌
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This is actually my favorite song. Parry Gripp for lifee
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So its not related to that one song from Star vs the Forces of Evil
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this is a few years older than that.  Came before Star. 
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It's the same song, but it wasn't made for the show
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I totally love this picture for its cuteness. :-)
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Star vs the Forces of Evil brought me to this.
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this deserves its own show :3
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whos the girl? :3
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Star vs. The Forces of Evil icon - Marco What :iconsaysplz:  "It's supposed to be ironic."
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This song is great and so was your animation!

Who's the astro girl suppose to be?
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I love this song and I love this artwork.  Nice work!
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Great job on the video!
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Okay, I just listened to Space Unicorn for the first time and what do I think of it?  What's the opposite of a guilty pleasure?  Something you know is good, but you just can't stand it.  Here's a hint, to me it's Space Unicorn.  The music is at least average.  The lyrics, while nothing spectacular, don't get in the way of the song.  The animation is awesome, it makes this feel like the theme song to a show that doesn't exist.  Considering where I learned about this song, that tidbit is quite appropriate.…

The only problem I have with the song is Parry Gipp's singing, which reminds me of Hatsune Miku in a way I did not want to be reminded of her. Unfortunately, that one factor destroys this song's entire appeal for me.  I'm not going to put this among the worst songs of 2012 considering that there are far more worthy candidates for that list that were also humongously popular.…… But believe me, I will (probably) never willingly listen to Space Unicorn again.  At this point, Parry Gripp is the only person I can think of who can make a good song that I don't like.  Go figure.
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Thank you for your critique.
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Looks awesome! OwO
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That's freakin' awesome!

I can imagine this being a TV show! :)

I love the artwork and the colors!  Very fun and vibrant.
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Omgez how you do this its freaking amazing!
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What!!! you're the one that did that animation, I luv that video *^.^* the first time I watched it I was like wow this is so freaking cute if this was a cartoon series  I would totally watch it!
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